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Pubsubhubbub - Project Hosting on Google Code

Pubsubhubbub - Project Hosting on Google Code
A simple, open, server-to-server webhook-based pubsub (publish/subscribe) protocol for any web accessible resources. Parties (servers) speaking the PubSubHubbub protocol can get near-instant notifications (via webhook callbacks) when a topic (resource URL) they're interested in is updated. The protocol in a nutshell is as follows: An resource URL (a "topic") declares its Hub server(s) in its HTTP Headers, via Link: <hub url>; rel=”hub” . The hub(s) can be run by the publisher of the resource, or can be acommunity hub that anybody can use: Google's, or Superfeedr. A subscriber (a server that's interested in a topic), initially fetches the resource URL as normal. The protocol is decentralized and free. Google and Superfeedr offer a public and scalable open hub for anybody to use. See the links in the sidebar at right. Overview

Recipes - Centre d'aide Outils pour les webmasters Nouveau ! Avec vous pouvez inclure une plus grande diversité d'éléments sur vos pages, à l'aide d'un vocabulaire employé à la fois par Google, Microsoft et Yahoo! (en savoir plus). Notez que Google accepte toujours vos extraits enrichis balisés existants. Lorsque des recettes sont balisées dans des pages Web, Google peut les utiliser pour afficher des extraits enrichis dans ses résultats de recherche de recettes. 10 Best Security Live CD Distros (Pen-Test, Forensics & Recovery) 1. BackTrack The newest contender on the block of course is BackTrack, which we have spoken about previously.

AMQP The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) is an open standard application layer protocol for message-oriented middleware. The defining features of AMQP are message orientation, queuing, routing (including point-to-point and publish-and-subscribe), reliability and security.[1] Overview[edit] AMQP is a binary, application layer protocol, designed to efficiently support a wide variety of messaging applications and communication patterns. It provides flow controlled,[3] message-oriented communication with message-delivery guarantees such as at-most-once (where each message is delivered once or never), at-least-once (where each message is certain to be delivered, but may do so multiple times) and exactly-once (where the message will always certainly arrive and do so only once),[4] and authentication and/or encryption based on SASL and/or TLS.[5] It assumes an underlying reliable transport layer protocol such as Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).[6] History[edit]

Google AdWords : les nouveautés de l’été 2011 Par Aurélie Moulin, Lundi 5 septembre 2011 Si l'été a été calme pour vous au bureau, du côté de Mountain View une fois de plus, ces quelques semaines ont été riches en nouveautés, qu'avez-vous raté ? Voici un résumé des dernières fonctionnalités avancées de Google Adwords. Richard Stallman : "Les Anonymous ne doivent pas dévoiler de données personnelles" On ne présente plus Richard Stallman. Ce programmeur né à Manhattan en 1953 qui a appris le français au début des années 1980 alors qu'il effectuait un stage au Centre mondial de l'informatique et des ressources humaines à Paris (initié par Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber et dirigé par Nicholas Negroponte) est connu pour ses positions en faveur du logiciel libre. Le créateur de la Free Software Foundation, qui a travaillé à la division dédiée à la recherche sur l'intelligence artificielle du MIT, a notamment popularisé le concept de "copyleft". Quand il a accepté de répondre au Point ce 30 décembre, il se trouvait à New York chez sa mère.

MongoDB Revisited » phpmaster In my previous article Introduction to MongoDB I discussed installing Mongo, its PHP extension, and how to perform simple insert and find operations. Of course there are many, many more features than what I mentioned so I wanted to write another article to show you some of them. In this article you’ll learn about cursors, additional query filters, and running queries on arrays and embedded documents.

20 Best Free File Hosting Sites Free File Hosting Sites are a household name. A lot of people out there are now using Free File Hosting Sites to store and share their data online. Data may include videos, images, documents, presentations and files in other formats. File Hosting sites may be for personal and professional use. GSoC 2010 mid-term: Graph Streaming API During this summer, six students are working on Gephi with the Google Summer of Code. They contribute to Gephi by developing new features that will be integrated in the 0.8 version, released later this year. The purpose of the Graph Streaming API project, run by André Panisson, is to build a unified framework for streaming graph objects. Gephi’s data structure and visualization engine has been built with the idea that a graph is not static and might change continuously.

More Networks in the Humanities or Did books have DNA? Fortunately, that was a question left to Matt Jockers. I thought, though, that I might post the slides I used to describe networks in general and the examples using network analysis and representation based on the literature network that Matt has produced for his research. I’m never sure about who’s in a digital humanities audience and whether they need to have the most basic aspects of a network explained.

Sugar Материал из OLPC This page is monitored by the OLPC team. Development of Sugar takes place at Sugar Labs. Sugar is the core of the OLPC Human Interface. Its goal is to turn the Laptop into a fun, easy to use, social experience that promotes sharing and learning. The Sugar Home view Features requiring application changes — cmd2 v0.6.0 documentation Multiline commands Command input may span multiple lines for the commands whose names are listed in the parameter app.multilineCommands. These commands will be executed only after the user has entered a terminator. By default, the command terminators is ;; replacing or appending to the list app.terminators allows different terminators.

List of search engines Wikimedia list article By content/topic General * Powered by Bing ** Powered by Google CourseWiki - CS448B Data Visualization The world is awash with increasing amounts of data, and we must keep afloat with our relatively constant perceptual and cognitive abilities. Visualization provides one means of combating information overload, as a well-designed visual encoding can supplant cognitive calculations with simpler perceptual inferences and improve comprehension, memory, and decision making. Furthermore, visual representations may help engage more diverse audiences in the process of analytic thinking.