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iOS Fonts

iOS Fonts

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Typographic Marks Unknown There are many typographic marks which are familiar to most, but understood by few. Most of these glyphs have interesting histories and evolutions as they survived the beatings given to them through rushed handwriting of scribes and misuses through history. They now mostly live on our keyboards and in our software, and a few are used often, so it seems only fitting to know where they come from and how to correctly use them. Serif vs. Sans: the final battle First it was the Capulets versus the Montagues; then it was Coke versus Pepsi; and the latest epic battle? Serif versus sans-serif, of course. Lucky for us, the crew at UrbanFonts has produced a nifty infographic to help clarify the age-old rivalry between serif and sans. Brief, yet information-packed, it covers everything from DPI to classification, and expertly explains why serif is better for print and sans serif is best suited for web. This clever infographic — that smartly draws upon humor to drive home its points — offers a simple, insightful conclusion that designers should bear in mind: “The best font choices are ones where readers do not notice the font … but the message.” For free fonts and dingbats, check

Tips for Using UIImage Objective-C Class UIImage is one of the most commonly used classes in iOS development. It is generally used for drawing icons, backgrounds, etc. However, not all iOS developers realize how powerful this simple class may become with a proper approach. Today, I'm going to suggest several unusual ways of using UIImage to fill an area with a texture, create a stretchable UI element, changing and masking an image.

iOS SDK: Working with URL Schemes Communication between apps provides your application with an opportunity to take advantage of other application's functionality, send and receive data between apps, and provide a rich user experience that “just works". In this tutorial we are going to create two apps, one app that sends data, and another app that receives that data. Together, these apps will demonstrate URL schemes, a method for sending and receiving data between applications. This is a fairly advanced tutorial with regard to understanding Xcode, and I would highly recommend that before you begin this tutorial you feel comfortable using Xcode and Interface Builder. Please note: A physical device is required for testing this app. Step 1: Creating a Sender Project

Best 20 webfonts from Google Web Fonts and @font-face embedding At the moment there are several ways to use non-system fonts on a website. We will focus on the two least complicated, least expensive systems, Google Web Fonts and the @font-face rule. Fear not, we have not ruled out other paid methods such as Typekit, Web Fonts, Fontdeck, Webtype, WebINK or Fontspring for future posts as they certainly offer high quality typefaces and deserve to be considered. It’s important to be aware that web fonts can generate inadequate visualizations on operating systems which have subpixel rendering turned off in the case of Windows XP. They can also be represented differently depending on the browser used to visualize them. The aim of this post is to facilitate the choice of a series of fonts (out of the hundreds available) whose technical and visual characteristics make them more readable and compatible with a wide variety of devices, browsers and operating systems.

Typeface Anatomy and Glossary Here’s a glossary of common type terminology, which along with the FAQs may answer many font related questions. If the information you need isn’t here, call us. Abbreviations Many fonts have abbreviations in their names. Font » Gironic - Graphics & Tutorials Interval Sans Pro Font Family - 14 Fonts (Incomplete Family) for $364OTF | 14 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.2 Mb Author: SALLY | Comment: ( 0 ) iPhone & Android App Design: Developers Cheat Sheet [Infographic] Designing a mobile app can seem simple when you are sketching it out on the whiteboard. But when you actually sit down in your developer environment and get cracking, turning your ideas into reality is not always so easy. That's only the beginning, of course. What if you need to design your app for both the iPhone and Android? You will very quickly learn that you cannot just cut and paste your design from one platform to the other.

IPhone URL Schemes - akosma wiki From akosma wiki This page centralizes code samples for URL schemes available in many iPhone applications, not only in Apple's but in many others. It also includes programming tips and references about implementing apps registering or consuming URL schemes. If you own an iPhone app, contact akosma software to add the schemes you've implemented in your application, for others to use. The important thing is to showcase code samples, ready for others to use. 10 Best iPad Apps for Web Designers If you’re a web designer and own an iPad, I’ve got great news. There are apps out there that will actually help you be productive. So while you’re away from your desk or office, take a break from playing Angy Birds and get some work done. Here are 10 of our favorite iPad apps to help you do just that. Gusto

Font Newsletter Archive Our popular email newsletters are a benefit of membership. We regale our subscribers with new and free fonts, typographic tips and trends, and important FontShop developments. Get FontShop News: April FontFont Release 66 Yanone’s FF Antithesis, and an extension to FF Good. Plus, in beta. Building Custom Map Annotation Callouts – Part 1 - Asynchrony Blog The iPhone’s Map Annotation Callouts are very useful for displaying small amounts of information when a map pin (annotation) is selected. One problem with the standard callouts present in iOS is the inability to change the height of the callout. For example, you may want to display a logo or other image that is taller than the default callout. 10 must read books for iOS App developers Everyone knows that if you want to survive in the world of iOS development you need to be up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. We have asked long time app developers to share with us their favorite resources. So below is a list of ten books that all iOS App Developers should read, whether you are a novice or an advanced developer there is something for everyone.

Flat Design Inspiration After our post showcasing 23 Examples of Flat Web Design a lot of readers got in touch to see more flat design related inspiration. We decided to gather some examples of UI kits, icons and much more, so give it a look. Freebie: Flat Design Icons Set Vol1

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