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Indigenous History 2

Indigenous employment. First Nation generational. Indigenous in Politics 2. Aboriginal health organisations want Defence to help contain coronavirus, warn PM of specific dangers. The Drum's Ellen Fanning Posted about 2 hours agoWed 18 Mar 2020, 11:54am Indigenous health leaders are urging the Federal Government to declare special isolation zones patrolled by the police or the army in a radical move to prevent COVID-19 devastating remote Indigenous communities.

Aboriginal health organisations want Defence to help contain coronavirus, warn PM of specific dangers

Key points: Remote communities are currently experiencing delays of a week or more on COVID-19 testingThey want the whole of the Northern Territory and Central Australia to be a special control areaThere are fears a COVID-19 outbreak in these communities would cause "absolute devastation" Following a telephone hook-up over the weekend, Aboriginal health organisations have warned the Prime Minister that if COVID-19 enters remote Indigenous communities, it will be particularly deadly. "If this virus gets into Aboriginal communities, it will be absolute devastation, absolute devastation without a doubt," said Pat Turner, the CEO of the National Community Controlled Health Organisations (NACCHO). Limited suicide bereavement services in Alice Springs prompts grieving mother to call for more support.

Posted yesterday at 5:59amFri 6 Mar 2020, 5:59am It's a day that Mena Condo will never forget.

Limited suicide bereavement services in Alice Springs prompts grieving mother to call for more support

If you or anyone you know needs help: Lifeline 13 11 14Kids helpline 1800 551 800Mensline Australia 1300 789 978Suicide call back service 1300 659 467Beyond Blue 1300 224 636Headspace 1800 650 890National StandBy support 0429 147 491National Indigenous Critical Response Service 1800 805 801 She was getting ready for a well-earned day off from a hectic work schedule at the Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara Women's Council as a domestic violence case worker in her adopted home of Alice Springs, Central Australia.

Canada acknowledges 'colonial genocide', but will it set a precedent in the Commonwealth? Updated about 2 hours agoSun 7 Jul 2019, 12:55am For centuries, First Nations peoples have been seeking the truth about colonisation.

Canada acknowledges 'colonial genocide', but will it set a precedent in the Commonwealth?

Key points: Travelling while black: How racial segregation was exposed at an Australian hotel. Oliver Gordon and Scott Mitchell Updated earlier today at 12:17amSun 10 Mar 2019, 12:17am "I went in the bathroom and seen them chicken bones inside there.

Travelling while black: How racial segregation was exposed at an Australian hotel

" Key points: When two groups make identical bookings, the Aboriginal group receives a room in an inferior conditionAccor has launched an internal investigationIt has been alleged there is a "Bermuda Triangle of unreported racism" because of the arduous complaints process.

Indigenous Welfare

Dry community elders urge police to return to Alpurrurulam as they lose struggle to keep booze out. Posted about 4 hours agoFri 20 Jul 2018, 10:00pm Elders in a remote Northern Territory community have begged police to come back to their town.

Dry community elders urge police to return to Alpurrurulam as they lose struggle to keep booze out

Alpurrurulam, or Lake Nash as it is commonly known, is a windswept, red dirt community close to the Queensland-Northern Territory border. It is dry community, meaning the sale or consumption of alcohol is illegal. But without a permanent police officer to monitor this, alcohol abuse has gotten out of control, according to local elders. "There is a lot of violence happening here," Maxie Ray said.

Indigenous History

Indigenous in Politics. Indigenous Health. Yorta Yorta people return to Cummeragunja 80 years after historical 'walk-off' Australian soprano and Yorta Yorta woman Deborah Cheetham AO is a member of the Stolen Generations.

Yorta Yorta people return to Cummeragunja 80 years after historical 'walk-off'

At a young age, she was forcibly removed from her family by the Australian Federal and State Government agencies and church missions. She grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney and it was only in 2009 that she found her way back to Shepparton, and to the land where her parents once resided. "I grew up without really being connected to community," she said.

She was writing an opera and in search of a fitting story to tell. Deebing Creek mission protest to halt housing development gathers momentum. Posted 51 minutes agoWed 30 Jan 2019, 8:54pm A group of Yuggera Ugarapul people are taking drastic action by camping on sacred land near Ipswich in a bid to stop the construction of a 925-lot housing estate close to a heritage-listed Aboriginal mission and cemetery.

Deebing Creek mission protest to halt housing development gathers momentum

Key points: Traditional owners are camping at the site hoping to halt its imminent developmentThe Yuggera Ugarapul people are concerned about burial locations and a possible mass graveQueensland Heritage Register information suggests several unmarked burial sites. Hobart man charged with offering Aboriginal artefacts for sale online. Posted Thu at 5:10amThu 5 Jul 2018, 5:10am A Hobart man has appeared in court charged with trying to sell Aboriginal relics on the online trading site Gumtree.

Hobart man charged with offering Aboriginal artefacts for sale online

Tennant Creek toddler rape case allegedly blighted by police mistakes; released suspect says he had alibi. Updated about 4 hours agoThu 5 Jul 2018, 7:59am A Northern Territory Police investigation into the alleged rape of a toddler, which drew national attention to Tennant Creek, has many similarities to a "botched" homicide investigation, the ABC has learned.

Tennant Creek toddler rape case allegedly blighted by police mistakes; released suspect says he had alibi

Key points: Police "mistakes" led to man spending three months in prison before charges were droppedPolice accused of failing to set up crime scenes, gather and test forensic material, check witness statements and alibisAllegations of mistakes similar to that of "botched" investigation in the death of Sacha Green Alleged police mistakes led to a man spending three months in prison after being accused of raping a two-year-old girl in the remote town, 450 kilometres north of Alice Springs, before the charges against him were dropped in June.

Overloaded dinghy with five kids on board rescued off Arnhem Land after '24-hour ordeal' Updated Wed at 5:36amWed 4 Jul 2018, 5:36am A small baby was among 15 people stranded in waters off Arnhem Land after the engine failed on an overloaded dinghy.

Overloaded dinghy with five kids on board rescued off Arnhem Land after '24-hour ordeal'

Northern Territory police said the group was stuck at sea for 24 hours before they were found in an air and sea search. The boat had attempted to cross from Elcho Island to Milingimbi on Monday afternoon. "The trip should have taken around six hours but engine failure halfway into their journey resulted in them drifting in choppy waters and strong currents," Sergeant Andrew Hocking said. He said there was concern that there were no life jackets or food on board. "Fifteen people overloading a small boat in strong winds and strong currents, the potential for disaster is huge.

" One passenger on board the boat managed to get reception and call for help at 6:20pm. Sergeant Hocking said the boat was found drifting out of the northern edge of the search area just before 2:30pm. Banking royal commission hears funeral plan targeted Aboriginal customers. Updated The banking royal commission has heard how a private funeral insurance company with no Aboriginal affiliation used the rainbow serpent in its marketing materials and targeted Indigenous customers. Key points: Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund used rainbow serpent in advertising, but it was not an Indigenous-affiliated organisationCustomers believed any money paid which exceeded coverage amount would be returned to familiesElders paid into funeral fund for years, with many customers signed up being under 30.

Tennant Creek children involved in break-ins to steal food, Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion told. Updated Very young children in Tennant Creek are getting involved in break-ins simply to steal food, federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion has been told, during a visit to the troubled Northern Territory town. Since the rape of a two-year-old girl in Tennant Creek in February, Senator Scullion has visited several times, and on Tuesday he invited the media to film his visit to services funded by the Federal Government in the town to ensure there can be no doubt about the contribution the Commonwealth is making to tackling Indigenous disadvantage in remote communities.

The coalition has come under fire in recent months in the NT for its perceived lack of interest in helping to fund the November recommendations of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT, and for not acting to help with the Tennant Creek child protection crisis. Indigenous leaders told not to 'have tantrums' over Uluru Statement rejection. Posted about 4 hours agoSat 30 Jun 2018, 10:01pm The former co-chair of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's Indigenous Advisory Council has urged Indigenous leaders to "stay at the table" and not "have tantrums" while working towards constitutional recognition. Key points: Chris Sarra says Indigenous elders expect their leaders to "stay in the conversation"The Coalition rejected the Uluru Statement from the Heart last yearThe statement called for an Indigenous voice to Parliament and a Makarrata Commission.

Outcry over word 'Aboriginal' continues as historians push for ban on changing certificates. Posted about 5 hours agoFri 29 Jun 2018, 9:16pm The decision by a West Australian bureaucrat to redact the word "Aboriginal" from official documents has created an outcry among archivists, genealogists and historians across Australia. WA is the only jurisdiction in Australia to deem the word Aboriginal offensive and remove it from historical birth, death and marriage certificates. The practice only came to light last month after keen family historian Garry Smith told the ABC about the word Aboriginal being whited out from his great-grandmother's death certificate. Prime Minister's chief Indigenous adviser Chris Sarra resigns from advisory council. Updated about 3 hours agoThu 28 Jun 2018, 8:15am Malcolm Turnbull will lose one of his most influential hand-picked advisors on Indigenous affairs. Key points: Chris Sarra resigned over potential conflicts of interest with new role in Queensland"I like to operate from the highest ethical standards," he saidHe says government ministers need to do more on Indigenous affairs Indigenous leader and educator Chris Sarra has resigned as co-chair of the Prime Minister's Indigenous advisory council.

Professor Sarra told the ABC he had made the decision after sitting down with ministers in Queensland and the Commonwealth, where he had decided there would be a conflict of interest with his new government role in Queensland. Professor Sarra was recently appointed as the head of Queensland's Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships. "Originally I thought I might be able to do both roles but I sat down with the minister and I thought there would be too many conflicts," he said. NT town residents call for change after six killed walking 25km home from legal drinking spot. Brothers Wreck: Fighting back against suicide in Indigenous communities. Reconciliation WA chairwoman Carol Innes refused taxi in Perth because of race. Updated The WA Department of Transport is investigating whether appropriate disciplinary action has been taken after a taxi driver refused to accept a fare last month from Aboriginal woman and co-chair of Reconciliation WA, Carol Innes.

Ms Innes lodged a complaint about the incident, which she said was blatant racism from the Swan Taxis driver. She told ABC Radio Perth it was about 4:30pm on a Thursday afternoon after a long day at work when she got into the first cab on the rank on William Street in the CBD, only to be immediately kicked out by the driver.

'Eerily similar' suspected Indigenous murder cases go cold as police explain away the truth. Fifteen more children removed from families in Tennant Creek area following rape of toddler. Chinese and Indigenous Australians share a long, 'untold history' that's been captured through art. Arnhem Land beaches reaching crisis point as Indonesian waste floats ashore. Clan violence, incarceration rates drop in remote Aboriginal town due to love for AFL. Updated Wed at 11:15pmWed 20 Jun 2018, 11:15pm Mark Kurungaiyi lives in the remote Aboriginal Top End community of Wadeye and for the last year, footy has been more than just his hobby — it has also been his job.

Campaign asking Aboriginal people controversial questions deemed too controversial - Hack - triple j. A major billboard company won’t be running a new state government campaign that gets people to ask Aboriginal people controversial questions. 'Our kids need proper water': Families plead for action over uranium in drinking water. Artist Tony Albert focuses on issues of Indigenous visibility in his first major solo exhibition. Olympians, Indigenous runners descend on Uluru for Australia's most scenic fun run.

The real Aboriginal 'Dreamtime' to be highlighted in Dream Mine Time art exhibition. Two women fight to save Camp Coorong and help restore the ancient Ngarrindjeri craft. Myall Creek Memorial a symbol of reconciliation as descendants of victims and perpetrators gather. Curses, black magic and witchdoctors: Ancient beliefs at large in remote NT communities. Australia's long-lost agricultural history explored in Bangarra Dance Theatre's new production. Domestic violence victim locked up because she couldn't attend court shines light on NSW justice system. 'A bloody lot' of fake Indigenous art is being sold. Here's how you can spot it - Hack - triple j. Budget 2018: Aboriginal patients convinced the Government to help them get home.

'It's just homeless': There's nothing romantic about sleeping rough in Darwin - Hack - triple j. Don Dale: What did we learn from the NT youth detention royal commission? - Hack - triple j. Life in Irons: Brisbane's convict stories highlight role of Aboriginal people in penal colony. Other resources. Virus afflicting thousands of Indigenous Australians to receive 'rapid action', Health Minister Greg Hunt signals. Evidence of ancient feast unearthed near Pilbara mining site. Queensland Government launches lawsuit against Kingvale Station owners over Cape York land clearing.

Elijah Doughty: Guthoo youth report says Kalgoorlie Aboriginal teens stressed, bored and scared of police. The Moore River Aboriginal Settlement: A journey into 'hell on earth' Investigation launched into health service accused of being 'hijacked to support an AFL program' Chart of the day: The kids who make up more than half Australia's child prison population. WHO urged to act to eliminate ancient virus HTLV-1 found in Australia. Broome artist exposes Australia's dark chapters of history with photographic series. 'They call us Australians': Vanuatu descendants of Indigenous Australians search for long lost family. Refugees who fled conflict find solace in Victorian Indigenous cultural ceremony.

'We thought they were going to be massacred': 80 years since forced First Fleet re-enactment. Australia Day: 'Mixed emotions' as Aboriginal councils reveal opposing views on celebrations. Invasion Day: Protesters attend Indigenous events across Australia. Living off Aboriginal disadvantage: NT public servants' immoral rip-off.

Removing children from Indigenous communities 'a national disaster' Apocalypses are more than the stuff of fiction — First Nations Australians survived one - RN. Why Aboriginal Australians are still having their wages 'stolen' 50 years after the Wave Hill Walk-off. Noel Pearson says Turnbull has 'burned bridge of bipartisanship', looks to future Labor government. Keep Aboriginal children with families, raise criminal responsibility age, commission told. 'Not even classed as citizens': Remembering the Indigenous soldiers at Beersheba. Stolen Generations member tired of Aboriginal people being told to 'get over it' NSW Bar Association calls for special treatment of Indigenous offenders in courts.

The three biggest myths of the 1967 referendum - RN. Australia Day: Yarra Council to vote on local name change, cancelling citizenship ceremony in inner-Melbourne. Constitutional recognition: Australia's founding document should not embody 'racist past', Pat Dodson says. Cape York Indigenous community of Coen flips the roles in violent colonial photos - RN. My People: A Kath Walker Collection - Reading Australia.

Aboriginal news First Nations Telegraph. Class is the new black: The dangers of an obsession with the 'Aboriginal middle class' A decade on from the NT intervention, the 'torment of powerlessness' lives on. Constitutional recognition: Australia's founding document should not embody 'racist past', Pat Dodson says. Indigenous archives provide window into hidden heritage of thousands of Australians. Fight for Indigenous workers' rights continues 51 years after Wave Hill walk off - RN. Aboriginal man's year-long walk for justice ends at Parliament House in Canberra. DD Units - Lower Sec. - Democratic Struggles. What Central Australia's remote Aboriginal communities think of Australia Day.

Too many Aboriginal kids are cycling from out-of-home care to the justice system — here's how we stop it. Finding unmarked Aboriginal graves in the outback using radar technology. Performers on mission to raise awareness about Black War with A Tasmanian Requiem. Anzac Day 2018: Family of Gus Davies left waiting for land 96 years after World War One. Tennant Creek service workers see children out at 2:00am — they have nowhere safe to sleep. Syphilis has returned to Queensland in epidemic proportions, and it's killing babies. How Trinka broke free from a heroin addiction that began before she was born - RN. Alcohol black market 'out of control' in Queensland towns where it's illegal to drink.