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My grandfather died fighting for Hitler. What should we make of his legacy? Was the First Crusade really a war against Islam? Gallipoli: Drone video of WWI battlefield - BBC News. Australian Christian History Research Institute - Founding Fathers, Early Christian History, Australian History, Australian Heritage. Half a millennium later the Reformation still shapes our world. It began 500 years ago this year.

Half a millennium later the Reformation still shapes our world

It shaped your life and mine, and that of billions of other people since. Yet few realise that anymore. NCHE. In the practical schedule of the elementary day, I fundamentally was asking this: Should we have 2-hour blocks for reading and 90 minute blocks for writing with some history and other content sprinkled in and relegated to a few 30 minute sections per week?


Would a better strategy be large blocks of time devoted to exciting, content-rich instruction with reading as a skill learned in the context of acquiring content knowledge? Many looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Over a decade down the road from No Child Left Behind, many educators, including those in administration, have spent their entire careers knowing no other federal education policy than one that relegated history and other content-rich subjects to a back burner. My question was a non-starter for many; if you want better readers and writers, you need to spend more time on reading and writing they reasoned. Everyone knows that. Those administrators truly wanted what was best for students. Richard L. 25 maps that explain the English language. By Libby Nelson on March 3, 2015.

25 maps that explain the English language

The G Word: Australian reactions to Gallipoli. The word Gallipoli is often tied to concepts of mateship, heroism and nationhood.

The G Word: Australian reactions to Gallipoli

But what does the Anzac story really mean to Australians today? We showed 16 people videos related to Gallipoli and filmed their responses. Resource – Source Analysis. Last month on twitter I spotted this post and knew I could make use of this idea.

Resource – Source Analysis

I responded to the tweet and they very kindly sent me a copy of their source analysis overlay along with the original idea by @russelltarr aka @activehistory. I immediately made my own version following the inspiration. It’s quite simple to create the overlay, you just cut out the ‘white’ area of your printed sheets and laminate or pop them into a plastic wallet like I did. I’ve used the idea twice so far. First time I used it was with year 8 to help them to interpret primary and secondary sources; initially they used it to make sense of the source and then they started to consider how useful the source had been to their enquiry about farming and land use change in Kent.

MAN OF PEACE AMONGST THE RUINS - Australia in the Great War. Kindly Shared by our community member Allan Fuary I was the only Senior Chaplain to serve throughout the entire war from 1914 until my discharge in 1920, when I returned to Australia and spent the next 3 months Travelling & Lecturing on “Glimpses of Gallipoli” & “Chaplaincy Cameos”.

MAN OF PEACE AMONGST THE RUINS - Australia in the Great War

LIEUTENANT COLONEL (Chaplain 1st Class) THE REV FREDERICK JAMES MILES DSO OBE VD MID At the age of 15 I enlisted for fun in the part-time Militia in England and quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant. On my 18th birthday, a colleague and I tried to enlist in the Lancers, or “cherry pickers” as we called them, but was classed as overweight. On leaving the Lancers recruiting depot we “bumped” into a recruiting Sergeant for the 6th Royal Warwickshire regiment which was not yet at full strength and open for enlistment.

Instead of joining other recent Battalion enlistee’s at the training depot, I joined the Battalion in Ireland and was quickly promoted to Lance Corporal. "Well we finally landed. By Allan Fuary, A Great War Journey with Paul Reed. European Explorers - Home. 0a5 01 organiser normans a4 sheets. The Norman Conquest - KS3 History Games. It’s 1066!

The Norman Conquest - KS3 History Games

The Norman Conquest of England begins… Three rulers, Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardara and William of Normandy are arguing about who should take over the throne of England. The Norman French invade and the Battle of Hastings takes place. Our Harold gets one in the eye and before you know it the French are in charge! New castles and new words appear but for most people they now just pay their taxes to someone with a funny accent and a moustache! Enjoy these quizzes, puzzles and games on the Norman Conquest. Norman Multi Choice Quiz Will you be crowned king in this Norman Conquest multi-choice quiz? Scrambled words. Patrick Comerford: Trim Castle is a strong symbol in stone of Anglo-Norman strength and power.

Trim Castle is the largest, best-preserved and most impressive Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2016) Patrick Comerford Trim Castle on the banks of the River Boyne in Co Meath looks for all the world like the ideal castle for a mediaeval block-buster, peopled with valiant warriors and cloistered monks.

Patrick Comerford: Trim Castle is a strong symbol in stone of Anglo-Norman strength and power

And it has been. Mel Gibson and the makers of Braveheart chose Trim Castle as their location. But history is always more impressive than fiction – or movies – and I walked around Trim Castle, towering above the banks of the River Boyne, early one afternoon this weekend when I stopped there on my way to visit friends who live near the neighbouring Navan.

Animated map shows how Christianity spread across the world. Ancient History Encyclopedia. Maths, History, Science, free resources for teachers.