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7 Deadly Weapons You Should Never Ever Make Out of Harmless Household Items

7 Deadly Weapons You Should Never Ever Make Out of Harmless Household Items
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The ATAX The Hoods Woods website has been updated to present you with a fresh new look and new functionality for your convenience. The page you are looking for can now be found here. Please make sure to update your links and bookmarks with the new address because this page nor this site will be receiving any future updates. If you would like to be sure to keep up with what the Hoods are up to, you will want to take advantage of our new site. Webmasters: If you are reaching this page during a test of your links, please make sure to update your link with the new link found above to ensure that your visitors are getting the most current and up to date information. ATAX = All Terrain AX (Say... See bottom of this page for information If you want one, please use the online store pre order and deposit. After almost 30 years of dreaming, dozens of prototypes and thousands of hours of experimentation... the ATAX© has arrived! If you have a good pocket knife or multitool and the ATAX... By Ron Hood

How to Make Office Weapons Out of Office Supplies Wow, if you thought working at your white-collared job, sitting in your well equipped air-conditioned office, thinking that this is probably one of the safest place to be… you may just want to think twice about that. The office is a jungle. Beside having to watch your back against office colleagues who may be wolf in sheep’s clothes, you may just have to watch out for those seemingly utilitarian office supplies, because in conjuncture with other seemingly innocent office supplies, they may just result to be one of the deadliest office weapon yet. Below is an example of our favorite office supplies- binder clips, turned into office weapons. Take a few binder clips of varying sizes, turn them upside down, and clip the smaller binder clips inside the larger clips. It should look like this when the larger binder clips have clipped the smaller ones. Remove all the binder clip handles. Add another 2 larger binder clips on top of the smaller edge with a rubber band in between. stumbleupon

Kidnap Travel: French Company Offers Adrenaline Junkies Something Different Skydiving, BASE jumping, shark diving and other forms of near-death experience just not getting your adrenaline pumping anymore? French firm Ultime Réalité is now offering “kidnap packages”. For around 900 Euros, the firm will kidnap you at random, bound and gag you, and incarcarate you for up to 11 hours, depending on the “package” you choose. Possible add-ons include helicopter chases, “be a drug smuggler for a day”, be buried alive, or … just about anything you can imagine. For those searching for the ultimate nightmare, the company is also hoping to branch out beyond kidnappings and is looking into options such as spending a night in a morgue, or attending your own funeral. The company’s already getting up to two requests per day.

Candle Powered Space Heater If you burn candles, a couple of these could reduce heating costs… or heat your safe house while giving you some much needed light. The multi-core steel and ceramic radiator absorbs and concentrates the thermal energy of the candle and converts it into dry radiant space heat. Internal temperatures are over 500 deg and typical surface temperatures are 160-180 deg. This is a simple ingenious device that harvests the normally lost thermal energy of a candle flame. The inventor, Doyle Doss, even has detailed instructions on how to make one on the website, or you could check out our How To Make the Candle Power Space Heater post. If you are worried about the science of this design, read this… “Candle Holder does not “make” additional heat — what it does is short stop the loss of heat to the ceiling and creates a radiant heater at table level. >>>Dash

MACHINE GUNS FOR SALE - AUTOWEAPONS.COM Termites inspire robots that can build houses Such a process keeps going — ideally with many robots toiling away at once to finish the job faster — until the structure is complete. This decentralized method of construction is very similar to how the tiny termite is thought to create huge, towering nests. “Around here, you hear about termites destroying buildings,” said Justin Werfel, a Harvard University computer scientist and author of a study in the current issue of the journal Science. Those oddly shaped towers can be as tall as 40 feet — about the equivalent of a three-story building. Werfel and his colleagues wanted to use robotics to harness the power of stigmergy — a process in which agents communicate indirectly by sensing and modifying the immediate world around them. “They’re all independent, with each termite doing what it wants to,” he said. Each termite is an organism of fairly low complexity, but, using stigmergy, a colony can build a highly complex structure.

The PriNXT: A Working Printer Made From Lego | PCWorld The next time you have a quick black and white image to print you might try sending it over to print out on your Lego bricks. A new project, called the PriNXT, is a simple but effective printer built out of everyone’s favorite toy. The PriNXT by Leon Overweel is made from Lego’s Mindstorm system that lets you add motors and some programming magic to your Lego projects. Even though he's just 14 years old, Leon managed to build the PriNXT along with a number of other Lego projects--including a Skype-controlled Lego Car. The printer essentially works like a traditional dot-matrix printer. The printer does have some serious limitations at the moment: Its print area is just 50 by 50 dots, and in order to print an image, Leon has to convert it to black and white and then into binary. [World of Mindstorms via MAKE] Like this?

Private Islands | Ever wondered how to own your own private island? With many of major cruise lines now owning their own white sandy beaches in the Caribbean here is a look into how we can own our own paradise too. Iglucruise is a award winning UK based cruise travel agency providing cruises from Southampton and great cruise deals to the Caribbean and Mediterranean Cruises. © Copyright Iglucruise 2010+ Small (600px width) <p><a href=" src=" border="0" alt="Private Islands /></a></p><p>Infographic by <a href=" Large (900px width) <p><a href=" src=" border="0" alt="Private Islands Infographic by /></a><a href="

Flash Grenade! rst extract the circuit and short the capacitor by touching the two wires with a screwdriver or a bit of wire. remove the battery and short it again to be sure. This is a relatively simple process, as all it requires is the addition of a safety switch and the motion/impact switch. Once you have your circuit discharged, you can begin work. Take your toggle switch and one end of the battery holder, preferrably the forked end (+ end) and solder one contact of the switch onto it by a bit of wire. then, attach the other contact to your battery ( i don't know how smart or dumb this was, as i soldered it in place.) These Stealth Knives Only Need Sharpening Every 25 Years

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