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Superfeedr : Real-time feed parsing in the cloud - Atom over PubSubHubbub and XMPP

Superfeedr : Real-time feed parsing in the cloud - Atom over PubSubHubbub and XMPP

Interview: Julien Genestoux - Founder of Superfeedr SuperFeedr is proving to be one of the game changers in the feed industry. With it’s real-time Feed updates, Julien Genestoux is trying to change the way RSS works. In fact, if you have not heard of it yet, but unknowingly you may also be using it when you use Google Reader, Tumblr, Posterous, FriendFeed, etc. In spite of the fact that the company was started by a sole individual, Julien, it has earned quite a lot of accolades and appreciation from the tech world.

RSSTop55 The RSSTop55 is my personal selection of the best blog and RSS directories and search engines that you can find on the web. Over the years, I have spent so much time in updating and refining it that the original list has grown to feature almost 400 directories and search engines, which make up for a truly unique collection of venues that you can use to promote your website. Photo credit: juliengron Why this list is so valuable to you and what are its key advantages compared to other lists dealing with the same topic? The RSSTop55 is updated weekly. All directories listed are presented in reverse chronological order (first up the most recent; down bottom what I have collected first) and NOT in an order of importance or relevance.

Semantic API Semantic API analyzes a webpage on-the-fly and extracts key concepts from it. The API can also perform semantic analysis of a set of webpages as a whole. The API powers our own tools, including SenseBot and OpinionCrawl. Semantic API is deployed in a computing cloud. This gives it virtually unlimited scaling capabilities to support client applications. The API supports SOAP and REST protocols (HTTP GET or POST).

Metrics One number can't tell the whole story of something as complex as the Google algorithm. The following tabs chart a handful of "top-view" metrics, covering everything from domain diversity to exact-match domain (EMD) influence. Detailed explanations are above each chart. You can view 30-day, 60-day or 90-day histories. Text Analysis API - Pricing Q. Do you offer a free plan? Yes, you can register for the free plan here. Q. How and when can I upgrade my plan? You can upgrade your plan at anytime. 15 Useful Web Apps for Designers There are lots of web apps these days and they are very popular because of time-saving and productivity benefits. Web apps work on almost all platforms and you can access them from any device. You don’t need to install anything and you can save lots of time in this way. In this compilation, I’ve picked 15 useful web apps for web and graphic designers, developers and other creatives who want to save time and achieve more. Hope you’ll become more productive with these handy apps.

What You Need To Know For Competitive Keyword Analysis Competitive keyword analysis should play in integral part in your paid and organic search optimization strategy. As paid search activity continues to grow, so will the number of businesses you compete against within the search battlefield. Understanding who your competitors are and the keywords they’re optimizing for is critical to staying relevant, competitive and profitable in your pursuit to acquire more revenue. In this article, I’ll be walking through several advanced tips for conducting competitive keyword analysis and how to apply your findings to your own optimization strategies. Seek Out Your Competitors Sentiment, Entity Extraction & Classification Classification by Taxonomy Documentation Classifies a piece of text or an URL according to a pre-defined taxonomy, such as IPTC SubjectCodes or IAB QAG. IPTC News Codes - International standard for categorizing news contentIAB QAG - The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s quality guidelines for classifying ads Input URL Semantic Labeling Documentation Selects which label best represents a piece of text or URL based on semantic similarity.

7 unique and creative uses for Google+ - TNW Google Because of its simultaneously private and public approach to sharing information, Google+ is an extremely malleable platform, and as it continues to grow, there will be no end to the creative and unique uses for the site. Facebook and Twitter are much more than social networks, and Google+ with its unique method of sharing information can be whatever you want it to be. In fact, Google+ not only potentially threatens public social networks already in existence, it does away with the need for private social network tools such as Yammer, because you can selectively share information with specific groups of people. Other than being a social network, Google+ has the potential to become a journal or blog, an educational tool and even a podcasting tool.

Google+: The Complete Guide Using Google+? Add Mashable to your circles. You'll get the latest about new Google+ features and tips and tricks for using the platform as well as top social media and technology news. Summarizer - Algorithm by nlp - Algorithmia No algorithm description given Table of Content Introduction Examples Credits Introduction Automatic summarization is the process of reducing a text document with a computer program in order to create a summary that retains the most important points of the original document. This algorithm takes in large blocks of unstructured text, and extracts key topic sentences based on frequency of topics and key terms. Input: (Required): Large block of text. (Optional) : Number of sentences (default=3) Output: Summarized block of text. Examples Example 1.

3 Successful Google+ Pages and Why They Work Have you created a Google+ page for your business? In this article I’ll show you what three top pages are doing. Still in its infancy, Google+ has become a very hot topic. Amid concern that this “new kid on the block” couldn’t compete in a social media landscape owned by Facebook, some have opted to dismiss the platform entirely. While Google+ and Google+ business pages are still in the early stages, there is growing evidence that they’re here to stay. U.S. City & County Web Data API 1. Summary This geographic names data set provides a “mashup” of URLs for official city and county government web sites and city and county location data from the USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS). GNIS data includes incorporated places, census designated areas, unincorporated places, counties, and populated places. The API is RESTful and output formats are available in XML and JSON.

Business Social Media Benefits with Google Plus Google Plus offers business opportunities available nowhere else. The social network run by Google — the gateway to your business — is a game-changer. It ties together several Google products and delivers many rewards for brands. Vic Gundotra, the head of Google+, has said, “It’s really the unification of all of Google’s services, with a common social layer.” Google+ places a heavy emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO), which differentiates it from other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Superfeedr : Real-time feed parsing in the cloud - Atom over PubSubHubbub and XMPP by sirchamallow Sep 14