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Spies spy and lurkers lurk, Angel!Dean/Hunter!Castiel Rec List. Riddelly. Villain Initiative, an avengers fanfic. A/N: Sadly I do not own Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Avengers, or Sherlock other wise Stony or Science Boyfriends would be canon along with Destiel, Merthur and JohnLock Prologue: Loki ran his fingers along the frigid stonewall of his tiny, damp, dark cell.

Villain Initiative, an avengers fanfic

His face contorted into a mixture of anger and pain as he took a deep breath, sending ripples of pain throughout his body. A wave of nausea passed over him as he smelled the rotting body that was in the cell next to him. He was here because of them. Memory is the key. Science Bros: Bruce Banner / Tony Stark Fanfic Rec... Avengers Rec List. Am I making you uncomfortable? // Destiel Blood!kink Rec List. Avada kedevra. Road to somewhere. Am I making you uncomfortable? // Masterlist of Supernatural Fic Recs.

Exorcistor: & destiel rec list. Avengers Fanfic Recs: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark. A fic rec list for my Marvel OTP.

Avengers Fanfic Recs: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

Separated by universe*. tsukinofaerii has a great post with a quick rundown on all the main universes. Last updated November 17, 2013. New recs marked as such. Something clever goes here - Avengers Fic Rec List :) Shenanigans - Oh look a giant Steve/Tony fic rec list. Steve/Tony Rec's - Masterlist (The Avengers) Steve/Tony Pairing Fic Primer.