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TechTalk4Teachers - A Podcast For Teachers About Teaching, Learning, and Technology Snopes NY Times It is one of the paradoxes of the Internet. Along with the freest access to knowledge the world has ever seen comes a staggering amount of untruth, from imagined threats on health care to too-easy-to-be-true ways to earn money by forwarding an e-mail message to 10 friends. “A cesspool,” Google’s chief executive, Eric E. Schmidt, once called it. David and Barbara Mikkelson are among those trying to clean the cesspool. For well over a decade they have acted as arbiters in the Age of Misinformation by answering the central question posed by every chain letter — is this true? The popularity of Snopes — it attracts seven million to eight million unique visitors in an average month — puts the couple in a unique position to evaluate digital society’s attitudes toward accuracy. After 14 years, they seem to have concluded that people are rather cavalier about the facts. Photo In a given week, Snopes tries to set the record straight on everything from political smears to old wives’ tales. Mr. Mrs.

Podcasts Critical Media Literacy: TV Programs ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us. If you've got lessons plans, videos, activities, or other ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. More Find the latest in professional publications, learn new techniques and strategies, and find out how you can connect with other literacy professionals. More Teacher Resources by Grade Your students can save their work with Student Interactives. More Home › Classroom Resources › Lesson Plans Lesson Plan Overview From Theory to Practice This lesson provides a platform in which students can critically analyze popular television programs. back to top Luke, C. TV is a powerful source of social learning that shapes attitudes, social and consumer behaviors, and people's worldviews. Considine, D. Shepherd, R. (1992).

The Directory of Podcast Directories The following is a list of directories focused on Audio and Video Podcasts - That do not charge for you to be listed - Links for the most part take you directly to the submit page. Note: Never pay to have your podcast listed in a directory - it is not worth it and you will not get any Return on your Investment. Please report any directories below that viloate that principal to DIRECTORIES & APPS (195) - Updated 2-March-2015 podcast411 - Our site iTunes - iTunes podcast directory - Need iTunes installed to make entry and need an iTunes account. Stitcher - Great place to pick up new listeners Libsyn - The Podcast Source App - WP8 & Windows 8 App TuneIn Radio - Send email - Here is the info Zune Marketplace - Submission currently offline - need to submit via email - podcasts at microsoft dot com Blackberry Podcasts - submission page is now dead. - email submisson - No longer recommending this as they are asking you about audience size and making it a selective entry.

A Skeptic's Guide to Health News and Diet Fads Brooke Gladstone takes a deep dive into media misdirection on health and diet news, and put together two Breaking News Consumer's Handbooks to help you navigate the din. First, an object lesson on bogus studies that make headlines with John Bohannon; how to read health news with Gary Schwitzer of; and Timothy Caulfield, author of Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong about Everything?, explains the science behind celebrity-endorsed diet trends and beauty treatments. SONGS: Roary's Waltz - John Zorn; Accentuate The Positive - Syd Dale

When to Upgrade Your Podcasting Tools Microphones, mixers, software, and more podcasting tools can help you podcast better, but when is it actually worth upgrading your podcast equipment? Podcast: Play in new window | Download This topic was inspired by our recent discussion about the evolution of a podcaster’s gear in Podcasters’ Roundtable. 1. Think before upgrading to “improve your quality” Many podcasters will think they need to upgrade something to improve their quality. For example, the Audio Technica ATR2100-USB ($40–$60) is a great starting microphone for most podcasters. Misuse an ATR2100-USB, RE320, PR40, or any professional microphone, and you’ll still sound horrible. Thus, upgrading your microphone or other equipment is not a guaranteed way to improve your quality. 2. You may be merely tolerating the podcasting tools you have. These frustrations can often be solved by replacing or upgrading the tools you’re using. Here are some examples. 3. This may seem obvious, but you may forget it when the time comes. 4. 5.

Reading Strategies Teaching During Reading Self-Questioning Strategies What are Self-Questioning Strategies? Self-Questioning is the ongoing process of asking questions before, during, and after reading that are used by a reader to understand text. How can Self-Questioning Strategies help your students? Poor readers approach reading as a passive experience. Self-Questioning is more than just asking questions. Who can benefit from instruction in Self-Questioning Strategies? Some students can generate questions fairly well. What are the types of Self-Questioning Strategies that I might teach? Self-questioning is used before, during, and after reading text. The During Reading Self-Questioning Strategy. How do you teach the During Reading Self-Questiong Strategy? Self-Questioning is used before, during, and after reading text.

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine National Debt – Just Facts * The U.S. Constitution vests Congress with the powers to tax, spend, and pay the debts of the federal government. Legislation to carry out these functions must either be: passed by majorities in both houses of Congress and approved by the President; or passed by majorities in both houses of Congress, vetoed by the President, and then passed by two-thirds of both houses of Congress; or passed by majorities in both houses of Congress and left unaddressed by the President for ten days. * Other factors impacting the national debt include but are not limited to legislation passed by previous congresses and presidents, economic cycles, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, demographics, and the actions of U.S. citizens and foreign governments. * In 2014, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected the debt that the U.S. government would accumulate under current federal policies. * Combining these projections with historical data yields the following results: Douglas J. 1) Current law:

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Podcasting: Preparation Welcome to the 2nd part of our series on podcasting for beginners. Here are all 5 parts of the series: The podcast movement is growing at a tremendous rate and its benefits are far-reaching. According to the Washington Post article, "Podcasts are back - And Making Money," Apple podcast subscriptions reached 1 billion listeners. So what does this mean for you or your business? The podcast StartUp hosted by This American Life producer Alex Blumberg, documents his journey of raising $1.5 million for his new podcasting company, Gimlet Media. So how do you create a podcast? If you’ve done any research, you already know about the endless and often times conflicting opinions exist for all of these questions. The following is the first of several blogs about podcasting. Choose a Topic The first and maybe most difficult part of the entire process is choosing a topic. Instinctually, we want to choose a broad and adaptable topic, something that will give you a lot of content. Decide on a Format

Compare-Contrast, Cause-Effect, Problem-Solution: Common 'Text Types' in The Times Monica Almeida/The New York TimesHow does a bad economy affect businesses like Phoenix Decorating in Pasadena? We’re using this and other articles as models of writing about cause and effect. Go to related article » Update | Sept. 2012: We’ll be exploring the new Common Core State Standards, and how teaching with The Times can address them, through a series of blog posts. Last summer we took our first stab at thinking about how the Common Core Standards might apply to what we do on The Learning Network. In that post, we offered suggestions for literacy strategies that we know work well with “informational text” — a category that includes pretty much everything The Times publishes every day. Now we’d like to elaborate on that with more ideas for helping students understand common expository “text structures” like cause and effect, compare and contrast and problem-solution. Of course, the Times examples we include here are sophisticated pieces of writing. Cause and Effect Multimedia Examples

19+ Free Tools to Start Your Podcast From Scratch Hey there, podcast fans! We recently launched a new podcast of our very own, Buffer CultureLab! We’d love for you to check it out and share any thoughts, feedback or ideas with us! You can listen on iTunes here or Google Play here. OK, now back to the post! “Slack is starting a podcast for some reason.” That was the headline of a recent article. But to content marketers, Slack’s move isn’t surprising at all. The podcast world has recently exploded. And companies are paying attention. If you’re thinking of using podcasts to promote your company, there’s another option—following Slack’s lead and creating your own podcast. Not only can you establish your company as a thought leader in its industry or field, podcasts can help you create a personal relationship with your audience, enhance your brand visibility, and reinforce your company’s story and mission. Not so fast. Planning and creation tools 1. It’s probably safe to assume you’ve heard of Evernote. 2. 3. In-the-studio tools 4.