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Costumes references

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Some references for drawers. Historical and fantasy costumes.

NYPL Digital Galery. Sites de références costumes historiques. Vous faites des recherches pour créer un costume pour votre prochain GN, medfan, surprise partie, pièce de théâtre, vidéo gag? Besoin d’informations, de visuels, d’inspiration, d’idées? Voici quelques sites qui devraient vous aider à trouver images, reproductions, patrons, sur les costumes (masculin/féminin/enfant) de toutes les époques, des chaussures au chapeau, en passant par le maquillage et les accessoires et le type de tissu utilisé à l’époque.

Tous ces sites sont en anglais. The costumer’s Manifesto Depuis la préhistoire jusqu’aux années 2000. C’est l’un des plus gros site sur le Costume. C’est une vraie mine d’or quand on veut recréer un costume historique ou pseudo historique. Attention : il est facile de se perdre tant la masse d’information et les sous menus sont nombreux. Dressing Game. Restored dress as worn by Ellen Terry in her 1888 portayal of Lady Macbeth.

Dressing Game

"When Ellen starred alongside Henry Irving in Macbeth in 1888, there was not a wide choice of fabrics available in England, and Alice could not find the colours she wanted to achieve her effects. She wanted one dress to ‘look as much like soft chain armour as I could, and yet have something that would give the appearance of the scales of a serpent.’ (Mrs. J. Comyns Carr’s ‘Reminiscences’. Defunct Fashion. #sketching and watching #TheGreatGatsby.

Defunct Fashion

Perfect way to spend a #rain filled #Saturday. Finding my #creativity again. Court Dress | c. 1860-65 The combination of court dress and the 1860s crinoline makes for a most splendid garment. Dress worn to court was the most elaborate and expensive ensemble in a lady’s wardrobe. Fripperiesandfobs: Phenomenal Fashion. Les Vertugadins - Costumières - Création et Location de costume - Vertugadins - Costumières. Art of Swords. Permalink Presentation Knife Dated: 1575Maker: unknownMedium: iron, copper and woodPlace of creation: Western EuropeMeasurements: height 0.32m; width 0.06m; weight 0.286kg From the 14th to the end of the 16th century the fashion of gifting princely ceremonial and presentation items is spreading.

Art of Swords

Multiple sources, including the Chronicles of Olivier de la Marche, tell us about the feasts organized, for example, by the dukes of Burgundy, where a servants operated around the clock to satisfy the guests. The knife racks, wide bladed and not pointy, were used by the “sharp-riders” in charge of serving meat at the table.

This particular knife is dated second half of the 16th century. Source: Copyright © 2015 Musée de l'Armée (Dist. The History of Costume - Index #1. Click On Picture To Enlarge It (100K).

The History of Costume - Index #1

FUCK YEAH CORSETS. Dieting and waist-training are a powerful combination!


But… needing a new, smaller corset every couple of months (and needing a wider hip-spring than is typically available in OTR) has prompted me to learn to make my own! So I picked up a used sewing machine, watched a ton of YouTube tutorials, read loads of how-to’s and blogs, dissected an old non-fitting corset for parts, picked up other miscellaneous supplies, and got to work! Most of what I learned came from Lucy’s 'corset making' playlist, and from Sidney Eileen’s tutorials.I created the pattern by making a duct-tape form over an old t-shirt, over my modified Josephine by Isabella. I made a mock-up using cotton canvas, shown below over my cinched Josephine.

Once I was happy with the mock-up I transferred my pattern to two layers of fresh, sturdy, cotton canvas. Not bad for a woman who hadn’t touched a sewing machine since ‘Home Ec’ class in grade-school! Lace Me Tighter. "“Cissexism” is such a stupid concept.

Lace Me Tighter

The idea that your genitals and “your gender presentation” (read: the gender role you’re thrust into based on sex) should align is actually a mechanism of sex-based oppression" - ataulfomangos (via never-obey) Non-Western Historical Fashion. ♥146 → 12 Nov 13 at 3 pm Woman’s ceremonial skirt (kain kebat), early 20th century Indonesia (Upper Kapuas River, West Kalimantan, Borneo); Kantu’ people Cotton 18 1/4 x 46 1/2 in. (46.4 x 118.1 cm)

Non-Western Historical Fashion

Nine White Banners. Bunch of Mongolian goats, hanging out around a ger, looking for trouble to cause.

Nine White Banners

Mongolian contortionists are some of the best in the world. Here three Mongolians perform at the Cirque de Soleil in Las Vegas. A baby Bactrian camel born at the Budapest Zoo has made his first public appearances. He was born April 9th, and is about a week old. Only about a thousand Bactrian camels remain in the wild, in Mongolia, though there are millions of domesticated ones kept as livestock. Ashol-Pan, apprentice eagle hunter. This rock statue was originally set up near Erdene Zuu monastery to remind the monks not to become sexually involved with women. Mongolians are pretty awesome at wrestling.