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How a Handgun Works: 1911 .45 - Animagraffs

How a Handgun Works: 1911 .45 - Animagraffs
The model 1911 handgun is named for the year it was formally adopted by the U.S. Army – and while it was replaced as an official service weapon in 1985, it’s still massively popular. Various manufacturers have created their own take on the 1911, but its basic function and operation remains in place over 100 years after its inception. Our 3D animated infographics attract thousands of viewers. Want one? Let's chat! Follow Animagraffs: email, twitter, facebook.

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New Mold Design/BIG BOOLIT!! We dig up fired rounds from the impact area, so we get to recast probably 90% of what we shoot. (All we can find anyway) Here's the rifle. Picture shows crew and winning target from this year's Historic Artillery Match held at Camp Grayling, Michigan. Target is at 1200 yards distance, and is 4X6 feet. 10 on target (including one I cross-fired--DOH!!!) The Real Sixth Sense Originally published in Black Belt Magazine Oct .02 One day a young samurai approached a revered teacher of swordsmanship and begged acceptance as a student. "You must do everything I ask you without question." Happiness May Be Different For Each Person. But There Is A Science Behind It We Can't Deny Posted on January 28, 2014 / Sunny Skyz While true happiness may have a different definition to each of us, science can give us a glimpse at the underlying biological factors behind happiness. From the food we eat to room temperature, there are thousands of factors that play a role in how our brains work and the moods that we are in. Understanding these factors can be helpful in achieving lasting happiness. Source: Hot On Sunny Skyz:

Bye Bye Ugly A/C Bricks and Power Strips by Gilles Belley Bye Bye Ugly A/C Bricks and Power Strips The Energy Saving Adapters by Gilles Belley not only look good but have some smarts behind them too. Each module corresponds to a device and monitors the power consumption independently. Concealed Carry Quick Draw Gun Sleeve Concealed carry guns are a great thing to have around. Having this sort of tactical survival gear on you at all times is a smart idea. But we think you can amp up your survival strategy even further. Check out this crazy cool homemade gun sleeve for the ultimate quick draw concealed carry experience. Whether for fun or extreme tactical use, you’ll have a blast making this project.

Balance Workout at Home: Balance Training Exercises I’ve got news for you; balance workouts aren’t meant only for your grandparents. The top athletes of almost any sport will tell you that training with these types of exercises are a large part of why they dominate in their sport. Incorporating this specific kind of program into your regular routine can improve your coordination, minimize risk of injuries during physical activity, and in the case of this particular workout, even build strength.

Wetshaving with a double-edge safety razor – Part 1 Recently started wet shaving with an old style double-edge safety razor and I’ve gone from hating – absolutely hating – shaving to loving it. Here are six reasons why you should consider it: 1. It’s fun Shaving is a chore. I mentioned to my buddy John – who’s also Asian – that one of the perks of being Asian, generally, is that you don’t have to shave a lot.

Bury a gun and ammo for 15 years by Charles Wood Back in the early 1990s the outlook for the nation in general and gun owners in particular seemed rather grim to many people. A few years earlier in 1986, Congress had banned civilians from owning newly manufactured machine guns. There was ever more strident talk of banning semi-automatic weapons or so called assault weapons.

Anatomy of a blast: Researchers develop sensor system to assess the effects of explosions on soldiers Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are becoming a global problem for the U.S. armed forces. To prevent injuries to soldiers and provide better care to those who are injured, the U.S. military is striving to better understand how blasts impact the human body. In 2011 the Army's Rapid Equipping Force (REF) approached the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) to develop a system that measures the physical environment of an explosion and collects data that can be used to correlate what the soldier experienced with long-term medical outcomes, especially traumatic brain injury. The solution: the Integrated Blast Effect Sensor Suite (IBESS).

30 Challenges for 30 Days Did you know that it takes 30 days to form a new habit? The first few days are similar as to how you would imagine the birth of a new river. Full of enthusiasm it gushes forth, only to be met by strong obstacles. 10 Drills To Make You A Skilled Concealed Carrier You’ve chosen to carry a weapon concealed for your personal protection and that of your family. But you’ve eschewed specialized training and chosen instead to rely upon your personal knowledge, the stuff you have read in written self-defense and firearm publications, and the common sense that has gotten you to this point in the first place. After all, mama didn’t raise a fool. You’ve been pretty successful at staying alive to this point, so the following is intended as a basic guideline to enhance your current set of skills. The following is what I call the 30-round defensive shooting scenario. Grab an IDPA target, 60 or 90 rounds and get to the range.