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Thursday Island residents blame public service for chronic housing, disease problems. Thursday Island is a pulsing hub of public service servicing the Torres Strait, but underneath all that administration and bureaucracy there is a festering problem.

Thursday Island residents blame public service for chronic housing, disease problems

Key points: Thirty-seven departments have offices and employees on Thursday Island Homelessness and overcrowding are widespread among localsTorres Strait has highest rate of a chronic disease related to overcrowding in Australia. Aboriginal health experts want more done to tackle suicide of young people in the Kimberley. It has been 18 months since the West Australian government vowed to improve mental health services and tackle high Indigenous suicide rates in the state's north, but Aboriginal health advocates say nothing has changed.

Aboriginal health experts want more done to tackle suicide of young people in the Kimberley

Key points: The state government last year released a plan to tackle Indigenous suicide in the regionVeteran Aboriginal health advocates say not enough is being done to tackle Indigenous youth suicideThere are calls for more services, education and engagement in the Kimberley. What it's like on frontline of Northern Territory's soaring youth detention numbers. Andrew Lockyer has made the 25-minute drive to the Alice Springs Youth Detention Centre more times than he can count.

What it's like on frontline of Northern Territory's soaring youth detention numbers

Key points: More than 60 young people have entered the NT justice system for the first time since MayYouth justice advocates are concerned it's the result of controversial youth bail lawsThe number of youth detainees in the NT has doubled over the past year. Indigenous prisoners under 'extreme distress' amid pandemic healthcare fears. Indigenous prisoners are experiencing "extreme distress" and fear longer times in custody as they struggle to access appropriate health care amid the pandemic, advocates say.

Indigenous prisoners under 'extreme distress' amid pandemic healthcare fears

Key points: Advocates say Indigenous prisoners aren't able to access appropriate healthcare during the pandemicPeople in custody fear cuts to prison programs will delay their releaseThere are concerns released prisoners will face additional hurdles to reintegrate into society The vaccination rollout program, high transportation rates and the fear of being infected while behind bars were major worries for inmates and their families, professor Megan Williams said. Dr Williams is the head of Girra Maa, the Indigenous health discipline at the Graduate School of Health at the University of Technology Sydney, and an advisor to Corrective Services New South Wales.

Disability royal commission hears from First Nations children caught in the system. A First Nations teenager with disability has told the royal commission how, as an eight-year-old, he was bashed by his carers, had suicidal thoughts and became homeless.

Disability royal commission hears from First Nations children caught in the system

Key points: The disability royal commission this week heard stories from First Nations children and teenagersIndigenous children are 11 times more likely to be in the system than non-Indigenous childrenSome 14 per cent of those children are likely to also live with disability Now 17 years old and in the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, the young man was moved between different out-of-home-care placements in the Northern Territory from the age of five. Warning: this story contains references to sexual and physical abuse of children. How this youth program is helping Aboriginal teens connect with history and plan for the future. At just 15, Lachlan* has had his fair share of run-ins with police.

How this youth program is helping Aboriginal teens connect with history and plan for the future

Key points: A program on the NSW Central Coast is helping teenagers learn about local history and cultureYouths involved with the program say it's helped them "stay out of trouble" or become a "better person"Hundreds of Indigenous teenagers are struggling to overcome past trauma But he hopes reconnecting with his Aboriginal heritage will keep him out of trouble and steer him towards a better life. "[Learning about culture is] a new experience for me," he said. "I never got taught that at school. NT Supreme Court judge urges action to stop sexual assault victims being banished from their communities. A Northern Territory Supreme Court judge has warned of an emerging trend of sexual assault victims being banished from their home communities.

NT Supreme Court judge urges action to stop sexual assault victims being banished from their communities

Key points: Supreme Court Justice Jenny Blokland said there needed to be serious attention paid to sexual assault survivors who had been effectively "banished"The concerns were raised during a sentencing hearing at the Alice Springs Supreme CourtJustice Blokland sentenced Simeon Riley to 12 years in jail, with a non-parole period of eight years and six months. Indigenous eviction prevention program's last-ditch bid to survive. Patricia Williams watches as a team of workers marches into her public housing home in Perth's northern suburbs, removing piles of hard rubbish and cleaning mould and dirt from the walls and floors.

Indigenous eviction prevention program's last-ditch bid to survive

The 60-year-old grandmother has put up the white flag, calling for support to help her deal with the mess and unpaid bills that have been threatening to have her evicted from her home of 11 years. For most of those years, her daughter and grandchildren have been living with her and Ms Williams regularly takes in young, troubled relatives who need a roof over their heads and a feed. Peppimenarti community desperate for help to end violence stopping children going to school. Two Aboriginal men claim they were sexually abused during strip searches in youth detention. Two Aboriginal men allege they were sexually abused after being strip searched by workers in youth detention.

Two Aboriginal men claim they were sexually abused during strip searches in youth detention

Key points: Aaron Blades alleges he was sexually abused as a teenager in the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre An anonymous man alleges he was sexually abused in Reiby Youth Justice Centre in SydneyThere are calls to reduce or ban strip searches in youth detention. The 'David and Goliath' battle behind Telstra's huge ACCC fine over its treatment of Indigenous customers. Sitting on her favourite beach in her hometown of Broome, Caitlyn Roe is a world away from Melbourne's Federal Court.

The 'David and Goliath' battle behind Telstra's huge ACCC fine over its treatment of Indigenous customers

In that courtroom on Thursday, the country's largest telco was slapped with a $50 million fine — one of the most significant penalties in Australian corporate history. The decision came after weeks considering evidence put forward by Telstra and the consumer watchdog, in a case described as "outrageous" by those involved. The court heard 108 examples of Indigenous Telstra customers being pushed into phone plans they couldn't afford, only to be hit with huge bills and in many cases, chased by debt collectors. Caitlyn's story was one of the 108 — a story that helped trigger an investigation by a group of financial counsellors working in different parts of the country and eventually exposed systemic mis-selling by Telstra at five stores. This is how it happened. Indigenous death in custody at Cessnock the seventh across Australia since March.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she’s “deeply concerned” after an Indigenous man died at Cessnock Correctional Centre yesterday — the seventh across Australian prisons since March. Key points: It is believed the man suffered a medical episode while in his cell in Cessnock Correctional Centre Seven Indigenous people have died since March 2, four in NSW prisons NSW Opposition's Linda Burney says the situation is a national emergency A Corrective Services NSW spokeswoman said the 37-year-old man was found unresponsive in his cell about 10.00am yesterday. He was pronounced dead an hour later. “Corrective Services NSW and NSW Police are investigating the incident,” the spokeswoman said. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women three times more likely to be jailed in Queensland.

The rate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women being imprisoned has more than tripled in 15 years, according to a report by the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council. Key points: The Connecting the Dots report finds fewer First Nations offenders, but a higher chance for imprisonmentElders believe community issues are linked to common offendingThe report will advise policymakers on the over-representation of First Nations people in detention Researchers examined 321,669 cases in Queensland courts from 2005 to 2019 as part of the Connecting The Dots report, which aimed to identify trends in the sentencing of First Nations offenders. Retired judge and council chair John Robertson said, overall, the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander offenders decreased over that period, but those who did commit crimes were more likely to be imprisoned.

Women more likely to be jailed. 'Notorious' NT public housing complex at Palmerston set for demolition. Seventy Palmerston public housing residents are being evicted and their 32-unit complex flattened in a move the Northern Territory government says is part of an urban renewal program. The tenants who are being evicted from the complex will need new accommodationThe complex is described as an antisocial hotspotThe demolition of the properties comes as the public housing waiting list in Palmerston is up to four years Minister for Urban Housing Kate Worden said the complex was a notorious hotspot for antisocial behaviour and at 35 years old, was past its use-by-date.

"We will be demolishing the flats behind us so we can make way for a future development," she said on Thursday outside the complex. NT coroner hears Kumanjayi Bloomfield death in custody investigation delivered 10 months late. The Northern Territory coroner has heard a recent police investigation into an Indigenous death in custody blew out to more than twice the recommended reporting timeframe. Kumanjayi Bloomfield died after a police pursuit in remote Central AustraliaA coronial inquest has heard a police report into his death was delivered 10 months lateA lawyer for the man's family said the delay distressed the local community Kumanjayi Bloomfield, 47, died in a vehicle rollover on the Plenty Highway near Harts Range while trying to evade a roadside breath test in July 2019.

Internal police guidelines require death in custody investigations be reported to the coroner within six months. Danila Dilba launches legal action against Woolworths, NT government over Darwin Dan Murphy's. One of Australia's largest Aboriginal health services — Danila Dilba — has launched a legal challenge against the NT government's decision to approve Darwin's first Dan Murphy's store. Danila Dilba has launched court action over a decision to approve a Dan Murphy's storeThe case claims the NT government made legal errors in approving the proposalA panel appointed by Woolworths is currently meeting with the community Danila Dilba chief executive Olga Havnen said the health service filed the case in the Northern Territory Supreme Court on Thursday, against the NT Liquor Licensing director and Woolworths Group, the outlet's parent company.

"I think we have to use every available means to try and stop the development of this particular takeaway outlet," Ms Havnen said. "As people in Darwin would know, we are already confronted with a whole range of alcohol-related harms. " WA authorities investigate East Kimberley mine over iron ore spill into local waterways. NT Indigenous leader Djambawa Marawili living in tent because of dilapidated remote housing. Woman in custody at Canberra's jail allegedly strip-searched in front of male inmates in 'degrading' act.

Australia urged by 31 countries at UN meeting to raise age of criminal responsibility. Ricky Grace charity loses federal funding for Girls Academy as government backs new providers. NT licensing boss says Darwin Dan Murphy's is 'critical' for economy, Aboriginal health groups 'appalled' Natasha Fyles defends Health Department response to damning coronial findings — and other findings before it. How Indigenous-led childcare centres could help close Australia's education gap. Petition urging withdrawal of Darwin Dan Murphy's proposal delivered to NT Chief Minister - ABC News. Coroner refers possible rapes and girl's 'suspicious' remote community death back to NT Police, DPP - ABC News. Leanne Liddle is on a mission to bring the NT's remote communities back from the brink in five years.

Indigenous Good News 2

Voluntary Cashless Debit Card scheme fails to ease concerns of NT community groups - ABC News. A trial of the controversial cashless welfare card will run for two more years. Here's what people think - ABC News. Zarak Bolga found not guilty of assault outside Darwin casino after spending 100 days behind bars - ABC News. Indigenous man bailed after Darwin Local Court shown CCTV footage police said did not exist - ABC News. Disability, domestic violence a 'catch-22' as Indigenous children removed from mothers, royal commission hears - ABC News. Bagot Aboriginal community still opposes Dan Murphy's bid for Darwin megastore despite location change - ABC News. NT councils say lack of coastal cyclone shelters puts Indigenous communities at risk - ABC News. Open letter from Aboriginal health groups asks Woolworths to drop Darwin Dan Murphy's bid - ABC News.

Fears mount policy inaction threatens future of NT Aboriginal homelands - ABC News. Daniel Yock's death in custody sparked a wildfire of anger. For his family, it remains unfinished business. School engagement in NT Indigenous communities lower than published figures show - ABC News. Indigenous boarding schools help close the gap, but as NAIDOC week kicks off a study shows there are highs and lows - ABC News. Wadeye residents question NT Police response to community unrest after house burnt down, people evacuated - ABC News. Leonora-based Nyunnga-Ku women's group tackles mental health using cultural approach - ABC News. Elders hope Tjanimaku Tjukurpa book will steer youths away from drugs, drink and violence - ABC News. Kumanjayi Walker murder trial will be a first in NT for an Indigenous death in custody. Why has it taken so long? - ABC News.

Footage shows serving police officer assaulting Indigenous man in custody at Goulburn Police Station - ABC News. Greg Hunt rejects Danila Dilba's request for Medicare-funded health services in Don Dale - ABC News. Gove AFL league welcomes inaugural prison team for 2020 season - ABC News. Telstra and NBN outages disconnect thousands across remote NT - ABC News. Walking the line between law, lore and the Dreamtime in the Coroners Court of Victoria - ABC News. Pilbara soup kitchen delivers nearly 10k meals a year and creates safe place to sober up - ABC News.

Indigenous-run work camp 'breaking the cycle of youth crime' by teaching at-risk kids bush skills - ABC News. Closing the Gap promises big change for Indigenous youth. Trei and Karlie hope it improves the issues they faced - ABC News. Palace letters make great reading but leave a republic as far away as ever - ABC News. Why George Floyd's death tells the story of many black lives.

Calls for price caps and shopping subsidies to bring grocery pricing equality to remote Australia - ABC News. 'Racially biased' screening tool used in the child protection system places more Indigenous children in custody, critics say - ABC News. Three projects linking Aboriginal communities and police that are helping to stop more Indigenous people going to jail - ABC News. Vickie Roach saw her first death in custody at 18. She's spent the decades since fighting to abolish prisons - ABC News.

In My Blood It Runs has a message about the love Aboriginal parents have for their kids - ABC News. In My Blood It Runs documentary addresses Indigenous youth detention and the ongoing removal of children - ABC News. DPP pursued disorderly behaviour charge against woman despite sexual assault - ABC News. Indigenous community says officer kicking teenager to the ground not an isolated incident - ABC News. Centrelink accused of inadequate service in remote West Australian communities - ABC News. Justice in remote NT bush courts is 'grinding to a halt', legal group says.

Aboriginal mothers fear there will be a new generation of stolen children. Coronavirus lockdown could harm learning outcomes for students on remote APY Lands. 'Urgent action' needed over high proportion of Indigenous women in prison, report says. Pastoralist Catherine Walsh says fostering children on outback WA property 'a wonderful, wonderful feeling' - ABC Rural - ABC News. Bob Katter joins Mornington Island Indigenous community's push for market gardens. Extinction Rebellion climate protester testing Human Rights Act on public nuisance charge.

Refugee and Indigenous Australian experiences drawn together in exhibition by artist Vernon Ah Kee. Cherbourg elders call to ban young offenders from town to stop 'revolving door' of crime. Closing the Gap report shows only two targets on track as PM pushes for Indigenous-led refresh. Fitzroy Crossing leads the way against mounting social problems in Kimberley towns.

Dan Murphy's bid to set up NT store enters fifth year as appeal heads to Supreme Court. Veronica Nelson Walker's family laid her to rest not knowing how she died in custody. NT youths are often in the news for the wrong reasons but they too have a story to tell. Christian missionaries retract claim that God TV is preventing suicide in remote Indigenous communities. Indigenous woman dies in custody in Victoria two days after being refused bail. Kapani Warrior army veterans shelter displaced Aurukun residents fleeing violence, firebombings. Australian Indigenous women are overrepresented in missing persons statistics. 'No kid should be in jail': 12yo at centre of documentary issues plea to NT Parliament. Lockhart River locals skill up to build houses and reduce overcrowding in homes. Volunteers home deliver 700 meals a week to give Broome kids a good feed. Policeman won't let stabbing dampen love for tropical NT posting. Complaint lodged against judge who made 'offensive', 'discriminatory' comments to Aboriginal defendants.

Boxing breaks down barriers between police and young Indigenous people, aims to reduce crime. Legal advocates allege Centrelink is letting consumer lease companies exploit people on welfare. Corporate watchdog ASIC to use new powers against payday lender Cigno. New Century Resources signs deal to be mining industry leader for Indigenous employment - ABC Rural - ABC News. Health professionals voice disappointment over lack of bush commission hearings. Experts say Aboriginal advancement should be prioritised as Territory confronts budget crisis. Telstra facing investigation over selling 'unaffordable contracts' to vulnerable Australians. AFL match stoush leads to arrest of 30 people in isolated NT community. Remote Indigenous children at risk as antibiotic resistance grows. We 'love-bombed' the Tasmanian government to win Indigenous rights.

Cattle company Shanghai Zenith, native title holders do battle over land clearing at Yakka Munga Station. 'Predatory' Gold Coast payday lender accused of targeting vulnerable Aboriginal communities. Customary law and 'white-fella law' combine as police and community tackle juvenile crime under a tree. Severely disabled man 'deteriorates' in Darwin prison despite never being found guilty.