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Ebola: Awareness, Outcry and Big Donors. Ebola: Awareness, Outcry and Big Donorsby beaufly Ebola is continuing to gain more awareness and attention on the American airwaves.

Ebola: Awareness, Outcry and Big Donors

The following list is just a touch of the latest news regarding the virus’ outbreak. * 5,000 to 10,000 Ebola cases expected in West Africa by the beginning of December. * Dallas nurse, Nina Pham, who contracted Ebola (while providing critical care to Michael Eric Duncan at a Texas hospital) received a blood transfusion and is reported as “doing well.” * Her dog is quarantined and there are no plans to euthanize him. * Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg (with his wife Priscilla) has pledged to give 25 million to fight the Ebola Crisis. They're Giving Away $1000 a Day! They’re Giving Away $1000 a Day!

They're Giving Away $1000 a Day!

By beaufly Got an idea for a project but no money to get started? The Pollination Project is looking for you and they're putting their money where their mouth is by giving away $1000 a day! They are interested in changing the world, one person, one community and one project at a time. They believe that ordinary people can truly do extraordinary things and they are interested in eliminating the gap between donors and receivers. The Pollination Project promotes the idea of interconnectedness and that we all can have an impact on the world by the choices that we make in our everyday lives (the foods we eat, the goods we buy, the things we support, etc…).

Undercover Boss Review. UnderCover Boss Reviewby beaufly I am really behind on what's current on television and the show that has been playing in the background of my life today is Undercover Boss and I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Undercover Boss Review

The show's premise is that bosses go undercover to check out the real workings of what goes in their businesses. The bosses work long enough to get a true understanding of what it means to be a front-line employee. Ebola: Awareness, Outcry and Big Donors. Supreme Court Reverses Decision in Wisconsin. Supreme Court Reverses Decision in Wisconsinby beaufly The Supreme Court justices have dissented on the Voter ID law that went into effect in Wisconsin in September 2014.

Supreme Court Reverses Decision in Wisconsin

The Justices agreed that there was not enough time to fully implement a Voter ID law before the Novermber 4th Elections. The issue with the law came under fire because thousands of Wisconsin residents had already submitted their absentee ballots before the September ruling. The ruling in effect, nullified all of the ballots that had been submitted because they did not contain a copy of the citizens’ identification. Why Rachel Maddox Spotlighted Wisconsin. Why Rachel Maddox Spotlighted Wisconsin?

Why Rachel Maddox Spotlighted Wisconsin

By beaufly MSNBC journalist Rachel Maddox recently spotlighted Wisconsin on her show because of the quick change in election rules in September 2014. Why change the voting rules two months before a very important election? Well, that’s what happening in Wisconsin. The biggest challenge is trying to reach out to the more than 10,000 voters who have already returned their votes via absentee ballot. $500 To Do Good! $500 to Do Good!

$500 To Do Good!

By beaufly Can you imagine getting up and going to church one Sunday morning and finding $500 on your seat or attached to the pew? Well, active church-goers at the Lasalle Street Church in Chicago received $500 each to go out and do good in the world. The church received a small windfall from a prior real estate investment that they were involved in and decided that they would give 10% of the windfall to the active members. NFL: David Nelson, A Beacon of Hope. NFL: David Nelson, A Beacon of Hopeby beaufly "I didn't expect to go to Haiti and fall in love with orphans.

NFL: David Nelson, A Beacon of Hope

I didn't go there to start a nonprofit organization. I didn't have any expectations. I just went there to help people. " Help NASA, Get Paid 18K. Help NASA, Get Paid 18Kby beaufly NASA is looking for healthy, study participants who can help them with research designed to assist them in keeping astronauts healthy and safe while they’re in space (no-gravity environment).

Help NASA, Get Paid 18K

The study requires that you lay in bed for 90 days or more in bed at NASA’s Research facility at the University of Texas-Galveston. It includes 3 phases: The Initial Stage allows for participants to move around freely and as you would normally at the facility. Another Reason to Love Matt Damon: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Another Reason to Love Matt Damonby beaufly Well, like most other celebrities, Matt Damon has also succumbed to the ever-popular and growing +ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and in his own, very unique way, he decided to plug his own charitiy (, a foundation that seeks to build awareness and solutions to all of the communities across the globe who are in dire need of fresh, clean, potable water).

Another Reason to Love Matt Damon: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Damon decided to use toilet water from around his home to complete his challenge, which he deemed as fresher and cleaner than many people have access to in developing countries. At last count Damon's video has garnered over 1 million views to raise awareness for both organizations. Congratulations! This is It! An Offer I Can Refuse..... Congratulations!

Congratulations! This is It! An Offer I Can Refuse.....

This is It! An Offer I Can beaufly I don't receive these offers by snail mail often, but they always give me a chuckle when I actually do open and read them. The Offer:"Congratulations. You are pre-approved* for a new Platinum Mastercard with a credit line of $700**! " The Need for Community Policing and How it Looks in Bubblews.

The Need for Community Policing and How it Looks in Bubblewsby beaufly Community Policing and Partnering: According to the US, Department of Justice, community policing is a philosophy that promotes partnerships between law enforcement and individuals, organizations and neighborhood groups to promote problem-solving techniques to address the safety, crime, social issues that may be plaguing a particular community. There are many +Citizen and +Neighborhood groups that would benefit from having relationships between community members, leaders and individuals. I do believe that the police should know and interact with the communities that they serve. In large US cities, if you work for the city, you MUST live in that city. Sounds like common sense? Ping Pong in Ferguson: Recusal or Not?

Ping Pong in Ferguson: Recuse or Not? By beaufly The African-American community of Ferguson, Missouri seem to calling for the recusal of Prosecutor Bob McCulloch because of his connections to the Police Department. "That Michael Brown was a Robber" "That Michael Brown was a robber"by beaufly I've been having some hard conversations with a lot of people today and I am sad for the state of affairs that we live in. The title of this post was a comment left on my previous post You can also see my response there as well. I have also heard comments like:"He was only going to some kind of vocational school. ""I'm not sure if he was even going to college. "" Hear My Cry: The Only Race that Matters.

Hear My Cry: This is the Only Race that Mattersby beaufly The USA is currently riveted once again as one of our cities is in turmoil over the shooting death of Michael Brown and over the ways in which the St. Louis Police Department (and Governor) has handled the incident. 5 Least Segregated USA Cities. 5 Least-Segregated USA Citiesby beaufly According to a report completed by the Population Reference Bureau, the following five cities are the least segregated in the USA: 1) Tucson, Arizona2) Las Vegas, Nevada3) Colorado Springs, Colorado4) Charleston-North Charleston region of South Carolina5) Raleigh-Cary Region of North Carolina The following ratings were based on how well there was a close housing distribution between African-Americans and Caucasians.

It was also based on areas that were experiencing population growth (in the year 2010). I wanted to offer a snapshot of areas that may not be perfect but at least are experiencing populations that show that blacks and whites can (in some parts of the county) live together. If you have been following the news or (possibly even more polarizing) online webcasts about the events in Ferguson, the race issue has definitely (and once again) been prompted to the forefront. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Photo Courtesy: Michael Elliot via A New Hero Emerges out of Ferguson: Capt. Ron Johnson. A New Hero Emerges out of Ferguson: Capt. Ron Johnson. Robin Williams' Wife Speaks. Why We Feel Sad. It's Official: I'm a Deputy! Addicted to Freebies. Addicted to the Freebiesby beaufly. Addicted to Freebies.

Mac Dictate Review - Bubblews. One of my buddies, &maggs224 here at Bubblews asked me about using my dictate function for writing and blogging, so here it is... Lately, I have been playing around using Mac Dictate for my blog posts. Sell Photos Online! Sell Photos Online! Have you Ever Had a Day Like This? Happy 4th of July! Happy 4th of July! The Day Started Picturesque. The Day Started Picturesque by beaufly The day started picturesque. Looking out my window this morning, I saw a beautiful blue sky, green leaves in the trees swaying gently and the brightness that only big rays of sunshine could provide. Random Act of Stupidity. Adventures in Freelancing: Bitcoins and Virtual Currency.

Her Movie Review. Want to Expand your Blogging? Prisoners Movie Review. Theater Checking 3: Worthwhile or Not? Questions and Considerations. Theater Checking 2: The Trailer Check. Theater Checking 1: Signed Up. Who Really Benefits from Bad Consumer Credit? Personal Finance: More Important than Calculus? Pakistan, Education and the Taliban. Pakistan, Education and the Taliban. Good News! What to Do with a Money Stack!

Book Review

Berkshares: Making their Own Money. Rethinking the "R" Movie Rating: It's Not What it Used to Be. Blue Jasmine: When Life Falls Apart. Can the Swiss Really Pull This Off? My Favorite Oscar Quotes: She Won! Lupita Nyong'o! How Well do you Pay Attention? Something Bad may be the Start of Something Good. Never Count People Out. Test your Strength: A New Take on Obstacles.

Test your Strength: A New Take on Obstacles. Never Again. Your Time and Energy is Valuable, Don't Squander it! 3 Essentials for your Personal Website or Blog. Addicted: Jessica Alba. Miley Cyrus Kisses Katy Perry. Homeless Man Wins Big and Does Good in Hungary. What are you Buying and What are you Selling? Shirley Temple: An Iconic Symbol of Hope. Affluenza - What the........

My Brothers' Keeper: Addiction Affects Us All. Affluenza - What the........ Jim Carey is Calling Him "A Beautiful and Sensitive Soul" Blog. 3 Million $$$ Not Enough. E-mail: Not Always the Best Communication. Did He Get Robbed? I Opened A Can of Worms Indeed.... Do Women Need Uncle Sugar? Supporting Military Spouses.

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