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Uses of Pearltrees in Business

Facebook Twitter SEO Stats, Worth & Analysis. T1 – Using Productivity Tools For Business Development. Back to Module Overview Curation is a relatively new business activity which entails searching the web for information, tools or techniques that your stakeholders would find useful, interesting or amusing.

T1 – Using Productivity Tools For Business Development

Effectively it’s a way to add real value to people who are important to you. Pearltrees and Diigo are 2 curation tools that allow you to hold various websites for a later date in an organised manner so that you can find them with ease when you need them. Diigo is a Tag based curation site that allows you to make searchable lists. You can also make your diigo lists public so that others can see them. You will then be able to go to your library on diigo and search for any tag you wish, in this instance let’s search for ‘Quotes’. The other curation tool you can use is Pearltrees, this is a mind map based tool which uses branching. For example let’s say that our CRM system has told me that my contact regime for Melanie suggests that I need to contact her as we haven’t spoken in 3 months.

Pearltrees: A Great New Tool for Bloggers and Journalists. Recently, I’ve been working with a new tool that I think anyone that uses the web regularly is really going to appreciate: Pearltrees.

Pearltrees: A Great New Tool for Bloggers and Journalists

The company – which is based in France – has been developing this tool for a few years but in the last few days they have released their latest version and in my opinion it is now ready for prime time. In a nutshell, Pearltrees allows you to very quickly and easily discover, organize and share the things you find on the web. This tool, which is truly a social web curation and collaboration tool, will enable you to quickly see a whole constellation of content specifically related to a post.

More importantly, as additional links (or Pearls) are added to the original Pearltree, the tree in the post is updated in realtime making each Pearltree on a given topic a living reference to that topic. For many, the most difficult thing about Pearltrees is understanding what it is and how it works without actually seeing it in action. Using Pearltrees to Differentiate Instruction. How can I use Pearltrees to differentiate content in the classroom?

Using Pearltrees to Differentiate Instruction

Pearltrees offers a great way to organize, share, and acquire resources in a very user-friendly format. In my classroom I would use Pearltrees to differentiate instruction by making a pearl tree into an assignment with the assignment being connected to a variety of resources and web 2.0 tools for students to use to complete the assignment. Giving students choices when doing assignments allows students to learn and create giving students creative freedom.

So if the assignment was to learn about a certain concept and make a model or visual representation of that concept, students could be given resources and tools as pearls that the students could pick from to complete the assignment. I need to develop this further as I am not exactly sure how to manage this with students. Students could also share resources and assignments through Pearltrees and post comments and questions to students and the teacher. Like this: 9 lessons about the web and business from Pearltrees, the or. Pearltrees is a French startup that wants to change the way we organise the web.

9 lessons about the web and business from Pearltrees, the or

Describing how it works would lead you to believe that it’s another social bookmarking site, which would do them injustice. Most of the social bookmarks are organized either alphabetically or chronologically, which doesn’t do much good when you try to retrieve stuff later. Also, due to how most social bookmarking sites were designed, they’ve become more like a curated list of the hottest headlines out there right now, and about what Mashable calls “velocity” – the question: how fast is this thing spreading?

This idea of velocity is not what Pearltrees is about – on the contrary, it’s a tool that helps you keep an eye on context and history in the endless stream of blogs, tweets and Facebook posts. It’s a mental map of noteworthy things you’ve read online, organized by subjects and sub-subjects that are endlessly divisible. 1. “If you look at the next phase, the web 2.0, it’s all about content creation. 2.