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Disposable Cameras

Disposable Cameras
There are lots of disposable camera Instructables on the site. It was hard to choose, but I've included some great ones! Need a taser, a coil gun, a flash grenade? Well then, this disposable camera guide is for you! From simple everyday parts you can make this glove which has two modes. Mode 1 is a constant output of slightly over 300 v. while Mode 2 takes a few seconds to charge, but gives off a much more painfu... Learn how to make a simple but extremely effective Coil gun using only a "few" parts that are fairly easy to obtain by only going to a few places and possibly online. I've come up with a project that i've been contemplating for a long time. Are you tired of having your Ni-Cad batteries that refused to charge and simply die? Well... Caution I'm not liable if your shock yourself and injury or kill your self, working with high voltages can be dangerous!! Before I get too far in this instructable, I would like to say that this was not my original idea.

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Elephant Toothpaste Chemistry Demonstration - How to Make Elephant Toothpaste The elephant toothpaste chemistry demonstration is a dramatic demo which produces copious amounts of steaming foam that sort of looks like the toothpaste an elephant might use. Here's how to set up this demonstration and a look at the reaction behind it. Elephant Toothpaste Materials

Tunnel Vision I know you are invited to at least one wedding this summer. Bring your camera. This is a neat way to present a special wedding picture. It's an old paper trick call a tunnel card. Arduino Examples Arduino Examples These examples are designed to demonstrate how to use our modules with the Arduino. The Arduino's hardware serial port is not used to connect to our modules, which keeps it available to the USB port. That allows downloading new programs without having to continually disconnect/reconnect things. Sci.electronics FAQ These materials are provided as-is, with no support. They are not being maintained. At present they are being kept available because we're aware people still refer to them - but we reserve the right to remove this archive, without notice, at any time. Contents: From: squish@endor.uucp (Shishin Yamada)

The Fakeproject Corporation of America Presents: A Cheap, Easy, and Scandinavian WiFi Antenna. HI INTERNETS! This page is about something I did in Moscow in 2006. I answered many questions about the project (including "IS IT REAL OMG") here. I just moved to Moscow, to a nice flat in the center. There's supposed to be DSL here, but, well, there isn't. Check Out This Insanely Dangerous Zinc Flamethrower Esther, as a veteran I take issue with the assumption the flamethrower wasn't used for safety reasons. We're all reasonable adults here, I'm sure it was just too expensive. It was probably scrapped for a lot of reasons, but I think safety was probably up there. I don't think the main problem would be people playing around with it. I think the main problem would be if, for example, people were transporting it in a car and got into an accident (or were attacked), even the slightest crack in one package of the diethyl zinc would make the entire car burst into flames. To all serious replies this comment receives, I'm just gonna go ahead and apologize: I've been posting on Gawker and my nerd-sarcasm unit has been malfunctioning as a result.

Tutorials If you haven’t yet taken a peek at the new Dark Fairytale series, you’re in for a treat! Urban Threadsters in particular seem to love their myth, lore, and legend, and also seem to share a love of books. And who doesn’t love books? Though, I will be honest, every time I go into a used bookstore I’m secretly hoping to come across a copy of the Necronomicon with an old, tattered leather cover with intricate engravings and spooky designs. I usually leave with a beat-up copy of a mystery novel.

The Levitron Revolution: Magical Floating Device The Levitron Revolution is one of the sweetest gadgets to have around the house or office. The device features EZ Float Technology which allows you to float pretty much any object you can think of mid-air as long as it weighs no more than 12 ounces. You can even slowly rotate the object in the air with this cool device. The Levitron Revolution comes with a small magnetic disc which is where you place an object weighing up to 12 ounces on so that it may float in the air. Getting an object to float is actually pretty simple. First, place the magnetic disc on the Levitron and wait for the four LED lights on the base station to light up. The U.S. Military Has Deployed A Laser Weapon To The Persian Gulf Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. Is a newspaper headline you would expect in a GODZILLA movie! Flagged

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