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Slideshow at Slideroll - Flash and HTML5 Slideshow Creator for your Web Site, Blogger or Tumblr!

Slideshow at Slideroll - Flash and HTML5 Slideshow Creator for your Web Site, Blogger or Tumblr!

Microsoft PowerPoint Online - Work together on PowerPoint presentations SlideBoom - upload and share rich powerpoint presentations online Free Bible Study Tools | Religion Resources Online Optimize Your Web Design Workflow I’m not sure about you, but I still favour using Photoshop to create my designs for the web. I agree that this application, even with its never-ending feature set, is not the perfect environment to design websites in. The ideal application doesn’t exist yet, however, so until it does it’s maybe not such a bad idea to investigate ways to optimize our workflow. Why use Photoshop? It will probably not come as a surprise if I say that Photoshop and Illustrator are the applications that I know best and feel most comfortable and creative in. Why not start in the browser? These days, with CSS3 styling emerging, there are people who find it more efficient to design in the browser. As a designer I need to be able to create and experiment with shapes on the fly, draw things, move them around, change colours, gradients, effects, and so on. Optimize your Photoshop workspace I have the layers palette open, and I keep the other palettes collapsed. Set up a grid Use Shape Layers Use Smart Objects

View millions of PowerPoint presentations! Free PowerPoint PPT downloads Home 45+ Most Wanted Beautiful Free Hand Drawn Fonts One of the trends in creating site designs are in Hand Drawn Concept. It gives a playful and fresh feeling to the design that appeals to the audience. Talking about Hand Drawn Design, using a Hand Drawn Fonts is mostly a must to match the design. If you want more of these, we have collected useful freebies for you to check out and download for free. FFF Tusj Grutch Shadedw Pointy Sketch Rockwell Jamaistevie Childs Play Pee Pants Script Mia’s Scribblings HandVetica Fh Scribble Fh Ink Positiv-A Aguzlo Handwerk HansHand Marker Twins Julies Mellyboo Font Handwriting Toms Handwritten Pen of Truth Sketchy Sketchbook Teenage angst Tire Shop Demo Version Waste Of Time 123 and… Barnes Erc Un-finished Jump Start My Turtle WC RoughTrad Bta Against Myself Peixe Frito Thurston Erc Roughage Gribouille Fail Octember Script Karabine Tiza Love Ya Like A Sister Rock Show Whiplash McCoy – Hello Lori Clementine Sketch Oh Ashy Make sure to check out more of the free fonts in the related posts below!

Urban Legend Combat Kit at Interested in learning how to debunk Internet urban legends on your own? One of the best urban-legend-squishing tools available is a "bookmarklet" that automatically searches Barbara and David Mikkelson's Urban Legends Reference Pages at Bookmarklets are amazing Web browser links that let you use a search engine's database without actually visiting that search engine's Web site. The best example of a bookmarklet is Google's free browser buttons. Creating an Urban Legend Search Bookmarklet If you use Internet Explorer go to View > Toolbars and make sure that there is a checkmark next to "Links." Then, point your browser to Sort of in the middle of this page you'll see a blue "Make Search Bookmarklet" link. Dragging and Dropping the Make Search Bookmarklet Link in IE Here is where things get a little un-standard. This automatically takes you to a page that has four textboxes. The Make Search Bookmarklet Tool Page in IE That's it. No, really.

SlideSnack | Upload & Share Presentations Online Popplet Form Management - " Your program is perfect. The form creator my server company provided was overly complicated and simplistic. Most of the other programs on the internet were the same or just too expensive. After I found your program, I stopped looking. Webmaster >> More Testimonials is a free online email form creation and processing service that allows you to easily add contact forms to your web site. No Technical Knowledge Required Our easy-to-use online wizard quickly builds the form for you. No Special Server Setup Our robust server processes the form and then redirects the user back to your page without the user ever knowing they left your site. Feature Rich, Customizable, and FREE*! Our forms are 100% customizable and have no limits on the number or types of forms you can create.