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Zombie Tools: Accessories for the Apocalypse

Zombie Tools: Accessories for the Apocalypse
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Traditional Filipino Weapons Home Page ScorpioDesign Shapeshifter Der Entwicklung dieses Klappmessers lag die Absicht zugrunde, eine Klinge zu integrieren, die nicht durch die Länge des Griffes begrenzt wird. Dies wird durch schwenkbare Griffsegmente erreicht, die sich je nach Funktion als Griff oder Schneidenschutz entweder neben- oder hintereinander anordnen. Die Verriegelung erfolgt bei den aktuellen Modellen durch eine Kniehebel-Mechanik. Der Shapeshifter wurde ausgezeichnet als „Klappmesser des Jahres 2007“ im Rahmen der Messermacher-Messe Solingen. Geschützt durch Deutsches Patent No. 102006047835. Produktinformationen und Gebrauchsanleitungen zu Shapeshifter finden Sie im Download-Bereich. Diese Varianten des beliebten Shapeshifter-Mechanismus können auf Bestellung angefertigt werden.

Home Page Unique Tactical Tools Reliks Inc. - Functional Swords and Katana, Medieval Armour and Knives MechTech - Home Les couteaux de Paulo Simoes Custom Lightsaber | FX Lightsaber | Build your own lightsaber - Saber Forge DIY Bicycle Wheel Survival Bow Project | LPC Survival Wow! That was the first thing that came to mind when we first saw this bow. We’ve seen a lot of different survival bow DIY projects in the past but this one really caught our eye from First off, it really looks like you could actually use this thing to hunt small game successfully. The durability factor compared to other DIY bow projects we’ve seen in the past seems to be covered and the overall weight doesn’t seem like it would be a problem. The materials cost on the project was minimal according to the parts list, and if you can find an old bike wheel lying around the house its almost nothing. It appears the draw is deeper than most homemade bows so it should pack a punch. We got thinking about this and wondered about the idea of using both pieces together to create a double walled bow to increase strength/durability on a larger thinner rim.

Cane Masters!, Walking Canes for mobility, self-defense, exercise and rehabilitation Your Source for Custom Walking Canes and Instructional Media for Self-Defense and Exercise Using the CANE. click here for more information and to order Check out the interview with company Founder Mark Shuey Sr. on click here to listen Train With Us at Beautiful Lake Tahoe! Click Here for More Information Whether you have a medical condition or not, it is imperative that First Responders KNOW your medical and emergency information! click here to get yours today! New Harvy Walking Canes! T-Handle, Palm Grip, Leather Covered Handles, Umbrella Canes and more! click here to see our entire collection of Harvy Walking Canes, Walking Sticks and Staffs Improve your Health with Yoga! Discover the "secret" to greater flexibility, strength, balance and overall health with a workout regimen thousands of years old! Please click the image above for information on our Yoga program. The Warrior Cane Project Click here to learn more about this exciting way you can give back Click here!

Regenyei Armory Dear Customers, Considering the current supply and other technical problems (e.g.: tempering) we are dealing with right now, we will be able toaccomplish any further order/inquiry only from 1st of December 2015! Regarding to this situation please don't e-mail me untill that, as i will not be able to answer. Of course, i try to make the already fixed orders for the undertaken deadline, in advance, i apologise for the accidental delays. Thank you for Your appreciation and patience! Sincerely Yours, Péter Regenyei I consider making swords as a living history research. Besides exploring the secret of European medieval weapons, I learn and teach in a HEMA school in Hungary as well. The modern weapons on this website are made by me, including museum replicas and own designs, to which the foundations are also historical. The shape and characteristics of these swords are based on historical research, I used pictures from codexes and manuscripts, paintings, graphics or genuine swords from museums.

Throwing Arrows Throwing arrows are an incredibly fun and easy to make projectile. At their simplest, they consist of a notched shaft, fletchings, and a counter weight. With the aid of a length of string, these arrows can be thrown great distances. With a tailwind I have thrown them as far as 150 yards. With about a dollar's worth of materials from the hardware store you too can be throwing these arrows in under ten minutes. Watch the above video to see these arrows being thrown! Why make these, you ask? If that doesn't sway you here are a few other reasons: Throwing arrows are a simple project that requires only a few tools and materials you likely already have The physics behind their flight is extremely interesting You can play lawn darts on a football field with your friends They are the perfect weapon for hunting low flying cumulonimbus clouds So the real question is, "why not make throwing arrows?" There is no legitimate or acceptable answer to that question. Warning: These arrows can be dangerous.