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Am James work with Nex Softsys Tech as a software developer. I have much experience in IT outsourcing as well as other app development.

8 Digital Trends in 2017: Software Consulting Company focusing on them! – StackStreet. Digital marketing trend is inevitable and has gained popularity in 2016 with medium and large sized businesses.

8 Digital Trends in 2017: Software Consulting Company focusing on them! – StackStreet

Consulting Companies in India are outsourcing IT services from software companies to avail website for their business and marketing of the products through distinct online modes. In this post, leading Software Consulting Company India will talk about digital marketing trends that the sales and marketing department and software consultancy services providing companies can follow for better marketing output in 2017. Expectations from 2017 Some marketers have faith that internet space is under expansion as more companies entering the digital world. But then there are others who say there will be a complete makeover of how search engine giants and users give preference to huge data available online.

You should know the fact about online marketing industry. 1. 2. Today, the desktop is only used by professionals to perform their app development job. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Near shore & Offshore– Remedy to Software Development Resource Draught. Software skills, in today’s age of digitalization, have become a requisite for all the sectors of the economy.

Near shore & Offshore– Remedy to Software Development Resource Draught

Best software talent is required in every field, be it Insurance, IT, Digital Marketing or even Audit as a matter of fact. The demand for such skill is required in the nook and corner of every industry. How to develop your freelance platform for business growth. There is no theme park for software outsourcing India experts where they can show their skills to every visitor coming to the park.

How to develop your freelance platform for business growth

Companies need to do a lot more things and stuff to market their brand image. It also includes the team of software developers, they hire. The right match of freelancers and on-site developers helps in getting more business. Essential Information of Amazon Cloud Services. Why do a most of developer accept Golang to compare of Java? Very rarely do we come across a comparison between two odd opponents who are not really meant to be competing; but, they still are fighting each other.

Why do a most of developer accept Golang to compare of Java?

One such example is the comparison of Google Go and Java. This comparison is interesting because both are doing the same thing with extremely different structures. The dilemma is because both have their pluses and minuses causing the developers to think twice before choosing one. This blog will discuss the odds the make Go and Java compete successfully in the Java application development industry with share of loyal users who would think twice before migrating to the other technology. The Unusual Differences. 5 Dilemmas Faced by Software Developers: Resolve them before it’s too late. The technology is growing at an unprecedented pace.

5 Dilemmas Faced by Software Developers: Resolve them before it’s too late

While it looks all good, there are challenges that it brings to different facets that make use of technology in their day to working. One such example is that of Software professionals who have to constantly work to be informed about the advances in the field. They have to be aware of the new releases and how these will affect the day to day work. They also have to make decisions which involve facilitating change within the organization to increase efficiency.

This blog lists the dilemmas that the Software developers face in their day to day activities and also the possible ways of eliminating such challenges. Dilemmas. Recently Oracle Experiment has picked up energy with Java-on-Java. What is Project Metropolis?

Recently Oracle Experiment has picked up energy with Java-on-Java

The not so hush-hush Project Metropolis is all set to implement Java on itself – popularly known in the developer community as Java-on-Java. Oracle has released updates on its progress, and they are very encouraging. The project will focus on building a JIT (just in time) compiler that is written in Java. It is being touted as the experimental clone of JDK (Java Development Kit) 10.

"How to" Guide to Eliminating Cyber Attacks to Secure your Data. Cyber security is a top concern for all organizations.

"How to" Guide to Eliminating Cyber Attacks to Secure your Data

This is the reason that organizations spend big time on surveys, researchers, root cause analysis, etc. to determine threats and keep a check on breaches. But, the fact is that despite employing the best approaches to secure data and using Software testing services, companies do fall prey to hackers. After much introspection and case study analysis, it has been revealed that in most of the cases of cyber-attacks, it was humans who made mistakes.

To Err Is Human Irrespective of how companies plan to curb the cyber security concern, human involvement cannot be completely eliminated. Is Jenkins best for all types of application at any platform? Build Automation using Jenkins Posted on Updated on Technology: Jenkins is the most powerful and most preferred to use application for continuous integration, and continuous delivery of projects.

Is Jenkins best for all types of application at any platform?

As Jenkins is web application download and deploy Jenkins on any web/application server, and it can run on any platform independent of operating system. Integrate Jenkins with majority build tools like Ant, Maven, and Gradle. Why Software testing services are important and Why to outsource them? Software testing which was once considered not to important task is now an essential element of software development.

Why Software testing services are important and Why to outsource them?

Software Testing is a phase in software development lifecycle where any plausible bugs present in the developed product can be identified and fixed as per requirement, thereby enhancing the quality of the product. With many companies having to withstand the competitive challenges posed by the software arena and other counterparts in the arena, self-testing of products with dedicated resources in-house is, of course, a tough job.

That is why most companies prefer to outsource their testing tasks to enterprises that exclusively render software testing services. Implement your thoughts into reality with j2ee developers. If you have a java project happening and need to hire either one or a team of senior java j2ee developers to implement your thoughts into reality, read this out for some tips.

Implement your thoughts into reality with j2ee developers

Companies look for those developers that make good applications. But all you as a company should look for are a challenge loving developer. Those that love challenges are supposed to have an analytical bend to their mind. That’s utmost important, especially in a creativity demanding arena like app development. India is a country that is rich in culture, tradition and software services as well. Ransomware and Other Scam in Enterprise. Phishing scams started around the late 90’s, and have continuously evolved since. The latest forms of phishing include the traditional phishing, spear phishing, CEO frauds, and Business Email Compromise (BEC). One of the worst outcomes of phishing is the ransomware attack, where the hacker steals/encrypts confidential enterprise data, and extorts money to return it to the enterprise.

Ransomware has become a million dollar industry in itself. How to increase the a modern business life with IT services? Need for a comprehensive IT solutionThere is a pressing need for modern businesses to adapt and align their company visions with the rapidly evolving market these days. The 5-year exit risk for companies has gone from 5% to 32% in the last 5 decades.

This makes it imperative for modern businesses to concentrate more on developing and evolving the products they are making rather than sweating the small back-office stuff. How to develop your business with cloud-based Java app? In technology, “the only thing constant is change.” The advances in the field like development of mobile applications in the recent years have changed the way a lot of businesses operated. It also gave rise to new models of business that function solely on applications and can churn a great revenue without having to spend a lot of physical infrastructure. As easy as it sounds, having a robust application requires a strong framework, a reliable platform, a dedicated team, etc. When you have an application, you consider different aspects like the programming language, the supported versions, etc. Also, you have to decide on the data storage medium as in whether you want to rely on traditional systems or would you like a cutting-edge medium like the cloud.

The Purview Having a cloud-based app has a lot of advantage; but before moving to that, it is important to understand that the preview of a cloud-based app includes everything from writing codes to modifying them, testing them. You Can Also Do This with Your CRM Solution - HellGeeks. Life is full of surprises. And, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that a CRM solution can be used to manage vendors. Does that sounds unbelievable? Trust me it is not. After a little thought, you will understand the entire logic. You just need to start thinking of your vendors as your clients and replace customer with vendors to have a personalized vendor relationship management solution. What Are the Benefits? IOS application – A key player of success business strategy. SAP Cloud Platform and SDK with unique features for iOS apps. Earlier in May 2016, SAP had already set rumor mills in motion by partnering with Apple.

In a bid to simplify development and significantly improve the user experience for enterprise apps on the mobile platform, SAP has now announced the launch of its Cloud Platform and SDK for iOS. Consumers were tired of desktop-replicas masquerading as mobile apps till now. This step will mark a new era in enterprise app development, as iPhone is one of the most preferred BYOD devices in the U.S workforce.

The SAP Hana Platform, has now rebranded and the new SAP Cloud Platform (and iOS SDK) set to release on March 30 will give a boost to iOS App development for enterprises by enabling the developers to incorporate functionalities like single sign-on, customized support for iPhone/iPad enterprise apps, and offline data sync. Unique features of the SAP Cloud Platform. Advantages and Challenging Factors of Manual Software Testing. Why financial specialists have driven Apple shares to an every time high?

Apple has beat its own record high of both closing share and intraday trading from April 2015, through a three-pronged approach of buying back shares, strengthening its services division, and relying on its flagship model – the iPhone. The all-time high closing share price is now $133.29 and intraday trading record is $134.54. Security strategy for protecting enterprise application data. 6 Best Tools for Effortless Software Testing. Testing is certainly the most trivial stage in the app development lifecycle. The importance of this stage has been emphasized from a long time and companies have now realized how ignoring testing or employing strategies that are not effective can incur additional expenses and increase the time and effort required.

Java EE – A preferable choice for mobile and web application. The enterprise edition (EE) of the Java platform lets you do all that you imagine and even a lot more than what you can think of. The official website aptly claims, “Maximize choice and minimize risk; develop scalable services for mobile and web applications.”

Oracle Cloud and Amazon comparison, Which one is best? The comparison between Oracle Cloud and Amazon Web Services have been the talk of the town since the Oracle OpenWorld 2016 conference held in September 2016. That is when Larry Ellison who is the Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer spoke about competitor Amazon Web Services (AWS). 9 Tips to manage a Team of Offshore Software Development PowerPoint presentation. is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website. 9 Tips to manage a Team of Offshore Software Development.

A List of 5 Features that your Mobile Security policy should have! Top Java framework mostly uses for web development. Java developers are already using several web developing frameworks. What is The Future of Automation in Software Testing? 0 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Google+ 0 StumbleUpon 0 Pin It Share 0 0 Flares × 4 Tips for Choosing the Cost Efficient Mobility Solutions.

Small businesses often start their operations by bootstrapping or on minor loans that cover their office space renting, manufacturing (if any) and logistics requirements. Top 3 Microservices Testing challenges with Ideal Solutions. How to Effectively Implement a Multicloud Application Integration Strategy. IOS Application – Best to earn maximum ROI.

Software Outsourcing

Java. Tutorial : Display Dynamic Input Field With Custom Fields Into Product Edit Section In Magento - Tech Solution Hub. How to get Google API access using Google+ Best Way to Find Good Magento Developers - James Blog. Manual Software Testing At a Glance with various types. 11 Trends That Will Impact Web Development in 2017. Take User Experience and Performance a Level Up with Magento 2. Why hire a Java software development company? High Power Your Magento Powered Store - Blog. PowerShell based Data Loading Approach for Microsoft Dynamic CRM. Magento Quick Search Configuration for Quick Results.

Google cloud platform - A best tool for web apps and interactive websites. Skills and advantages of hiring the best programmers. Magento Store Hosting—Four Checks to Hire the Best Service Provider – Corpocrat Magazine. How to Update Multiple Record At a Time With On Demand Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. How to filter Sub branch lookup field value in CRM ? Your Guide to Cache in Magento - Mogul. Magento - Swift Solutions for E-Commerce Industry. Guidelines for Fixing Most Common Issues in Magento 2 – Web Technologies & Software Development Solution. How Magento Customization Help for Personalised Websites? - Tech Solution Hub.  Top 5 Most Common Magento SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid - Invention in System Development. A complete Guide ecommerce marketing for Next Generation - Mogul.

Become Good Magento Programmer – 10 Useful Tips. Best Tips on Magento Extension Development – Get Started – Web Technologies & Software Development Solution. Magento Partnership with Adobe – An Affair to Remember. 6 Most Amazing & Adventure Games to install for iPhone 7. 10 Best and Most Essential Magento Extensions - Blog. Avoid These 10 Mistakes to be a successful Magento Developer. Google Cloud Platform for Asp.Net Programmers. 5 stages you should know before starting Software Company in India. Quality Staffing Finding Reasons to Rise - NexSoftSys QA Testing Updates. Offshore QA Testing: From The Language Of Music ~ Web Testing News-Updates. Testing Updates for QA professionals. Top 30 Price Watching & Tracking Tools for Online Shopping. Magento Development Services Providers Bring Useful Tips For Merchants. The Future of Development in India. MsBuild Platform : What is Hidden in Future?

Foreign Companies Preferred India for offshore Asp.Net Development. Were You Looking For Top Android App Search Engines? Here They Are. How to run Custom Script code outside of Magento 2 - Magento tutorial. Magento Extension Development Experts Share Top Avoidable Mistakes. How Magento Developers add New Life To eCommerce Web Solutions? – Corpocrat Magazine. Optimize Performance of Your Software with Web Automation Testing Services – Nexsoftsys. Explore Our Amazing Automated Software Testing Services At Nexsoftsys ~ Web Testing News-Updates. Crucial information of Google cloud platform for top programmers.

Automated Testing Services. Know benefits of development by development providers. 3 thoughts on Hire developers which help you to get start with Bootstrap. Whats ASP.NET MVC Development Says about Models, Views and Controllers. Release Microsoft bulletin to aware .net developers on security updates. ASP.NET Framework Become First Choice for Developers in India. How to Send Email Programmatically in Magento 2. How to upgrade Magento 2 installation version from 2.0.x to 2.1.x. Learn Useful Feature of Angularjs Routing for Asp.Net MVC with Example. Magento Development Experts Guide To Use Magento 2 – Web Technologies & Software Development Solution. Overview on Magento Extension Development. Tutorial Magento 2: Structuring data and Search Engine Optimization - Blog.

Invention in System Development - Blog. NexSoftSys Web Testing - QA Testing Services for Websites and Software. Top 6 reasons for choosing Automated Software Web Testing. ASP.Net compatibility with C++ CURD Data Manipulation in BsonDocument on No SQL Mongo Database ASP.Net. Magento - One of the Best Technologies for eCommerce Stores. Testing Updates for QA professionals. Magento2: Limit Large Product Names in Grid View. 8 Points: Why your business needs software consultancy services « Nexsoftsys-Software Outsourcing and Testing Services. Top CRM trends for MS developers in 2016.