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Australian national anthem sung in a First Nations language before Wallabies-Pumas rugby Test - ABC News. Wallabies players have sung the Australian national anthem in both Eora language and English ahead of the Tri Nations Test against Argentina at the Western Sydney Stadium.

Australian national anthem sung in a First Nations language before Wallabies-Pumas rugby Test - ABC News

Olivia Fox led the rendition in Eora, with the Wallabies players also singingIt was the first time the national anthem had been performed in a First Nations language at a Wallabies TestThe Wallabies wore their First Nations jerseys against Argentina Wiradjuri woman Olivia Fox, from the Newtown Performing Arts School, led the rendition in Eora language.

The Wallabies players joined Ms Fox in singing the anthem in Eora language during the traditional pre-match ceremonies. Advance Australia Fair was then performed in English. It was the first time the national anthem had been performed in a First Nations language at a Wallabies Test. The Wallabies also wore the First Nations jersey for the Test against the Pumas, which they drew 16-16 to close out the Tri Nations tournament. Australia Post encourages use of traditional place names following campaign led by Gomeroi woman - ABC News. Australians are about to get a lesson in First Nations place names thanks to a campaign given a major boost in support by Australia Post.

Australia Post encourages use of traditional place names following campaign led by Gomeroi woman - ABC News

Key points: Australia Post has voiced support for traditional place names being included in postal addressesMs McPhail would also like to see Aus Post compile a database of traditional place names cross-referenced with postcodesAn online business is already providing an option for traditional place names on order forms Gomeroi woman Rachael McPhail had the idea to include the traditional place name on post items and began petitioning Australia Post only two months ago for three key actions. In a timely move during NAIDOC week, Australia Post publicly endorsed the idea. Murgon's only Aboriginal shopkeeper says he's not going anywhere - ABC News.

Tyrone Murray, the only Aboriginal shopkeeper in the Queensland town of Murgon, says racism has brought him to tears — but he refuses to be broken.

Murgon's only Aboriginal shopkeeper says he's not going anywhere - ABC News

Key points: Tyrone Murray is the only Aboriginal man running a shop on the main street of MurgonAlmost 20 per cent of Murgon's population is Indigenous, compared to 2.7 per cent nationallyThere has been "a huge turnaround" at the local pub, which now employs six Aboriginal people A barber, Mr Murray grew up watching his brother cutting hair at home in Cherbourg, an Aboriginal community and former mission, 7 kilometres down the road. Minecraft and augmented reality helping Indigenous elders keep stories alive for the next generation - ABC News. Kelvin Garlett remembers when his dad used to tell him stories about the emu, passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Minecraft and augmented reality helping Indigenous elders keep stories alive for the next generation - ABC News

Key points: A Perth school has adopted Australia's first Indigenous digital skills training programUsing 3D animation software, Indigenous stories are turned into virtual worldsThe program is now expanding to other states, including New South Wales Growing up in the Wheatbelt, the Noongar elder was taught how to hunt and collect eggs, tracking the animal backwards to find the nest. Minecraft and augmented reality helping Indigenous elders keep stories alive for the next generation - ABC News. Indigenous grains grown in northern NSW deemed 'commercially viable' - ABC News. Ancient native grains, or 'dhunbarbila', could kick off a new industry in north-west New South Wales after a year-long study by the University of Sydney found them to be commercially viable.

Indigenous grains grown in northern NSW deemed 'commercially viable' - ABC News

Key points: Indigenous groups from northern NSW have shared knowledge with researchers to test 15 different grainsNative millet has the most potential with its strong growth, ease of processing and health benefitsThe researchers say the next step is to build a market for the produce The study, in conjunction with local Indigenous groups and farmers around Narrabri, Moree and Walgett, examined 15 native grain crops, found in grassland and open woodland ecosystems. The Indigenous Grasslands for Grains project factored in everything from sustainable growing through to harvesting, processing, sales and food production.

Yolngu band heads out bush in unique Territory tour of Arnhem Land communities - ABC News. When their interstate festival gigs were cancelled because of coronavirus, Garrangali Band took off on a different kind of tour — stopping at remote communities and homelands across north-east Arnhem Land and skipping the big cities altogether.

Yolngu band heads out bush in unique Territory tour of Arnhem Land communities - ABC News

Key points: Garrangali Band is taking their "saltwater ska" on a small-town tour across Arnhem LandThe band's second album, One Voice, is about the importance of the NT's homelandsPerformances have taken place on a beach, football field and the back of a truck The tour has launched the 12-member group's second album, One Voice, which mixes modern production with Yolngu Matha lyricism in a style that's been described as "saltwater ska". Keyboardist Yimila Brendan Marika said the decision to tour exclusively across Arnhem Land mirrored the album's message about the importance of Aboriginal homelands. Northern Territory community of Wadeye sees first cohort of high school graduates in 13 years - ABC News. In the community of Wadeye, 400 kilometres west of Darwin, songs of celebration were sung this week at a high school celebration that was a long time coming.

Northern Territory community of Wadeye sees first cohort of high school graduates in 13 years - ABC News

Key points: Seven students graduated high school at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College in WadeyeThey are the first cohort to graduate high school in the community in 13 years Three of the graduates have already landed jobs, including as teacher's aides in community For the first time in 13 years, a cohort of students has attained high school graduation.

Indigenous artists shift online to survive COVID-19, but are hampered by digital divide - ABC News. Indigenous artists Gabriel Maralngurra and Shaun Namanyelk, from the remote Northern Territory community of Gunbalanya, say moving most of their Injalak Arts business online has been vital to keep it afloat during the pandemic.

Indigenous artists shift online to survive COVID-19, but are hampered by digital divide - ABC News

Key points: Aboriginal art sales dropped 30 per cent during COVID-19Art centres want help to get better internet connections to support online salesThe Commonwealth has told NBN to find remote connectivity solutions for art centres COVID-19 cut off Injalak's 150 painters, screen printers, basket weavers and sculptors from selling to tourists in the Western Arnhem Land community, their Darwin shop, and at national and international art fairs and shows. So they've beefed up their presence on social media by broadcasting live concerts from the community on Facebook to help promote their culture and products. Injalak Arts culture officer Alex Ressel said while the business had noted a drop in sales at shop fronts, it hadn't been hit as badly as the artists first feared. Abseiling down this sea cliff, Indigenous kids are teaching the Australian military about culture and courage - ABC News. It is a spectacular view most people would be content just to look at.

Abseiling down this sea cliff, Indigenous kids are teaching the Australian military about culture and courage - ABC News

Key points: A cultural exchange camp for Aboriginal youths and ADF personnel is in its third yearCampers undertake activities designed to help them understand courage, anxiety and fearDefence says the program has been an eye opener for military personnel But teenager Zeke Edwards just abseiled 80 metres solo off the edge of this windswept sea cliff, with the help of soldiers. "I was leaning back and then I slipped and then I was hanging upside down for a bit," he said. "But then I got the hang of it. " The unique Indigenous outfit caring for country inside Australia's biggest city - ABC News. Botany Bay is known by most Australians as the industrial centre of Sydney, through which more than 1,000 ships and about half the country's freight pass every year.

The unique Indigenous outfit caring for country inside Australia's biggest city - ABC News

Key points: The Gamay Rangers are the first urban Indigenous Ranger groupScientists and rangers are working together to protect Botany Bay wildlifeThe program is providing role models, skills and employment for the local community But living in the shadow of this commercial hub is an abundance of native wildlife that has been cherished by generations of local Aboriginal people who call this country Gamay. Over the past 18 months, an all-Indigenous outfit has joined a push to better protect these natural assets. The Gamay Rangers have teamed up with scientists and government agencies to share their unique cultural knowledge of the bay. Hopes to expand Kimberley Girl program for Aboriginal women in Western Australia - ABC News. In 2014, Karratha woman Chanti McHenry entered a modelling program that she says changed her life — and possibly even saved it. Key points: A program supporting pathways for young Aboriginal women hopes to expandIt already runs in three regions — the Kimberley, the Goldfields and the PilbaraPast participants have credited the program with changing the course of their lives "I could have been in a very different situation right now, let's just say it like that," Ms McHenry said.

The program Ms McHenry is referring to is called Pilbara Girl, an extension of the original Kimberley Girl program, which has just wrapped up its 17th season. The highly regarded leadership program uses fashion as a hook to attract Aboriginal teenagers and young women aged from 16-25. "What you saw from those women, the public speaking, their voice-overs, their confidence on the stage — those things are showcased in that forum really well," Ms Fong told the ABC after this year's winners were announced.

Lasting impact. Victorian Sharon discovered, at age 58, she had Aboriginal heritage and 15 siblings in Tasmania - ABC News. When Victorian woman Sharon Haines took to Facebook at the age of 58, to search for her foster sister, she had no idea of the revelations that were to come. "I looked her name up … and there she was," Ms Haynes said. She learned from her "foster" sister that the two were, in fact, biological sisters. It also turned out that she had 14 other siblings, was Tasmanian, and her mother was Aboriginal. The news took time to "digest", but Ms Haines has spent the seven years since making the most of everything and everyone she has.

Growing up not knowing. Yothu Yindi Foundation plans to build new school at Garma Festival site - ABC News. Excitement grows in Koonibba Community for first rocket launch on Aboriginal Land - ABC News. Basketball champion and Indigenous mentor Patty Mills has found 'a way to live with impact and purpose' - ABC News. What Cathy Freeman's 400m gold at the Sydney Olympics meant to me as a young Aboriginal boy - ABC News. From the Gibson Desert to New York, these sandalwood harvesters are winning over the perfume market - ABC News. Baker Boy, a 'superhero' to his remote community, wants other Indigenous kids to follow his lead - ABC News.

ABC Indigenous journalist Miriam Corowa on cultural diversity in TV news and her personal struggles and triumphs - ABC News. Kids TV show Thalu works with Pilbara community to create positive role models - ABC News. Palace letters make great reading but leave a republic as far away as ever - ABC News. Three projects linking Aboriginal communities and police that are helping to stop more Indigenous people going to jail - ABC News.

From Mabo to the Uluru Statement: The story of Speaking Out, the ABC program that's been through it all - ABC News. Kakadu traditional owners promised 'economic empowerment' in future tourism hub - ABC News. Indigenous Australian author Tara June Winch wins Book of the Year at NSW Premier's Literary Awards. Posted yesterday at 12:55pmSun 26 Apr 2020, 12:55pm Wiradjuri writer Tara June Winch has pulled off a hat-trick at the 2020 NSW Premier's Literary Awards for her novel The Yield, taking home three major prizes, including the Book of the Year. Awarding Winch's novel the top gong (worth $10,000) and the Christina Stead Prize for Fiction ($40,000), the judges described it as "a ground-breaking and wholly original work of fiction by one of our most exciting contemporary writers".

"Winch plays with form, shape, style, perspective and point of view in order to conjure three very distinct voices that speak to the past, present and future of our nation: Albert Gondiwindi, his granddaughter August and the nineteenth-century missionary Reverend Greenleaf. " The Yield also won the People's Choice award. The first sighting of James Cook's Endeavour, as remembered by the Yuin people of south-eastern Australia. Updated Sun at 2:36amSun 19 Apr 2020, 2:36am James Cook first sighted the Australian continent 250 years ago this month, and went on to claim it as British territory. But few of us have ever heard the story of this moment as told by the first inhabitants of this land. On April 19, 1770, the crew of Endeavour first laid eyes on the Australian coast at Tolywiarar — now known as Point Hicks in Victoria's East Gippsland. The following day, they rounded the south-eastern tip of the Australian mainland and sailed into Yuin country.

"Our old people, they saw him and they handed stories down," Warren Foster said. Indigenous scientists are connecting culture with science to get kids inspired - Science - ABC News. Kangaroo tails are roasting on the fire, and little children are squealing with excitement, their faces streaked with white paint. By the firepit, a circle of Anangu women elders sing old hymns in Pitjantjatjara language as a large group of teenagers watch on, many with tears in their eyes. On paper, our family tree starts in the 1800s. But it's only the beginning of the story. This International Women's Day, let's focus on equity over equality. Opinion. Northern Sound System bringing excited youth and APY Lands rappers to Womadelaide. Posted about 4 hours agoThu 5 Mar 2020, 2:11am. From prison to premiership: Why all of Australia is cheering on Richmond Tigers' Marlion Pickett.

Updated about 2 hours agoSun 1 Mar 2020, 11:37pm Marlion Pickett sees the barbed wire stretching along the high wall and starts to shudder. Remote police sergeant helps to turn teenager's life around through PEET program. Posted about 2 hours agoFri 28 Feb 2020, 11:03pm Dean Williams is 17 years old and has spent his fair share of time in police watch houses. Scott Morrison wants Indigenous people to help with Closing the Gap. They already are. Updated about an hour agoTue 18 Feb 2020, 4:06am. Indigenous pottery workshop takes off in Doomadgee as locals fill classes started by Cairns duo. Posted about 4 hours agoSat 15 Feb 2020, 9:30pm A Cairns couple have created pottery workshops in the remote Indigenous community of Doomadgee in the Gulf of Carpentaria. High Court decision in Love and Thoms case reflects Aboriginal connection to the land. Analysis Updated about 8 hours agoWed 12 Feb 2020, 1:13am Among the most highly controversial subjects today is how one determines who is an Aboriginal person and whether Aboriginal people should be treated differently to other groups under the law and the constitution.

Indigenous culture hits centre stage with Piinpi fashion and design exhibition. Updated about 6 hours agoMon 10 Feb 2020, 12:11am The expression Piinpi carries meaning for the Kaantju people from Coen on the east Cape York Peninsula. Yamatji Nation Claim resolved granting native title and funding deal in Australian first. Updated about 9 hours agoFri 7 Feb 2020, 3:19pm. Indigenous ecotourism venture in Millstream National Park subject of newly-granted lease. Baker Boy ends his tenure as Young Australian of the Year by taking Yolngu language and dance further into the mainstream.

High school students follow in Baker Boy's footsteps by rapping in Yolngu Matha. Non-Indigenous business fails in bid to trademark Aboriginal bush medicine. Aboriginal Carbon Foundation calls for savanna burning carbon abatement program to be applied to southern Australia. Bushfires destroyed Aunty Gloria's home, then volunteers drove a relay to bring her a new one. First all-Indigenous NSW firefighting crews protecting sacred sites, remote communities.

Indigenous artefacts returned after decades in overseas museums. Indigemoji app provides 90 emojis representing central Australia's Indigenous Arrernte culture. National Indigenous Music Awards 2019: Mojo Juju wins album and song of the year. 'Virtuosic' Yolngu leader wins top prize at National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards. Mount Isa's international didgeridoo sensation William Barton returns to play on home country. Gorman Mangkaja collection breaks new ground for Indigenous fashion design collaboration. Remote Australians are discovering they are richer by hundreds of thousands of dollars than they realised. Indigenous tour operators eye gap in WA market as cultural awareness demand grows. On Country renewable energy partnership gets green light. From the 'protected' to the prosecutors, Aboriginal-led justice is bringing culture to the court in Cherbourg. Cherbourg's recycling centre provides jobs and a second chance for people on parole.

Play School reveals Indigenous doll Kiya for NAIDOC Week. Aboriginal community Yarrabah turns social media into force for good with #postpositive. NAIDOC Week: Silenced for decades, Indigenous languages are being heard on ABC radio, TV and digital platforms - Radio - ABC News. Murray-Darling Basin residents' survey shows support for reallocating water from irrigators to Indigenous communities.

How the man believed to be the first Yolngu doctor achieved his dream. Animal lovers chasing glimpse of rare species fuel tourism boom but can create headaches. WA town using music to engage at-risk Indigenous kids and keep town suicide free. Aboriginal rangers join team of CSIRO scientists to monitor atmospheric changes in the tropics. Rising Indigenous hip-hop artist Tasman Keith and father Wire MC tell three generations of stories.

NT artists en route to Paris despite passport hurdles along the way. Indigenous students learn traditional languages, but one future leader says it'd be too hard to teach nationwide. Barngarla language, once used as a missionary's conversion tool, now liberates the next generation. Briggs's Bad Apples house party. Renal services boost sees Indigenous patients stay closer to family, but more dialysis needed. Why this student covered her graduation gown with a possum-skin cloak. Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins donates $20k to Yolngu sign language book. Water discovery in ancient underground valley boosts hopes of development in APY Lands. The Indigenous cattle company with a pioneering vision for economic prosperity - ABC Rural - ABC News.

Spotlight on fake Indigenous Australian art amid new calls for a clampdown. Byron Bay's Bundjalung people celebrate long-awaited land and sea native title determination. Yolngu sign language to be preserved in world-first document. Mani Tribes Gallery helps young Indigenous artists rediscover their purpose and culture. Thousands of Aboriginal ancestral remains to be returned to communities. Soli Bailey to literally wear his Indigenous heritage on his sleeve as competes in the World Surfing League.

Tasmanian Aboriginal bush tucker business winning hearts via the stomach. 'When I drop dead you're going to teach my son': Time running out for elder. Aboriginal women create mindfulness app in language, bringing outback meditation to the world. High Court awards Timber Creek native title holders $2.5m, partly for 'spiritual harm' Norforce, the outback army unit using Indigenous soldiers to detect foreign threats. Youth crime in decline thanks to program that keeps kids off the street at night. Cape York map could help return bones of Indigenous ancestors to country - Science News - ABC News.

Breakthrough resource to teach whitefellas about reality of life in Arnhem Land. Tom and Jane own 220 hectares — today they're handing back half to the Aboriginal community. Midwife empowers Indigenous women through outback maternity photoshoots. Indigenous interest in cricket is rising and D'Arcy Short wants to make the most of it. Pilot, lecturer, kingmaker: how former airplane mechanic Yingiya Guyula threw a spanner into NT Parliament. Rare tiny mouse in the spotlight as Aboriginal Top End rangers fight to save vulnerable species. Flinders Ranges Aboriginal elders voice support for exploratory drilling on Lake Torrens - ABC Rural - ABC News. Indigenous man says he feared for his life during alleged police bashing on Australia Day 2018.

BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto back Uluru Statement as politician questions interest in Indigenous lands. New generation of Indigenous students learn ancestral language. Australia Day, on any date, will always be a day of survival for Indigenous people. Australia Day launch for new Indigenous superhero who fights drugs in rural towns. How an Indigenous cadetship in NSW is helping close the gap.