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Multigenre Inquiry Projects

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Multigenre Research Excerpt. *Today's post is part of Jocelyn Clark's senior project. Jocelyn is one of my students at Highland High School in Pocatello, Idaho and chose the multigenre research option. What follows is an abbreviate portion of her final project with the Prezi she created for our senior project presentation night. Jocelyn will be attending BYU-Idaho after graduation and plans to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints after her nineteenth birthday. The media that we are surrounded by daily has affected the way that society as a whole has portrayed women. As time has gone on, media has directed how every woman is suppose to look and dress in order to even be considered as beautiful. Many times she would end up in the hospital. No girl should have to go through what Cara went through.

Even celebrities are starting to take a stand against how the media portrays women and making comments about the importance of having confidence in and respecting your body. List of Multi-Genre Ideas! (genre list) Write in the Middle: Program 5 - Teaching Multigenre Writing -Tom Romano's Reflections. Tom Romano's Reflections Defining multigenre writing Multigenre writing is, it's a piece of writing, right? But instead of being an expository monologue, as an essay is, or even a narrative monologue, as a short story or a personal reflection is, multigenre is a piece of writing that is composed of many different parts, many different genres.

The trick is for each of the genres to work by itself so it's a complete piece of writing. Maybe you start with a poem and that poem will work and each piece of writing works in the multigenre paper. So there could be a news story in it, different kinds of poetry, haiku, free-verse, short anecdotes, dialogues, want ads—all of the different genres that you have in your paper, though, have the same, are about the same theme or about the same topic.

Listen to Tom (mp3) Back Opportunities to write narratives Listen to Tom (mp3) Back Including the arts in multigenre projects I'm this word guy. I never would have asked for that. Listen to Tom (mp3) Back. Nus and Bolts: Getting Started on Multi-genre Research chapter2. Multi-Genre Research Projects (Pearson) Multigenre Project. Multigenre Presentation. Multigenre Writing. Multigenre Research Papers. The term "Multigenre Research Paper" was coined by Tom Romano (1995). It refers to a "non-traditional" research paper where students research a topic in depth and report their findings in a "genre-blended" paper. To do this, they select a research topic that interests them, study it in detail, and try to see it from multiple perspectives.

The outcome, that is the MG research paper, is a blend of multiple genres and perspectives. Below you will see my six-week plan and also some extracts from my students' MG papers. Rough Six-Week Plan for the MG Paper: Week 1: Introduction to the MG Paper and selection of topics Week 2: Exploring the topic: in-depth research Week 3: Studying sample MG papers from Romano Weeks 4-5: Practicing with genres, giving and receiving feedback in class and in individual conferences, revising Week 6: Bringing the paper together Throughout these six weeks students keep journals. By: Neslihan Yalcin (Dept. of Electrical Engineering) 1999 WHERE IS THE KEY? Stephen! Multigenre Research Paper Assignment Sheet.

Multi-Genre Research Project. Multigenre Projects. Multigenre Research Paper. My Multi-Genre Research Paper on Video Games. LA0813Multigenre_Allen. Multigenre Research Project @ huffenglish. My juniors don’t know it (unless they read this blog, in which case, hi students! Surprise!) , but they are going to begin a multigenre research project in a couple of weeks. I first learned about multigenre research papers from Buffy Hamilton—I had heard of multigenre research papers before I attended Buffy’s session at the annual GCTE conference, but I hadn’t learned about them. In that session, she recommended Tom Romano’s book Blending Genre, Altering Style, which is still the gold standard for multigenre research writing. Buffy exemplifies what is best about Web 2.0 in her willingness not only to share her presentations, but also her materials with teachers who might not have been fortunate enough to attend her presentation (and, of course, those who were).

The twist on the assignment for me, and the main way I changed Buffy’s materials, is that I want my students to share their projects using a Google Site. Photo credit: Tim Riley 澳大利亚 Related posts: Multigenre. Your Multigenre WebEverything you need to know to succeed. Purpose: The purpose of any paper is to explore and learn about a subject and to extend our thinking. The multi-genre web accomplishes that purpose, but it also gives you the opportunity to express the idea/subject in a less linear way than a regular paper. Writing is thinking, and each time we write, we are teaching our brains to think.

Questions: What is a genre? What is a multi-genre essay? What are some genres I might use? But I've never done anything like this before. Creating a central theme: We want to encourage our students to choose themes/subjects/ideas/concepts from across the curriculum. Also, a good topic will be one that has a human element: humanity in conflict with society, science, itself. All topics must be approved! Click here for some specific topic choices for Sheboygan Falls students. Questions to ask about your topic: 1. Limiting the topic: We begin with the general idea and move to the specific. Multi-Genre Research Paper - Mahara. Introduction to Multigenre. Multigenre: An Introduction by Lisa Langstraat "A multigenre paper arises from research, experience, and imagination.

It is not an uninterrupted, expository monolog nor a seamless narrative nor a collection of poems. A multigenre paper is composed of many genres and subgenres, each piece self-contained, making a point of its own, yet connected by theme or topic and sometimes by language, images, and content. In addition to many genres, a multigenre paper may also contain many voices, not just the author's. The trick is to make such a paper hang together. " ~~ (Romano, Blending Genre, Altering Style i-xi) Multigenre writing projects respond to contemporary conceptions of genre, audience, voice, arrangement and style by enabling students to tap into their knowledge about new media literacies, rich rhetorical situations, and the multiple perspectives that are inherent in any writing activity.

Presents multiple, even conflicting perspectives of one event or topic. Additional materials: Amazon A Teacher's Guide to the Multigenre Research Project. A Teacher's Guide to the Multigenre Research Project chapter1.