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Improvised Weapons

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How to Modify your Nerf gun darts « Construction Toys. Nerf Gun Mods. I can’t believe I haven’t run across Johnson Arms before, who is a professional gun prop painter/fabricator and the creator of this downright mean looking Stampede.

Nerf Gun Mods

He has modified many other Nerf guns including an Alpha Trooper CS-18, a Deploy CS-6 and a Spectre REV-5 just to name a few. You can check out pictures of all his guns at his blog, Johnson Arms, or you can buy any of the Nerf guns he has available at either his Etsy shop or on eBay under the name dransifl. Also whenever any of his modified Nerf guns appear on eBay I will feature them here.

How to Convert a Paintball Gun Into a High Powered Nerf Gun. Nerf guns can only shoot so hard, but with this mod you'll be able to blast your friends with high powered Nerf dart goodness.

How to Convert a Paintball Gun Into a High Powered Nerf Gun

This particular mod converts a BE Blade pump paintball gun into a Nerf gun, and is fairly simple to do. Props to Yakman for creating this tutorial. For the full tutorial visit. How to Customize Paintball Guns. How To Improve The Accuracy of Your Paintball Gun - Become an Expert Paintball Marksman! Modern day paintball markers are able to belt out paintballs very quickly; electronic triggers and hi-tech super speed fully automatic firing takes much of the skill out of aiming.

How To Improve The Accuracy of Your Paintball Gun - Become an Expert Paintball Marksman!

Almost no player relies on the first shot with guns like these. However there are several things you can do as well as accessories to add to your paintball gun that will greatly increase your shooting accuracy. Whether you play speedball or scenario woodsball today, it seems real aiming and shooting skill is becoming more and more rare. Many players shoot a burst of paintballs and adjust their aim and shoot again; while this method works fine, it doesn’t take skill with aiming.

A real marksman will line up his shot and score himself a one shot kill after focusing on his target through the gun sight or crosshairs of his scope. This being said, accuracy in general is somewhat limited with a paintball gun. Upgrading your marker with a ‘rifled’ barrel will make an immediate improvement on your marksmanship. How to Make Paintball Guns. Unless you have a machine shop and thousands to spend on R&D as well as an endless supply of steel and aluminum, chances are you will have a very difficult time making your own paintball gun.

How to Make Paintball Guns

However, some DIY's have been able to build imitation paintball guns with PVC piping, which I do NOT recommend. First of all, PVC piping is not tested for pressure, and in no way should be pressurized. Sure people use PVC piping for potato and spud guns, but they're just idiots. The matter of fact is, there is no "safe" substition for a real paintball gun. How To Build A Paintball Gun. Knowing how to build a paintball gun allows you the opportunity to create a custom gun.

How To Build A Paintball Gun

The paintball gun can be an expensive toy but with a few household items it can be made for much less. Whenever you play with the paintball gun be sure to wear old clothes because the paintball can crush by accident and the paint will get everywhere. Things you will need to build your own paintball gun: Latex balloon Paper towel core Duct tape Scissors Snip the mouth piece of the latex balloon off with a pair of scissors. Be careful not to puncture the balloon in any other area so it will hold air.

How to Build a Dual Barrel Paintball Gun. Paintball Turret Build. Army's Ultimate Paintball Gun is No Toy. The plan to turn toy rocket technology into new weapon for the U.S.

Army's Ultimate Paintball Gun is No Toy

Army is racing ahead. How to Increase the Velocity of a Paintball Gun. Nerf Gun Mods. Airsoft Mod To Nerf. Make your own custom Nerf darts  How do you make a dart gun and poison dart ammo? So you want to make a poison dart – Curare. So you want to make a poison dart like the Indigenous South Americans you see in the Hollywood movies, but don’t want to thoughtlessly harm yourself in the process. Instead of aborting your plan you sift through the internet to find someone who has done it before…right. Well to avoid accidentally harming yourself I would advise you not to attempt to make poison darts in the first place. But for those of you who are simply curious about what exactly might occur if a target was hit with a dart covered with the toxin curare, or how to survive the effects of the neurotoxin read below: 1.Poison Dart Penetrates the Dermis The dart must hit with enough force to reach the dermis layer of the skin where blood vessels are. 2.Curare Toxin Spreads Once the poison enters into blood vessels, it will can spread to other location in the body. 3. 4.

Flaccid paralysis occurs when the mechanism of muscle contraction is interrupted by the curare toxin. 5.