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Top 15 Must See Photoshop Tips & Tricks

Top 15 Must See Photoshop Tips & Tricks
Time to learn a few tips & tricks that will help save you a lot of time and make your design work flow much more efficient. From shortcuts to speeding up the performance of Photoshop, these will help allow for more time to be creative and less doing the mundane tasks that can be associated with using Photoshop. 10 Simple Steps to Better Photoshop Performance If you never changed the default performance settings in your Photoshop or you just want to double check them to improve the Photoshop performance, here are 10 important and useful points that you may want to consider.Article Link Advertisement How To Correct Banding In Your Gradients Using Photoshop This simple technique will reduce banding and streaking so your gradients look nice and smooth. 20 Handy Photoshop Tips For a Faster Workflow It’s tips like these that make the most common of tasks quicker and easier than ever to help speed up your Photoshop workflow.Article Link 5 Advanced Photoshop Techniques for Web Designers

The Ultimate Photoshop Toolbox Sep 07 2010 For years now, whenever designers have been asked about their go-to program for image editing and creation, one of the top answers that comes back, is Adobe Photoshop. Its generations of evolution has centered around the growth of any number of digital imaging professionals and has made this software giant a staple in the graphic design community. Below is a collection of invaluable Photoshop resources from the online community that runs the proverbial gamut of available PS content. Websites The websites that have been gathered below are the first place that you should go when you are setting out on a path of beefing up your proverbial toolbox of Photoshop resources. Web Designer’s Toolkit is a valuable resource for Photoshoppers indeed. Free4Photoshop is another great place to head for all those resource hunters out there looking to score a wide variety of Photoshop freebies. Photoshop Tutorials is a site whose name slightly undersells the place. Brushes PDFs PSDs

950+ Photoshop Tutorials To Keep Your Skillset Updated I know how much everyone loves tutorials, I know I love writing them too. Well in this post I have taken my time to roundup some Photoshop Tutorials and some Photoshop Roundups that I think is valid to be featured in this post. I know quite a few people are going to love me for this, but let’s keep it professional. If you think that I was kidding about the title, well then you’re making a mistake, there is really 1000 tutorials in this post. I hope you guys enjoy the post and the resources. Design a Brilliant Product Advertisement Source Create a Stunning 3D Liquid Explosion Artwork Source Design a Slick 3D Ice Text Effect Source Logo Design Tips: Letterspacing & Typefaces Source Make a Retro-Space Typography Poster with Colorful Lights Source Create a Grunge Snowboard Poster for the Winter Olympics – Photoshop Tutorial Source 60 Tutorials Creating High Quality Design Icons Source 31 Outstanding Logo Tutorials Source 20 Amazing Tutorials to Help you Make Icons Source 20 Tutorials for Creating HDR Images

Photoshop CC preview It's not Photoshop CS7, it's Photoshop CC – and it's out June 17. A new version of Photoshop, announced at the Adobe Max 2013 creativity conference, serves up major enhancements to the program inside and out – though few haven't been extensively previewed by Adobe in video 'sneaks' earlier this year. In Adobe's transition from Creative Suite to Creative Cloud, familiar apps get an upgrade while subscribers get a slate of extra services for their £38/$50 monthly subscription. Access to Sync services, 20GB of online storage, the Behance community hub, automatic cross-platform downloading and updates to all programs in the suite, and training are some of the benefits built into subscriptions. What's in a name? Plenty, it turns out. Another major change is that Photoshop Extended, the more expensive Photoshop package that included 3D capability and sophisticated image analysis tools has now been merged into Photoshop CC. Web design Photography tools

TUTO . com : Tuto Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Indesign Mastering Photoshop: Unknown Tricks and Time-Savers - Smashing Magazine We all have shortcuts that are essential to our daily workflow. A majority of them are staples such as Copy (Command + C) and Paste (Command + V), but occasionally we stumble upon a shortcut we wish we’d learned years ago. Suddenly, this simple shortcut has streamlined our process and shaved quite a bit of time off our day. Collected here are some lesser known but extremely useful shortcuts. Many of these are not documented in the “Keyboard Shortcuts” menu, and some of them don’t even have equivalent menu options. Please note that all of the shortcuts listed below assume that you are using Photoshop CS4 on OS X. Layers Link Selection Link Sifting through nests of layer sets to find the layer you need quickly becomes tiresome. Changing auto-select behavior. There will be times when you want to select a layer that is located below a number of other layers. Right-clicking to display all layers beneath the cursor. The keyboard can also be used to select layers. Sorting Link Viewing Link (al)

450+ Free Splatter Photoshop Brushes 450+ Free Splatter Photoshop Brushes by daan on January 31, 2012 in Design, Graphicdesign, Software, Webdesign 450+ Free Splatter Photoshop Brushes Blood Marks brushes (20) Free Hi-Res Splatter Photoshop Brush Set (17) Dried Blood Splatters Photoshop Brushes (117) Splatter Brushes (5) Splatter Brushes for Photoshop (8) Splatter Brushes Set (16) Watercolor Splatters (32) Photoshop Brushes (20) Splatter Line PS Brushes (15) Ink and spaltters Brushes (27) Splatter Plus (15) Splatter Mania (27) Wonderful resource for clep exams, 640-864 dumps, 000-977 braindumps, and testking NS0-154 can be found here. CoffeeHappens RELOADED (15) cherry bomb cherrys splatter brushes (7) splatter photoshop brushes (17) spilled milk brushes (14) 20 Drip and Splatter Brushes for Photoshop 23 High Resolution Photoshop Splatter Brushes splatters and strokes (29) Splatter Paint Photoshop Brushes (7) Splatter Paint V.02 Photoshop Brushes (10) 'Related' Links Related Posts: Tagged as: free, graphics, photoshop { 0 comments… add one now }

Top Places to Find Quality Illustrator Tutorials Online This post was originally published in 2009 The tips and techniques explained may be outdated. Finding Illustrator tutorials online can be a mission, but luckily there’s a handyful of websites and blogs offering top class Illustrator tutorials, tips and techniques. This post rounds up the best places online to find high quality tutorials and articles to help you learn Illustrator like a pro. Vectips Vectips is the blog of master Illustrator Ryan Putnam (aka Rype). Vectortuts Vectortuts is Envato’s popular destination for everything vector related. Veerle’s Blog Veerle Pieters is a popular figure in the world of vectors. Vector Diary Vector Diary is home to a collection of excellent tutorials, covering the process of creating everything from simple shapes to complex illustrations. GoMediaZine The folks at GoMediaZine offer some amazing insights into complex Illustrations, especially those in relation to T-Shirt and apparel design. N.Design Studio N.Design Studio is the home of designer Nick La.

Free Photoshop Tutorials, Custom Shapes, Photo Effects, PSD Files and More 70 Of The Best Photoshop Actions For Enhancing Photos The compilation consist of 70 of the best Photoshop actions collected from all around the web from photo effects to actions for even creating photo borders, An essential design resource for all designers weather your an expert or an beginner. Photoshop actions consist of a series of menu commands such as i.e. filters, image adjustments etc which can be recorded and played back this process is called a Photoshop action. Photoshop actions are perfect for novices to Photoshop simply because it allows you to apply multiple different photo effects to an image within a few seconds without having knowledge about the ins and outs of Photoshop. Photo Effect Actions 1) Double sketch effect action for Photoshop This action offers a “double” sketch effect, just like if you painted the sketch twice, once from left to right, and once from right to left. 2) Photoshop Action – Bright Eyes A Photoshop action to enhance the appearance of the eye but only works with blue eyes. 3) Pencil Draw Photoshop Action

30 Aesthetic Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials Published on Mon, Nov-08-2010 by Leena The Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials are available to assist the designer learn how to create new and very effective and eye catching logos and promotional text. These tutorials are quite many in the market and thus it is very essential for one to maintain follow up on the latest ones so as to remain updated and thus produce high quality work for their clients. You May Be Interested In The Following Posts Web design has embraced the concept of typography to great lengths. Websites are usually created with one purpose which is mainly to bring in business. Technology is constantly changing with new inventions being introduced on a daily basis. It is important to note that a designer must remain updated on the latest happenings in the world of technology. In this show case you will be exposed to fifty attractive Photoshop Text Tutorials that will provide you with very beneficial information. Create a Richly Typographic Illustration ‘Spectrum’ poster.