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Zombie Tools: Accessories for the Apocalypse

Zombie Tools: Accessories for the Apocalypse
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A Klingon Christmas Carol It had to happen at some point. The first play to ever be produced in the language of the Klingons, A Klingon Christmas Carol began its performances in Chicago recently. Scrooge of course is the central character and to begin with, he has no honor and no courage. Yet Tiny Tim awaits a horrible fate if Scrooge does not recover both his honor and his courage. The production is by Commedia Beauregard who have somehow seamlessly merged the Victorian morality tale beloved by millions and the warrior culture of Star Trek’s best warrior race – also beloved by millions. If the thought of watching this Christmas treat through not only a foreign but an alien language leaves you cold then fear not – supertitles are provided throughout. What you will get is a great story - certainly worthy of entering the millennia old Klingon oral tradition. Who can say what will be the next masterpiece of the English language to be translated in to tlhIngan Hol. Here is the promo video for the show.

ScorpioDesign Shapeshifter Der Entwicklung dieses Klappmessers lag die Absicht zugrunde, eine Klinge zu integrieren, die nicht durch die Länge des Griffes begrenzt wird. Dies wird durch schwenkbare Griffsegmente erreicht, die sich je nach Funktion als Griff oder Schneidenschutz entweder neben- oder hintereinander anordnen. Die Verriegelung erfolgt bei den aktuellen Modellen durch eine Kniehebel-Mechanik. Der Shapeshifter wurde ausgezeichnet als „Klappmesser des Jahres 2007“ im Rahmen der Messermacher-Messe Solingen. Geschützt durch Deutsches Patent No. 102006047835. Produktinformationen und Gebrauchsanleitungen zu Shapeshifter finden Sie im Download-Bereich. Diese Varianten des beliebten Shapeshifter-Mechanismus können auf Bestellung angefertigt werden.

Guardian Back Up - Double Edge, Fine Edge Love this knife. I've carried it on boot for years working on the southwest border in Arizona and now on the northern border in Washington. It's a good feeling knowing it's there if I need it, and it comes in handy for a number of different uses. I have owned one of these since 2004 back when I was deployed in Haiti. And I have always carried it with me and plan on carrying until I pass away. Indeed a tool that cannot be neglected; however, the sheath is equally important, but is not displayed. Good knive overall, although the metal of the blade does not run through the handle, or at least is not strong there. Great knife, perfect for conceal carry and protection. I must say, it's light weight! I love this knife, I keep it on my boot, and it has seen some hard uses. Oh man! This is a great kife, very light slick design is perfect for use. This will actually be my 4th of these knives. i would like to get one ....... if i had money I just had to buy this knife when I saw it.

Hell: Exothermic or Endothermic? 1, April 28, 2010 by jonathanturley This answer to a college chemistry exam was sent to me recently and restores my faith in the new generation of college students. The answer was purportedly in response to the bonus question on a University of Arizona chemistry midterm: “Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?” Here is the student’s answer: First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. The student reportedly received a well-deserved A+ However, I still prefer the Simpson version of Hell . . . UPDATE: The answer is reportedly not from a student, but it has been augmented, here. Like this: Like Loading...

Reliks Inc. - Functional Swords and Katana, Medieval Armour and Knives LHR Serrated w/ Sheath The sooner you bring it back, the sooner I'll buy it!!! One of the best knives Gerber has ever produced, and it's suddenly discontinued? Please, Gerber, work out whatever snafus with Larsen, Harsey & Reeve might have led to the discontinuation, and bring back this great knife! Please Gerber, bring this knife back! It's one if the best you guys have ever made! Why do you guys seem to discountinue the best knives you make? I have had this knife for a good mounth now and used it for days at a time and this knife never let me down, I used it for opening tin cans and choping trees and even threw the thing and it kept going not even wrecking the tip of the blade! Great knife please bring it BACK! I carried an LHR through my last deployment to Iraq. Started looking for this blade awhile back, and was irritated at first that Gerber had discontinued it. I had one and sold it to my cousin. Boughtt one want to get one for son bring back great knife. I WISH THAT U,,,, WOULD BRING BACK THE L.H.R.

Kurt Vonnegut at the Blackboard Voices in Time I want to share with you something I’ve learned. I’ll draw it on the blackboard behind me so you can follow more easily [draws a vertical line on the blackboard]. This is the B-E axis. Now let me give you a marketing tip. Another is called “Boy Meets Girl,” but this needn’t be about a boy meeting a girl [begins drawing line B]. Now, I don’t mean to intimidate you, but after being a chemist as an undergraduate at Cornell, after the war I went to the University of Chicago and studied anthropology, and eventually I took a masters degree in that field. One of the most popular stories ever told starts down here [begins line C below B-E axis]. There’s to be a party at the palace. And when she shows up she’s the belle of the ball [draws line upward]. Now there’s a Franz Kafka story [begins line D toward bottom of G-I axis]. It’s a pessimistic story. The question is, does this system I’ve devised help us in the evaluation of literature? His father has just died.

Custom Lightsaber | FX Lightsaber | Build your own lightsaber - Saber Forge AMS Design Blog: Product Spotlight : Knock Knock Stationery I first saw a knock knock product in the shop at the Saatchi gallery here in London and it was love at first site. Self proclaimed as putting the fun in functional, their products are totally useless but incredibly amusing and make for great gifts. Check out their website here. Logical Paradoxes Regenyei Armory Dear Customers, Considering the current supply and other technical problems (e.g.: tempering) we are dealing with right now, we will be able toaccomplish any further order/inquiry only from 1st of December 2015! Regarding to this situation please don't e-mail me untill that, as i will not be able to answer. Of course, i try to make the already fixed orders for the undertaken deadline, in advance, i apologise for the accidental delays. Thank you for Your appreciation and patience! Sincerely Yours, Péter Regenyei I consider making swords as a living history research. Besides exploring the secret of European medieval weapons, I learn and teach in a HEMA school in Hungary as well. The modern weapons on this website are made by me, including museum replicas and own designs, to which the foundations are also historical. The shape and characteristics of these swords are based on historical research, I used pictures from codexes and manuscripts, paintings, graphics or genuine swords from museums.