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Throwing Arrows. Throwing arrows are an incredibly fun and easy to make projectile.

Throwing Arrows

At their simplest, they consist of a notched shaft, fletchings, and a counter weight. With the aid of a length of string, these arrows can be thrown great distances. With a tailwind I have thrown them as far as 150 yards. With about a dollar's worth of materials from the hardware store you too can be throwing these arrows in under ten minutes. Watch the above video to see these arrows being thrown! Why make these, you ask? If that doesn't sway you here are a few other reasons: Throwing arrows are a simple project that requires only a few tools and materials you likely already have The physics behind their flight is extremely interesting You can play lawn darts on a football field with your friends They are the perfect weapon for hunting low flying cumulonimbus clouds So the real question is, "why not make throwing arrows?

" There is no legitimate or acceptable answer to that question. Warning: These arrows can be dangerous. Bow - The Bike Wheel Bow. DIY Bicycle Wheel Survival Bow Project. Wow!

DIY Bicycle Wheel Survival Bow Project

That was the first thing that came to mind when we first saw this bow. We’ve seen a lot of different survival bow DIY projects in the past but this one really caught our eye from First off, it really looks like you could actually use this thing to hunt small game successfully. The durability factor compared to other DIY bow projects we’ve seen in the past seems to be covered and the overall weight doesn’t seem like it would be a problem. The materials cost on the project was minimal according to the parts list, and if you can find an old bike wheel lying around the house its almost nothing. It appears the draw is deeper than most homemade bows so it should pack a punch. We got thinking about this and wondered about the idea of using both pieces together to create a double walled bow to increase strength/durability on a larger thinner rim. MechTech - Home. RONI: The Pistol-Carbine. Home Page.


Zombie Tools: Accessories for the Apocalypse. Index. Viking Axe - Cold Steel Knives. Specifications: Overall Length: 52" Hawk Length: 9 5/8" Primary Edge: 10 1/3" Steel: 1055 Carbon Weight: 4 Lbs. 10 oz Handle: 48" Long.

Viking Axe - Cold Steel Knives

Hickory Viking Axe Cold Steel has been a long time believer in the ferocious cutting power of a well-designed Viking Axe. Until recently, we lacked the technical ability to make one to our satisfaction. However, with our new state-of-the-art forging facility, we can offer our customers something truly exceptional. Our Viking Axe's formidably long, thin blade is fully polished and hand sharpened to a bone-splitting, shield shattering edge. To maximize leverage, strength, and dexterity of movement, the Viking Axe is equipped with a very strong, resilient haft. 42" Sjambok - Cold Steel Knives. Specifications: Weight: 13.5 oz Overall Length: 42" Handle: 10 1/4" Kray-Ex™ w/ Extruding Black Plastic Lash Thickness: 1/2" Diameter Tip In Africa, the Sjambok (Sham-Bawk) is a cattle prod, a whip, a riding crop and a means of self-protection.

42" Sjambok - Cold Steel Knives

Unlike most western style whips, the Sjambok is not plaited from thin leather thongs. Instead, it is carved whole out of very thick Hippopotamus hide. Its considerable reach, lightning speed and devastating impact have built it quite a reputation as a sure defense against deadly snakes. Since the Sjambok is swung like a rod or stick and not cracked like a conventional western style whip, the weight, speed and flexibility of the Sjambok’s lash does all the work and little skill is required to wield it effectively. Today Hippo hide is pretty scarce and not commercially viable, so Cold Steel has decided to make a synthetic version of the classic Sjambok. The Mighty Sjambok. The Mighty Sjambok For the money, this has to be about the most effective and underrated Self-defense weapon ever.

The Mighty Sjambok

Once again, I missed out when the animal hide Sjamboks were being imported in very limited quantities by Cold Steel, Inc., so I ordered the next best thing when I found out the leather ones were not available. I have not ordered James Loriega’s book, "Scourge of The Dark Continent: The Martial Use of The Sjambok" yet. I remember having some exchanges with him on James Keating’s old Riddle of Steel Forum and he and James Keating had some great ideas on the Sjambok. Mr. I believe it was James Keating who addressed one person who said something to the effect; "It’s a pretty cool weapon and effective, but you can’t carry the thing concealed... " Cold Steel’s literature on the Sjambok lists the leather as Hippo-Hide. These things, plastic or not, will light you on fire. 1. 2. The plastic Sjamboks from Cold Steel come in three lengths, 36, 41 and 54 inches.

Modifications. Flexible Weapons. First of all, a big boo for Yahoo!

Flexible Weapons

This article was originally on a Geocities site owned by someone I used to know. The other night I discovered that they had terminated the site without the courtesy of even a warning. Before you practice any of the following techniques think really bad thoughts about the little bean counter responsible.