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Chris Daicos – Professional Development and Training. Upsetting News: Behind the News. A Letter To My Children: What It Means To Be A Teacher. For the past several years, I’ve used Teacher Appreciation Week to pay tribute to this wonderful community of teachers, to colleagues, to the teachers who have made those indelible marks on me, and even to my own mother.

A Letter To My Children: What It Means To Be A Teacher

Yet, this year, there are three young people who have lived teacher appreciation, but may not really understand what it means. For you, my children, some insight. Dear Evan, Lauren, and Zachary, Many (many) years ago, there was this little girl who spent her summer afternoons creating neighborhood schools for all of the children on her block. Online publication for school educators. Trauma informed practice (TIP) might sound dramatic, and yet it is an approach that has a simple premise, and is beneficial for all students.

Online publication for school educators

TIP provides a new way to look at what is going on behind the school gate, as Susan Craig states: ‘Traditional explanations of children's disruptive behaviours often emphasise their volitional aspects, suggesting that they occur as a result of bad choices, or intentional defiance ... Recent studies of trauma and self and self-regulation provide an explanation.’ (Craig, 2016) TIP in education is what happens when we put student wellbeing at the core of everything. At Carlton Primary School in Melbourne we believe TIP is a key element of excellent teaching practice. We often think of trauma as an ‘event’, such as an assault or a car accident – this can certainly be a traumatic experience.

Beaumaris North Primary School - Celebrating achievement: Six years of KidsMatter Primary. Is located 15 kilometres south east of the Melbourne City Centre Has around 670 students Was nationally recognised as a KidsMatter Primary school in February 2015 Entered students in the KidsMatter positive postcards competition in 2013 - a Year 3 student was a winner When Beaumaris North Primary School began its involvement with KidsMatter Primary in 2009, it began a journey into wellbeing with profound effects on interactions and activities in the school community.

Beaumaris North Primary School - Celebrating achievement: Six years of KidsMatter Primary

In early February this year, the school was recognised nationally as a KidsMatter Primary school in a ceremony on its KidsMatter Day. This was a particular opportunity to highlight the theme of ‘achievement’ for the school, students and staff. 13 Children's Books That Encourage Kindness Towards Others. Assessment. 13 Children's Books That Encourage Kindness Towards Others.

A Handy Chart Featuring Over 30 iPad Apps for Students with Special Needs. Bullying Prevention. Anxiety. Anxiety and mental health in children.


Edutopia. What should parents do if their child is bullied at school? - The Conversation - ABC Splash - If a child is being bullied at school should parents intervene?

What should parents do if their child is bullied at school? - The Conversation - ABC Splash -

Talking to the school, the other parents, the other child are all options, but is it better to let your children fend for themselves? Karyn Healy from the University of Queensland examines. Having your child bullied at school is one of the greatest fears of parents – and research shows this fear is well founded. School bullying has been described as the single most important threat to the mental health of children and adolescents. Well-controlled studies show that being bullied in primary school increases the risk of serious mental health problems into adolescence and ongoing depression leading well into adulthood. Untitled. CountryEducation. Our mission is to deliver beautiful, creative video productions by a team who care.


Our approach to production is to be flexible, to keep you involved in the process, employ high-end equipment with friendly team members and to deliver an end product you can be proud of. At Shon Productions we specialise in visual storytelling through high-quality production. In approaching any brief, Shon Productions offers a scalable and bespoke service to meet the aims and aesthetics of your video production vision. Country Education Partnership Government and Catholic Schools working together in the country? Why it’s important to switch off from work.

With school holidays fast approaching, many teachers are beginning to count down the days until they can begin their well-deserved break.

Why it’s important to switch off from work

There have been several studies exploring why it’s important for teachers to switch off from work, destress and, simply, give their voices a rest. For example, a study by UK academics (City, University of London 2015) found that Christmas holidays play a vital role in preventing teacher burnout and exhaustion. The research, led by Dr Paul Flaxman and Sonja Carmichael, found that the two-week break, which falls partway through their school year, allowed teachers’ emotional energy resources and psychological health to be restored. Teachers Need a Growth Mindset Too. For a teacher, it’s pretty easy to focus on improving students—that’s our job, right?

Teachers Need a Growth Mindset Too

So when I learned about Carol Dweck’s theory of growth mindset, my first thought was about how I could get my students onboard with this idea. And then I realized that if I were to better my own craft, I would have to take on the challenge for myself as well. I think that I succeed as a teacher because I’m willing to mess up often and mess up big. And yet, I also take any excuse to avoid pushing myself to grow. Having a growth mindset doesn’t just mean learning about the theory and leaving it at that. Upsetting News: Behind the News. Flexible Seating and Student-Centered Classroom Redesign. I remember exactly where I was when I had a watershed moment that changed me as a teacher forever. In fact, it inspired my EdSurge column, Why the 21st-Century Classroom May Remind You of Starbucks. I was working on my TEDx presentation at my local Starbucks and, looking around, I realized that everyone seemed to be happy, engaged in their work, and relaxed.

Some people chose the traditional chairs and tables while I opted for a big, comfy chair with my MacBook on my lap. The quiet music, perfect lighting, and overall aesthetics of the coffee shop were favorable for a variety of learners. Edutopia. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.


Empathy has the capacity to transform individual lives for the better while helping to bring about positive social change in schools and communities worldwide. In psychology, there are currently two common approaches to empathy: shared emotional response and perspective taking. Shared emotional response, or affective empathy, occurs when an individual shares another person’s emotions. An example from our own lives came when a group of friends joined Marcus as he crossed the finish line of a half-marathon—they threw their arms up just as he did, mimicking his stance. Individuals in an audience involuntarily mirroring a speaker’s smile is another example of this type of empathy. Tips for settling in to school - Jenni Connor - ABC Splash - Your children are just about to step out of the warm embrace that is school holidays – with all its sleep-ins, later nights, playing at friends' houses and days at the beach – and into a new routine and a new environment.

Tips for settling in to school - Jenni Connor - ABC Splash -

Soon they'll be starting school. Inspirational Teaching Videos: Covering Common Core, Math, Science, English And More. Five Ways To Start Your Lessons. Attention getters, do nows, morning meetings, hugs, and high fives. These are often the ways teachers start their days. By now, you probably have your routines in place for how you start your day or class period.

But sometimes it’s good to mix it up. Or maybe you’re looking for an exciting entrance to a specific lesson plan. Just like writers, teachers often need a hook! Whether you’re mixing it up or just curious about what other teachers do, check out these five videos to see five different ways teachers start their lessons. Teachingchannel. Deeper learning. Establishing an inclusive classroom culture is essential to successful teaching. Although this idea is commonly accepted, it’s often difficult to achieve. This is probably why classroom culture is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the Q&A section of our website. To address this demand, Teaching Channel has devoted an entire section of its New Teacher Survival Guide to establishing and maintaining a positive classroom culture, as well as giving it a Deep Dive of its own. This week, we'll share blogs, videos, and other resources that will help give you the tools you need to be successful in your learning spaces.

Motivational short video - How to succeed - cartoon. Edutopia. Edutopia News. Cultivating Kind Kids. Cultivating Kind Kids. Edutopia. Maureen: You hear about data-driven schools all the time, but we are truly data-driven. Sharing the data the way we do at our school, I think it's super important. Because once you have everybody working together, you have the teachers, you have the interventionists, you have the aides and now you've got the parents on board, you can't have anything but success. In the last five years, we started really sending home data with explanations. When I send the data home then parents will start calling. I leave my first half hour of the day free so that if I have phone calls or if they are dropping their kids off and have a question, they can come down here. Maureen: So when Tony came in August, this is an average C student in the green.

Edutopia. Edutopia. Given that students spend much more time outside of school than in the classroom, partnering with parents can be an effective way to help children and youth enhance their executive function. Reinforcing messages and strategies related to taking charge of their thinking at home also illustrates how truly useful it can be to be the boss of your brain. Many parents won't be familiar with the concept of executive function -- or indeed the idea of guiding students to learn how to learn. In their own K-12 education, today's parents likely never encountered lessons about how the human brain learns and how people can become more effective learners. As a result, it will be helpful to share three key messages with parents: 1. 2. 3. 3 Tech Tips for Parent Newsletters. - Home. Books That Teach Empathy. #TEDEdChat: Grit: The power of passion and perseverance.

Edutopia. One day, in front 36 riotous sophomores, I clutched my chest and dropped to my knees like Sergeant Elias at the end of Platoon. Instantly, dead silence and open mouths replaced classroom Armageddon. Edutopia. Edutopia. Edutopia. When presented with new material, standards, and complicated topics, we need to be focused and calm as we approach our assignments. We can use brain breaks and focused-attention practices to positively impact our emotional states and learning. They refocus our neural circuitry with either stimulating or quieting practices that generate increased activity in the prefrontal cortex, where problem solving and emotional regulation occur. Brain Breaks. Edutopia. Tips, Advice, and Strategies Classroom-Management: Important Big-Picture Questions: Before getting into the minutiae, consider how you organize your space, what learning looks like, and how you're building relationships with families.

Edutopia. Edutopia. While taking teacher preparation courses, I was lucky enough to sign up for a class with Dr. Edutopia. Edutopia News. PROTECT. Page Content The Victorian Government is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. As part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Betrayal of Trust report, which found that more must be done to prevent and respond to child abuse in our community, there is a new regulatory landscape surrounding child safety, underpinned by the new PROTECT Child Safe Standards. The Child Safe Standards are compulsory minimum standards for all Victorian early childhood services and schools, to ensure they are well prepared to protect children from abuse and neglect. 10 books to read on International Friendship Day - Reading Australia - ABC Splash -

To celebrate International Friendship Day on July 30, Reading Australia has found five primary and five secondary books all about friendship - complete with Teacher Resources, essays and more! Picture books for tough feelings. Depression, anxiety, grief – they’re feelings we hope the children in our lives will never have to experience, but the reality is that we can’t always shield them from these things. Pete Sanderson's @LessonToolbox Blog. Make the rules: fair play. Spelling out the B word - Nova Weetman - ABC Splash - 10 Books to Read on International Friendship Day - Reading Australia.

Information sheet index. Parent Partnership in Education: Resource Roundup. The Starr Spangled Planner: Using Read Alouds to Build Community. Accommodations to Help Students With ADD and ADHD. Here is the Key To Unlocking Your Child’s Heart. PLTS Wall Posters Draft Version 1. Online Training @ DEECD: Log in to the site. Sccurricexcsimple. Thefivers. Learning power. Vision: Why schools have to change. LearnngAssetsWorkshopSlides2012. Learning powers guy claxton. Educational Leadership:Working Constructively with Families:When Students Lead Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Outdoor Games for School-Age kids! KidsMatter%20Entries%20for%20School%20Newsletter. Connect 208 August 2014. Your Back-To-School Backpack: Support For The New School Year. Raising kids with Gratitude - You Can Do It! Parents. Edutopia. Three ways to help your child's learning at home - Marianne Stenger - ABC Splash - Want to Be Appier? 7 Apps to Boost Wellbeing. A Parent's Resource Guide to Social and Emotional Learning. Home. Paul Dix. Edutopia. TRP_Schools Brochure_A4 (email) Have You Watched Sesame Street’s Autism Videos Yet? Because They’re Terrific. Starting School. Esmartcommunityengagementprogram sept2015. Edutopia. Edutopia. Edutopia. Edutopia. Edutopia. Eight ways to build student leadership skills in your school. Edutopia.

Raising Successful Children. Discover how smell unlocks memory - Science (7,8) Looking At (but not seeing) the Same Things. Showing The Way In the Aftermath Of Tragedy. 5P’s for a Positive Digital Footprint. Classroom Eye Candy: A Flexible-Seating Paradise. Daisy Chain Video Anti-Bullying Short Film.