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Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Kineo Leg Pro. Products – Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Zapper store offers various Rife machines that can be used at home or health clinics.


The original Rife machine was invented by Raymond Royal Rife, a brilliant American microbiologist who had a passion for healing and truth. Royal Rife was the first scientist who saw the cancer virus attacking human cells with the help of the Universal Microscope he had built in the early 1900s. Since that moment he dedicated his whole life to studying cancer virus and developing his unique technology aimed at destroying cancer virus and other bacteria. In the 1930s, Dr. Rife built the first Rife machine. Rife devices offer many benefits to those who regularly use them. Untitled. The MotionMonitor xGEN - software applications. The MotionMonitor xGen provides real-time solutions in a wide range of applications that involve the study of human motion.

The MotionMonitor xGEN - software applications

The MotionMonitor xGen was designed to analyze all aspects of human motion beginning with the external stimulii that might effect human motion; the measurement and visualization of brain activity in response to that simulii; followed by the measurement and analysis of the muscle recruitment necessary to effect movement; and, finally to report the standard kinematics and joint forces that result. The stimulii are monitored in various formats ranging from one-dimensional targets to 3D immersive virtual worlds created in WorldViz and Unity. Visual Stimuli are presented on simple flat screens, head mounted displays, stereoscopic projection screens and the ultimate, Bertec Immersive Dome. Brain activity is synchronously captured from 3 different EEG systems providing the ability to easily identify events and correlate movement. Fibromyalgia & Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy. What Are FSM Frequencies?

Fibromyalgia & Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy

Explaining how FSM works is challenging. We must step outside the box of what we know in medicine, into the realm of physics, especially quantum physics, that matter has characteristics of both particles and waves, simultaneously. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Shop - Diagnostic Equipment - Senergy Medical Group. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine. Sound insulation solutions. EST - END YOUR PAIN. CLINIC - END YOUR PAIN. MDR Superbugs, Antibiotics Alternative - SIS Electromedical Solutions. Frequencies That MEND – Leaders in Energy Medicine Education. SEAHORSE COVE.ORG - Home. Electro Med speech resources sheet handout. Frequencies That MEND – Leaders in Energy Medicine Education.

Home - Asyra - Advanced Bioenergetic Health Screening System. TERMA MED. Home. Home. Contact Info - Acuscope-Myopulse Technology. Frequencies That MEND – Leaders in Energy Medicine Education. Microcurrent: Learn About Second Generation Multi-Signaling. The significance of a superior performing machine recognizes several important technical attributes in relation to multi-signaling microcurrent technology.

Microcurrent: Learn About Second Generation Multi-Signaling

Therefore, not all micro current machines are the same. There are thousands of frequencies that can be used (Sine, Square, Biphasic, Monophasic, Pulsed, Galvanic, etc). When these frequencies are combined into a preset program, it is called a “Signal”. NeurotriS, the developers of the only Dynamic Microcurrent device on the market that features a constantly evolving Dynamic intelligent bilateral feedback loop that optimizes the signal based on an individuals skin at the time of treatment. NeurotriS Second Generation technology will significantly improve the look and feel of your skin for face and body. Complete Pain Management System. Extrazell - Equipped for future. Prof.

Extrazell - Equipped for future

Biermann developed the first BMS device and applied it in sport science, to gymnasts, wrestlers and weightlifters in Eastern Germany during the DDR era. BMS devices increased an athlete’s performance, promoted regeneration and improved extensibility. Later Prof. Nazaro. V from the USSR, further developed the BMS device and introduced the concept into sport medicine. Later still, a German sports scientist Siegfried Hofmann encountered the BMS concept during a different sports event and developed the first device in West Germany. Advanced Physical Therapy - Services. Original Microcurrent Machine. A Best Five - Find your best products here!A Best Five. Tools to think BIG. Algonix by medilab - Bioenergy. There are several medical devices for pain management, pain treatment and rehabilitation available on the market.

Algonix by medilab - Bioenergy

However, for many patients who suffer from pain or traumas traditional therapies lack effectiveness and are affiliated with risky side effects. The innovative medical device algonix by medilab takes a new approach: The system treats with bio-equivalent energy which results in gentle and effective pain management, pain treatment and rehabilitation. In many cases, the treatment with this medical device could achieve better treatment results, for example for patients suffering from Morbus Sudeck (see Mikus, Eberhard W.J. et al: Morbus Sudeck: therapy success with frequency modulated low intensity micro currents). The Author. 16 January 2011 Last Updated on 16 January 2011 Paul Spencer-Wimpenny The author of

The Author

Precision Distributing Inc - Quality Microcurrent Machines. 66fit Elite Foam Roller - Blue - 15cm x 90cm. 66fit Elite Foam Roller - Blue - 15cm x 90cm. Welcome to SAM'S International., online video sharing, Home., online video sharing, Home. SwallowStrong Device - Patients with Swallowing Disorders. The SwallowStrong device is now available!

SwallowStrong Device - Patients with Swallowing Disorders

The SwallowStrong device comprises an oral mouthpiece connected to a notebook computer. The oral component of this device is a pliable mouthpiece that incorporates sensors to measure pressure at four distinct locations on the tongue. >> SwallowStrong DEVICE FAQS Swallow Solutions, LLC is registered and the SwallowStrong device is listed with the FDA. The SwallowStrong device is allowed for sale as a Class 1 device in the United States. Swallow Stronger-Swallow Safer: Contributions by Dr. JoAnne Robbins and the Swallow Solutions Team. Oromotor exercises have been used widely as a treatment modality in the practice of speech pathology for many decades.1 However only in recent years has oropharyngeal strengthening therapy been applied to swallowing rehabilitation.2-5 Age-related loss of skeletal muscle and strength, the condition known as sarcopenia, has been known for decades to affect striated limb musculature.

Swallow Stronger-Swallow Safer: Contributions by Dr. JoAnne Robbins and the Swallow Solutions Team

More recently, work by JoAnne Robbins, PhD and others indicates that striated head and neck muscles also are affected by sarcopenia, where it manifests as changes in muscle fiber density, tension, strength, and contraction in facial, masticatory, and lingual musculature. These changes are primary contributors to dysphagia. Just as participation in progressive resistance training can strengthen limb musculature6, device facilitated isometric progressive resistance oropharyngeal (I-PRO) therapy also has been shown to strengthen muscles of the head and neck. Dr. Thanks to Dr. About Dr. Dr. Medical Speech Pathology. To improve the strength of exhalatory muscles for breathing, improve voluntary cough, and movement of the hyolaryngeal complex.

Medical Speech Pathology

Patients with decreased exhalatory muscle strength, poor cough, or decreased movement of the hyolaryngeal complex. EMST and you 1. Find your Maximum Expiratory Pressure-MEP (see instructions with device). 2. Drobo 5N 5-Bay NAS Storage Array, Gigabit Ethernet (DRDS4A21): Computers & Accessories. Instant Dry Erase Whiteboard Projector Screen - Marker Board Projection Screen. Remote Access and Remote Desktop Software for Your Computer. OneLess™Office. Best network storage / home server reviews and picks.

Best RAID / drive array reviews and picks. Best RAID / drive array reviews and picks. REHAB HARNESS. Compare Best Computer Document/Photo Scanners. Paperless office? Not so fast. You still get snail mail, letters, bills, right?