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Who uses Voldemort

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Is anyone outside of LinkedIn using Voldemort. Gilt Groupe. Project Voldemort at Gilt Groupe: When Failure Isn't an Option. Using Object Database db4o as Storage Provider in Voldemort. Abstract: In this article I will show you how easy it is to add support for Versant’s object database, db4o in project Voldemort, an Apache licensed distributed key-value storage system used at LinkedIn which is useful for certain high-scalability storage problems where simple functional partitioning is not sufficient (Note: Voldemort borrows heavily from Amazon’s Dynamo, if you’re interested in this technology all the available papers about Dynamo should be useful).

Using Object Database db4o as Storage Provider in Voldemort

Voldemort’s storage layer is completely mockable so development and unit testing can be done against a throw-away in-memory storage system without needing a real cluster or, as we will show next, even a real storage engine like db4o for simple testing. Note: All db4o related files that are part of this project are publicly available on ☞ GitHub This is an article contributed by German Viscuso from db4objects (a division of Versant Corporation).

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