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Swords And Melee Weapons

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Documenting the dynamics of swords. This is kung-fu - EmeiCi. Welcome to the Official Web Site of Burger Sword Canes-Walking Sticks. The 400-year-old Styrian Armoury is the largest historic armory in the world. Comprehensive list of historical Polearms and their usage. The macuahuitl was a sword with obsidian blades used mostly by the Aztecs. It was sharp enough to decapitate a man, and even a horse.

A macuahuitl, a type of macana, is a wooden sword with obsidian blades. The name is derived from the Nahuatl language. Its sides are embedded with prismatic blades traditionally made from obsidian, famous for producing an edge far sharper than even high-quality steel razor blades. It was a common weapon used by the Aztec military forces and other cultures of central Mexico. It was described during the 16th-century Spanish conquest of the region.

According to National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) archaeologist Marco Cervera Obregón, there were two versions of this weapon:.The macuahuitl, about 70–80 cm long, had six to eight blades on each side, and the mācuāhuitzōctli, a smaller club about 50 cm long, had only four obsidian blades. The macuahuitl was made with either one-handed or two-handed grips, as well as in rectangular, ovoid, or pointed forms. That is not a broadsword! – Ed McDonald. In recent days, there appears to be a growing interest in presenting historical realism into fantasy writing.

That is not a broadsword! – Ed McDonald

If that’s not your bag then that’s absolutely cool. This blog is aimed at those who want the swords in the hands of their characters to function like historical swords. Fantasy writers that this blog is for: People who want the medieval weapons they write about to be used like medieval weaponsPeople who are writing fantasy but aren’t super interested in spending years reading about historical weapon usePedants like me It’s not for you if: Historical realism is not part of your book – it is a fantasy after allYou prefer to base your weapons use on what you’ve seen in the Peter Jackson LOTR moviesYou are looking for a blog about gardening. This blog is intended as a “Quick myth buster” sheet to help out those who want to get a quick grasp of some of the basic, but commonly unknown, facts about medieval arms and armour. Swords Know your swords Vs. Back to the source - Historical European Martial Arts documentary (old version)

Documentary Proves Sword Fights Look Nothing Like Hollywood. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, photographer and videographer Cédric Hauteville has released his feature-length documentary about the world of historical European martial arts.

Documentary Proves Sword Fights Look Nothing Like Hollywood

The film, Back to the Source, takes a look at a popular organization that combines training and practice in historically accurate swordsmanship with a quest for knowledge and understanding of historical combat. Imagine taking a history class in high school or college that would talk about great battles, then teach you how they were fought first-hand. It is not, however, as pretty as one might think. Think back to your favorite sword fight in a movie or television show. On Flipboard. The macuahuitl was a sword with obsidian blades used mostly by the Aztecs. It was sharp enough to decapitate a man, and even a horse.

Art of Swords. Art of Swords. Permalink Presentation Knife Dated: 1575Maker: unknownMedium: iron, copper and woodPlace of creation: Western EuropeMeasurements: height 0.32m; width 0.06m; weight 0.286kg From the 14th to the end of the 16th century the fashion of gifting princely ceremonial and presentation items is spreading.

Art of Swords

Multiple sources, including the Chronicles of Olivier de la Marche, tell us about the feasts organized, for example, by the dukes of Burgundy, where a servants operated around the clock to satisfy the guests. A Step Closer to the Mysterious Origin of the Viking Sword Ulfberht. By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times Ulfberht was like a Medieval luxury brand for swords—but unlike your Gucci purse, the swords were of such high quality they were almost … mystical.

A Step Closer to the Mysterious Origin of the Viking Sword Ulfberht

Dozens of these swords—made with metal so strong and pure it’s baffling how any sword maker of that time could have accomplished it—have been found in Europe, along with some knock-offs. They are all marked with the Ulfberht name and two crosses, though some of the imitations are missing a letter here or there. New research brings us closer to the source of the swords, to the kiln in which these legendary weapons were forged. An Introduction to the Sword. An Introduction to the Sword: Part I Page 1 of 2 — Go to: 12Next The sword is an edged weapon with a long blade designed for delivering cutting blows or thrusts, or both.

An Introduction to the Sword

It first appeared in the prehistoric period; once copper had been mastered, the dagger was fitted with an increasingly longer blade, until it became in effect a short sword. History of fencing: Geometrical images of sword-fighting by Gerard Thibault. The Vault is Slate's history blog.

History of fencing: Geometrical images of sword-fighting by Gerard Thibault.

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @slatevault, and find us on Tumblr. Find out more about what this space is all about here. Girard Thibault’s Académie de l’Espée (1628) puts the art of wielding the sword on mathematical foundations. For Thibault, a Dutch fencing master from the early seventeenth century, geometrical rules determined each and every aspect of fencing. All Ninja Gear: Largest Selection of Ninja Weapons. Authentic, Sharp, Real Ninja Throwing Stars From traditional to unique and everything in between, All Ninja Gear offers you a star to match your every ninja need!

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