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Dictionaries, glossaries & terminology. EU + EC exclusive translation resources. SyD: Korpusový průzkum variant. [Research] Freelance translator survey 2020: Working as a professional translator. Published on 30 November 2020, Last updated 3 December 2020 Working as a freelance translator Translation and other linguistic services Of the 1,510 freelance translators who took part in the survey, 63% (n=957) indicated that they work exclusively as a freelance translator, 19% (n=286) work as both a translator and an interpreter, and the remaining 18% combine translation with other freelance language-related services such as editing or copywriting.

[Research] Freelance translator survey 2020: Working as a professional translator

No 1. Language Specific Jobs Portal. Language Technology Atlas 2020. The Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas is a free resource for the entire language industry and beyond The Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas is a free resource.

Language Technology Atlas 2020

This is a highlight of the extensive research Nimdzi uses to guide our clients through complex technology selection, deployment, and migration projects. Keyboard shortcuts. To learn more about the translation editor: See its Help page.

Keyboard shortcuts

Support. Translation Workspace. Právní překlad v teorii a praxi: nový občanský zákoník - Chromá, Marta - Google Books. Publications Office — Interinstitutional style guide — 2. Structure of a legal act — 2.7. Subdivisions of acts. JTP - Cizojazyčné verze českých zákonů/vyhlášek a nařízení (ne EU) Nedávno proběhlo na skupinách několik diskuzí na téma cizojazyčné veze českých zákonů.

JTP - Cizojazyčné verze českých zákonů/vyhlášek a nařízení (ne EU)

Jsa majitelem datové schránky, rozhodl jsem se zjistit, jak je to ve skutečnosti s oficiálními nebo úředními překlady naší legislativy do cizích jazyků. Zajímaly mne české vyhlášky, zákony a jiné předpisy vydané příslušnými českými ministerstvy nebo jinými úřady veřejné moci. Prvním problémem bylo zjištění datových schránek jednotlivých úřadů, ale nakonec jsem našel centrální seznam těchto schránek a snadno všechny vyhledal. Jeho adresa je 5.10. 2011 ve večerních hodinách jsem tedy příslušné úřady obeslal s poměrně jednoduchým dotazem:

Ngram Viewer. Český národní korpus. Language Resources Catalogue. Management tool: TMX Translation memory creator. Labour code. Funny glossary of translating. 20,000 words: The amount of words (some) clients think can be translated overnight.

Funny glossary of translating

Back translation: (1) I can’t proofread and I don’t trust you. Send translation of your translation. (2) Back translation: When the chicken and egg conundrum becomes a language assignment. Briefing for copywriting style adaptation: Are extremely short and leave the copywriter with more questions than answers. Capital letters: Something that clients love to put in and translators love to take out.

CAT Tool: a piece of string used to play with your feline friend whilst your TM program reboots. Hlavní strana - Iuridictum. Iuridictum je monothematická internetová encyklopedie o právu (tedy nikoliv jen o českém právním řádu), založená 23. září 2005.

Hlavní strana - Iuridictum

Labour Code 2012. Legal Information Institute. Jump to navigation.

Legal Information Institute

Civil-code-89-2012-30.09.2014.docx. Czech Legislation. Převodníky. ČESKÝ JAZYKOVÝ ATLAS. 83016_nahled. ICS 03.120.10 Duben 2009.


Handbook Criminal Penal 2015 EN FR. Ekotoxikologická databáze. Code of Canon Law. KODEX KANONICKEHO PRAVA 1983. British and Irish Legal Information Institute. (CAT) – The Periodic Table of Trados Shortcuts. “We all know the Periodic Table of Elements.

(CAT) – The Periodic Table of Trados Shortcuts

That table we learned about in secondary school: an overview of gases, metals and other stuff – as far as I remember. I am not a beta so all I know is that it exists.As a freelance translator I do not have to know that table although I think it’s good to know about it. To do my job properly I need to know what CAT tools are, what I am talking about in terms of subjects and terminology and how I can work efficient and profitable. Handbook translation czech cs. 056 Nominal English versus verbal Czech. The nominal tendency in English sentence complexing opposed to the verbal tendency in Czech is the most frequently and widely discussed topic in all contrastive English-Czech linguistic studies (see Dušková), most of them referring to Vachek’s (Selected writings in English and general linguistics) findings about the relatively vague semantic nature of many English verbs, functioning as bearers of grammatical categories prototypical of the verb (tense, voice, mood…) and combining with nouns which function as the semantic centres of gravity: have a rest, take a seat, make a mistake etc.

056 Nominal English versus verbal Czech

In Czech, they are mostly compensated for by semantically rich verbs. This finding corresponds to the analytical nature of English compared to the preferred synthetic shaping of the predications in Czech. Compare: It’s another busy springtime at the British Council, with a wide range of projects going on as usual. A solution made by translators, for translators. The Punctuation Guide. TermCoord – Terminology Coordination Unit Home Page - Terminology Coordination Unit [DGTRAD] - European Parliament. TBX Format. What is TBX? The TermBase eXchange format (TBX format) is an exchange format that standardizes the presentation of terminology databases and renders it exchangeable between different tools or translators with a minimum of information loss. TBX-Basic Along with the official TBX format, there is the TBX-Basic format - a lighter version of TBX that comprises fewer data categories than the official TBX standard.

The following step-by-step instructions will help you learn how to import existing termbases in TBX format. The crossTerm Import Wizard helps you to import your existing termbases in TBX format and to map the corresponding languages or subjects in crossTerm. crossTermImport Wizard Start the crossTerm Import Wizard. Icon in the toolbar, or via >>Tools >>Import... in the menu bar. Once the wizard has started, click Next >. How to import TBX files into Trados Translation Memory (TMX) Rates for translation. 7 Simple Steps for Setting Your Translation Rate. Setting the translation rate can be tricky, especially for aspiring translators. On the one hand, you have to make sure your price is acceptable for the market.

On the other hand, you want to secure a decent living and not undersell yourself. The following cheatsheet will help you quickly map your capabilities and expectations to a rate you can agree on. Recording Information. Rates for translation. Litéra – typografický Korektor a Slovník. Download Terminology - Microsoft. TbxPageDownload. Download IATE IATE is a living database, i.e. translators and terminologists are continuously updating its content. In 2013, almost 97 000 new terms were added and 158 000 existing terms where modified. These changes were also reviewed and validated. Using the IATE search interface ( thus ensures that you are accessing the most complete and up-to-date data. However, in order to cater for specific needs, you can also download a copy of some of the data contained in IATE.

The download file contains about 8 million terms in 24 official EU languages. For information on the data structure and the data categories included in the download file, please see: IATE Data fields explained You can download the file by clicking on the link below. Language Technology Resources. The JRC-Names RDF representation is based on lemon Lexicon Model for Ontologies, a model which allows the expression of lexical information relative to ontologies. JRC entities are modeled as instances of DBpedia classes (dbpedia:Person and dbpedia:Organisation) and the multilingual lexicalizations of their names and function names are represented as Lexical Entries of lemon Lexicons.

Various other types of linguistic information and metadata are expressed using standardized vocabularies (LexInfo, OLiA, ISOCat, Lexvo, DCTerms, etc.). For cases where no already existing vocabulary could appropriately answer the needs, in-house classes and properties were defined ( see JRC data model for JRC names).The JRC-Names schema gives an overview of how JRC-Names data is modeled. This new linked data edition has a SPARQL endpoint access through the European Union’s Open Data Portal, with examples of queries such as: