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Processing.js 1.4.7 released! Since our last release, 1.4.1, Processing.js has been given a bit of a source code overhaul, culminating in a new release: 1.4.7! This release adds in new functionality that you might already know from Processing 2.0, but was missing in Processing.js such as new methods in PVector and XML. The release model has also been changed: we're going to be releasing a new version every time a merge in a patch that either fixes something, or adds a feature that is still missing. This makes things way easier for us to manage, and ensures that you don't have to wait months while updates slowly gather dust waiting for a major release. You can download the new version of Processing.js over on the download section, and let us know what's still missing!

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Paper.js - Paper.js Standing on the shoulders of Scriptographer and making use of HTML5 standards, Paper.js is a comprehensive open source vector graphics scripting framework. Document Object Model Paper.js provides a Document Object Model (also called a Scene Graph) that is very easy to work with. Create a project and populate it with layers, groups, paths, rasters etc. Groups and layers can contain other items and even other groups. JavaScript Image ASCIIfier Utilizing magic and the <canvas> element to turn internet images into sexy ASCII art Download : jsascii.js Example usage: Original image: ASCII image: jsAscii grabs the image from the page and paints it on a hidden canvas element. The pixel data can then be retrieved from the canvas and converted into ASCII code.

Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery Lazy Load is delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport are not loaded until user scrolls to them. This is opposite of image preloading. Using Lazy Load on long web pages will make the page load faster. In some cases it can also help to reduce server load. Plugin is inspired by YUI ImageLoader Utility by Matt Mlinac. Processing Quick Start Processing.js Quick Start - Processing Developer Edition Introduction This quick start guide is written from the standpoint of a Processing developer. No HTML or JavaScript knowledge is assumed, and only basic Processing knowledge is necessary. Index For the Impatient

Why aren’t we building tools that transform the experience of being an engaged citizen? At FOCAS13 I was lucky enough to spend several hours talking about citizen involvement in city decisions, as part of a great working group. We ultimately produced a short proposal for the Public Experience Network, to help city staff directly tap experience around specific issues. During our presentation back to the group, I described our suggested approach. Build the tool, and get it widely in use — a tool-centered approach, but one that was guided by municipal staff and citizen needs... Feedback from the group was near-unanimous: we should start with people first. Timeline for d3 - proof-of-concept Timeline for d3 - proof-of-concept This chart shows events, that have a defined start and/or end in the time continuum in form of a timeline or timechart. Events can be instants (one date only) or intervals (start date and end date). The timeline consists of two bands.

Getting Started with Three.js ## Introduction I have used Three.js for some of my experiments, and it does a really great job of abstracting away the headaches of getting going with 3D in the browser. With it you can create cameras, objects, lights, materials and more, and you have a choice of renderer, which means you can decide if you want your scene to be drawn using HTML 5’s canvas, WebGL or SVG. And since it’s open source you could even get involved with the project. But right now I’ll focus on what I’ve learned by playing with it as an engine, and talk you through some of the basics. 5 jQuery Infinite Scrolling Demos Here are 5 demos which you could use as the barebones for your next infinite scrolling project. I’ve been playing around with infinite scrolling for one of my projects and I’ve tried a few jQuery plugins which can manage the “endless scroll” showing items, posts, rss feeds, tweets or anything really. The content can be generated dynamically from JavaScript but most commonly loaded from a server script using AJAX. Also I found that Firefox 8 only detects the scroll upto 99.85% of the screen which was strange. Update 14/10/13: Full code for all 5 demos added to GitHub. Infinite Scrolling Demo 1

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