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Renaissance & Medieval Weapons, Swords, Clothing -

Renaissance & Medieval Weapons, Swords, Clothing -
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The Amazing Forkless "Phantom Bike" by Olli Erkkila Photo: Olli Erkkila Who Needs a Front Fork? Designer Olli Erkkila has made lots of unusual bikes, but this might be the strangest one yet. This Forkless Cruiser, aka Phantom Bike, looks at first glance like the front wheel is being steered magically (check out the video below). It's a cool effect, and even when you know how it works, it still looks strangely cool. More photos below. Nobody can say that it doesn't work! I think it looks especially cool when filmed in action from far enough away that you can't quite see the mechanism linked to the front wheel! Here's one of the original sketches.

ScorpioDesign Shapeshifter Der Entwicklung dieses Klappmessers lag die Absicht zugrunde, eine Klinge zu integrieren, die nicht durch die Länge des Griffes begrenzt wird. Dies wird durch schwenkbare Griffsegmente erreicht, die sich je nach Funktion als Griff oder Schneidenschutz entweder neben- oder hintereinander anordnen. Die Verriegelung erfolgt bei den aktuellen Modellen durch eine Kniehebel-Mechanik. Der Shapeshifter wurde ausgezeichnet als „Klappmesser des Jahres 2007“ im Rahmen der Messermacher-Messe Solingen. Geschützt durch Deutsches Patent No. 102006047835. Produktinformationen und Gebrauchsanleitungen zu Shapeshifter finden Sie im Download-Bereich. Diese Varianten des beliebten Shapeshifter-Mechanismus können auf Bestellung angefertigt werden.

Buy Suit of Armor The 15th century was a bloody one for Europe. The Wars of the Roses, problems in the French monarchy, the constant warfare between the city states of Italy and the final expulsion of the Moors from Spain – the whole continent seethed with bloody strife. One result of this constant warfare was the improvement of plate armor to its peak of efficiency. We are pleased and proud to offer a full suit of armor based on a 1450’s Italian style. Hand-forged of 18 gauge steel by experienced blacksmiths at Windlass Steelcrafts®, this impressively crafted replica is as stout as the original. This noble and enduring symbol of the knightly age comes partially assembled with a handsome hardwood display pedestal, ready to enhance your own castle entrance.

Mens Medieval Clothing, Medieval Costumes for men - Museum Replicas Museum Replicas carries a full line of high quality medieval costumes, shoes and accessories for men. Spanning the Roman times to the late Renaissance and even the Victorian era, our authentic medieval clothing is affordable and comfortable; perfect for re-enactors and faire goers! Shirts Both re-enactor and faire-goer alike will find the selection of shirts at to be some of the most authentic on the market. Sporrans & Pouches No Scottish kilt is complete without a detailed leather sporran and every period outfit needs a belt pouch for carrying your everyday accessories.

Military Surplus Guns Rare military surplus weapons are those which are sold when no longer needed by military. Since a common person cannot buy these military surplus guns directly from any store, so they used to buy these military surplus guns from military surplus rifles for sale. Civilnes can also get replicas and dummy firearms from military surplus rifles for sale and can use them as show pieace at there homes.So now lets know about some rare weapons from military surplus: Short Lever Martini Henry Rifle- This is one of the incredible military surplus gun of Victorian era.It is first manufactured breech loader to be adopted for general issue by the British Army. Nepalese Gahendra Martini Henry Rifle- This rifle is developed on 1869 Westley Richards patented design, this unique In 1880’s this rifle was produced under the direction of General Gahendra Rana to provide Gurkha regiments with the powerful british rifles. 1941 Paratrooper Carbine Replica- Designed by germany during world war II.

Oak Island Treasure • View topic - Is it a hoax? carlsson, There are a good number of skeptics who visit this forum, so your question should generate a healthy number of replies. Did McGinnis perpetrate a hoax is a great question and one considered for a very long time. My reply to your question is 'No, McGinnis did not perpetrate a hoax." "Donald was already interested in the work on Oak Island before he bought his first property and settled on this very spot (on the island)." I respectfully say your recently acquired knowledge has you believe in the three boys, 1795, and an uninhabited island as your starting point to understanding the story. The Lunenburg County book of deeds held at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia show Donald acquired the first of many Oak Island properties on 3 Mar 1788. A final source of vital information are the Poll Tax records for Chester in 1791. The above documents and sources of information are only but a few of the many discovered in recent years and which tell of a much different Oak Island story.

Zombie Tools | Makers of Bladed Weapons | Missoula, Montana British Infantry Swords Windlass Swords £645.00 VAT Included This magnificent piece of work was last amended in 1897 and is widely renowned for its design and build. Manufactured from carbon steel, the blade of this sword is double-edged at the end of its length and daintily engraved with the regimental crest. A wonderful characteristic about this sword is that the guard of the three-quarter basket hilt is penetrated and etched with a scroll design that incorporates the royal cipher of the current sovereign and is shaped from nickel-plated steel. The grip is meticulously crafted in black fish-skin and clenched with silver-plated copper wire. Regiments Specifications Blade length: 825 mmBlade width at hilt: 25 mm Infantry Sword : 8465-99-973-6877 Brown Leather Scabbard: 8465-99-127-9993 Black Leather Scabbard : 8465-99-122-1490 Nickel-Plated Scabbard : 8465-99-973-6853 Infantry Sword as a weapon The sword was primarily designed as a thrusting weapon. History Official Design Pattern Variations More from this collection

Create Your Own Sword - Museum Replicas Old world craftsmanship meets new age technology in one of the most innovative ideas Museum Replicas has ever offered, Create Your Own Sword™! Using items from this section on our website, you will become your own swordsmith. Choose from a wide variety of beautiful parts, all manufactured by the artisans at Windlass Steelcrafts. By mixing and matching these parts hundreds of unique possibilities are possible. Video Tutorial How to create your own sword At the bottom left of the screen are 5 tabs showing each of the components available. First choose either a brushed or polished blade. Choose from our selection of Oakeshoot style guards. Once you select the guard style it will appear in the design area. Select a grip style. Please note: There are no returns for "Create Your Own Sword" purchases.

Sword Manufacturing Evolution of two handed swords started from the 15th century. Two Handed swords are also called Zweihander sword. The name of Two handed swords is because this sword is only used with two hands. Two handed sword is very large in size as its length is about 6 feet and weight varies from 2-3 kgs. Two handed sword is mainly used for swing purpose, it is not effecting for thrusting. The swing attack to Two handed sword can crush heavy body armor. Two handed swords are having two edged blades and the blade is completely straight. Now, lets know about different types of Two Handed Swords: Elven Battle Sword- This incredible sword is the best companion for any Elven warrior. Great Ouse River Sword- This sword is the incredible peace of art found near ouse river at Ely in Cambridgeshire, England and kept in the museum. Heron Mark Sword- This sword is the best example of art . Hessian Horseman sword- This massive sword is used by the evil Hessian in a classic tale of Sleepy Hollow.

BoredPanda Shop » Grey Knight Armored Hoodie “Joust, battle Saxons, high five a SunBro, or just rock around town in this modern plate armour. Fully retractable face plate and visor hood keeps the wearer ready for anything, while the fixed breast plate, spauldrons, and elbow couters add elements of style and strength from an a age long past. Serged interior for professional quality, and reinforced stitching on all armored pieces for durability. The Grey Knight has proven valor and his cause is just.