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EU + EC exclusive translation resources. Contacts for cooperation. Funny glossary of translating. 20,000 words: The amount of words (some) clients think can be translated overnight.

Funny glossary of translating

Back translation: (1) I can’t proofread and I don’t trust you. Send translation of your translation. (2) Back translation: When the chicken and egg conundrum becomes a language assignment. Briefing for copywriting style adaptation: Are extremely short and leave the copywriter with more questions than answers. Capital letters: Something that clients love to put in and translators love to take out. CAT Tool: a piece of string used to play with your feline friend whilst your TM program reboots.

Hlavní strana - Iuridictum. Iuridictum je monothematická internetová encyklopedie o právu (tedy nikoliv jen o českém právním řádu), založená 23. září 2005.

Hlavní strana - Iuridictum

Labour Code 2012. Legal Information Institute. Jump to navigation.

Legal Information Institute

Civil-code-89-2012-30.09.2014.docx. Czech Legislation. Převodníky. ČESKÝ JAZYKOVÝ ATLAS. 83016_nahled. ICS 03.120.10 Duben 2009.


Handbook Criminal Penal 2015 EN FR. Ekotoxikologická databáze. Code of Canon Law. KODEX KANONICKEHO PRAVA 1983. Novinky - Beck-online. British and Irish Legal Information Institute. Belisha Beacon. Evidence programů CŽV. Doplňkové studium pro překladatele právních textů - 2016/2017. Czech-English translation forum blog. (CAT) – The Periodic Table of Trados Shortcuts. “We all know the Periodic Table of Elements.

(CAT) – The Periodic Table of Trados Shortcuts

That table we learned about in secondary school: an overview of gases, metals and other stuff – as far as I remember. Getting it right. Překlady a jak na to - příručka Chris Durban. Handbook translation czech cs. 056 Nominal English versus verbal Czech. The nominal tendency in English sentence complexing opposed to the verbal tendency in Czech is the most frequently and widely discussed topic in all contrastive English-Czech linguistic studies (see Dušková), most of them referring to Vachek’s (Selected writings in English and general linguistics) findings about the relatively vague semantic nature of many English verbs, functioning as bearers of grammatical categories prototypical of the verb (tense, voice, mood…) and combining with nouns which function as the semantic centres of gravity: have a rest, take a seat, make a mistake etc.

056 Nominal English versus verbal Czech

In Czech, they are mostly compensated for by semantically rich verbs. This finding corresponds to the analytical nature of English compared to the preferred synthetic shaping of the predications in Czech. Compare: It’s another busy springtime at the British Council, with a wide range of projects going on as usual. Growing your freelance business. A solution made by translators, for translators. Elektronické tržiště Gemin. Redirecting To ECAS. Translation management tool for freelancers. 1. O Jednotě tlumočníků a překladatelů. V této rubrice naleznete základní informace o JTP, kontakty, stanovy, informace pro zájemce o členství a podobně.

1. O Jednotě tlumočníků a překladatelů

Poslední příspěvky : úterý 1. listopadu 2016. The Punctuation Guide. Transcreation is an Evolution in The World of Translation. Before we embark on the journey of transcreation, it’s important to understand what translation is and what sets the two terms apart.

Transcreation is an Evolution in The World of Translation

Therefore, it’s fitting to start this article with a question... What is Translation? Translation stands for the process of communicating the meaning of one source language to another target language. For centuries, the goal of translation has remained the same – convey the original intent and tone of a message while considering the regional and cultural differences between the source and the target languages. Unlike interpretation, translation took birth only after the written literature appeared. Much of modern-day translation is performed with the help of different sophisticated technologies, tools and software.

TermCoord – Terminology Coordination Unit Home Page - Terminology Coordination Unit [DGTRAD] - European Parliament. TBX Format. What is TBX?

TBX Format

The TermBase eXchange format (TBX format) is an exchange format that standardizes the presentation of terminology databases and renders it exchangeable between different tools or translators with a minimum of information loss. TBX-Basic Along with the official TBX format, there is the TBX-Basic format - a lighter version of TBX that comprises fewer data categories than the official TBX standard. The following step-by-step instructions will help you learn how to import existing termbases in TBX format.

The crossTerm Import Wizard helps you to import your existing termbases in TBX format and to map the corresponding languages or subjects in crossTerm. crossTermImport Wizard Start the crossTerm Import Wizard. Icon in the toolbar, or via >>Tools >>Import... in the menu bar. Once the wizard has started, click Next >. First select "TBX" as import format. How to import TBX files into Trados Translation Memory (TMX) Rates for translation. A freelancer’s guide to finding the right agency to work with. How often have you spent hours in front of the computer sending out your resume for translation jobs, only to never hear back?

A freelancer’s guide to finding the right agency to work with

Do you think it’s time to approach things differently? The good news is, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to find a reputable and reliable translation agency to work with. Here are our top tips on how to find and collaborate with the right agency. Marketing Tips for Translators - For a successful freelance career and lifestyle. Tranix Translation & Proof-Editing Services. Jak vyzbrojit Trados na překlady pro EU - TranslatoBlog. Trados je nástroj počítačem podporovaného překladu (CAT), který se přinejmenším u překladů pro instituce EU stal oborovým standardem. I mezi jeho každodenními uživateli je ale mnoho překladatelů, kteří ho nevyužívají naplno a o některých jeho možnostech nevědí.

Tento článek je určen hlavně pro ně. Je o tom, jak „vyzbrojit“ Trados, jestliže si chceme při práci pro evropské instituce usnadnit práci, překládat rychleji a lépe. Zeptejte se korpusu - TranslatoBlog. Jedním z nástrojů, bez kterých už bych se při překládání asi neobešel, jsou korpusy, a především Český národní korpus. Co to vlastně ten korpus je? Translation Blog – A blog for translators by translators. 5 Sad Mistakes Freelance Translators Make on Startup. I know there are dozens of posts published in this regard, but I would like to put in my two cents’ worth. Working as a translator for over 9 years, I have made many mistakes including business and communication mistakes and lapses. But I always wanted to become a better specialist and, which is important, I learned from my mistakes.

However, I regularly see how newbie freelance translators make the same mistakes over and over again. Therefore, in this posts, I would like to share the results of my observations and personal experience, as well as to warn young freelancers against 5 common and sad mistakes. 7 Simple Steps for Setting Your Translation Rate. Setting the translation rate can be tricky, especially for aspiring translators. On the one hand, you have to make sure your price is acceptable for the market. On the other hand, you want to secure a decent living and not undersell yourself. The following cheatsheet will help you quickly map your capabilities and expectations to a rate you can agree on. Recording Information. Client Emails Are Hard. Thanks for thinking of me for this project and for reaching out.

As I am a professional artist, not a hobbyist, and as your company is a for-profit organization, and as your client’s company is a for-profit organization, and as your company, while a nonprofit, still has an operating budget, I should be compensated appropriately for work performed. I am happy to work with smaller budgets for nonprofits, but I, and many other creatives, feel strongly about keeping pricing standards high so that it’s possible to make a living as a creative professional. Fair pay is important — it is wrong to ask artists to create free very low paying work for a for-profit company for a pitch or campaign for a company operating as a nonprofit (see charity/nonprofit distinction below), even if that work goes unused, because our time is valuable and we have bills to pay and families to support like everyone else.

Independent artists operate very differently than agencies. How to Find Your First Translation Work. Finding your first client can be a real tough thing, isn’t it? Probably you are an established translator working in a translation agency/company, who never worked as a freelancer or a college graduate with little experience in translation. One common thing here is that you may feel anxious about how to find your first translation project. I started as a freelance translator in 2007 though I worked on a local level.

Translator forums - Czech. Blog (nejen) o tlumočení a překladu. Na volné noze – portál nezávislých profesionálů. Právní minimum 2016/2017 pro překladatele a tlumočníky. Evidence programů CŽV. 10 nezbytností překladatelského životopisu. Kolik si vydělá překladatel v Čechách - plat překladatele. Musím reagovat na komentář paní Karolíny, který napsala k mému článku o překladatelské ceně Skřipec. Marketingové bludy: ke všem zákazníkům se chovejte stejně. Download Terminology - Microsoft. TbxPageDownload. Download IATE IATE is a living database, i.e. translators and terminologists are continuously updating its content. In 2013, almost 97 000 new terms were added and 158 000 existing terms where modified.

These changes were also reviewed and validated. Using the IATE search interface ( thus ensures that you are accessing the most complete and up-to-date data. However, in order to cater for specific needs, you can also download a copy of some of the data contained in IATE. The download file contains about 8 million terms in 24 official EU languages. For information on the data structure and the data categories included in the download file, please see: IATE Data fields explained You can download the file by clicking on the link below. Language Technology Resources. The JRC-Names RDF representation is based on lemon Lexicon Model for Ontologies, a model which allows the expression of lexical information relative to ontologies. JRC entities are modeled as instances of DBpedia classes (dbpedia:Person and dbpedia:Organisation) and the multilingual lexicalizations of their names and function names are represented as Lexical Entries of lemon Lexicons.

Various other types of linguistic information and metadata are expressed using standardized vocabularies (LexInfo, OLiA, ISOCat, Lexvo, DCTerms, etc.).