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Fatal Realities of Fortress Europe Border management & externalisation Numerous deaths, especially those that remain undocumented, are a direct consequence of the repeated reinforcement of EU borders. Not content with excessive policing and militarisation of the borders, common practice is now to extend, move and redraw them as a response to migration flows.

Visual Business Intelligence We typically think of quantitative scales as linear, with equal quantities from one labeled value to the next. For example, a quantitative scale ranging from 0 to 1000 might be subdivided into equal intervals of 100 each. Linear scales seem natural to us. If we took a car trip of 1000 miles, we might imagine that distance as subdivided into ten 100 mile segments. Textures.js Textures are useful for theselective perception of different categories View on Github Getting started How to Spot Visualization Lies It used to be that we’d see a poorly made graph or a data design goof, laugh it up a bit, and then carry on. At some point though — during this past year especially — it grew more difficult to distinguish a visualization snafu from bias and deliberate misinformation. Of course, lying with statistics has been a thing for a long time, but charts tend to spread far and wide these days. There’s a lot of them. Some don’t tell the truth. Maybe you glance at it and that’s it, but a simple message sticks and builds.

An Easier Way to Schedule Meetings Today we're excited to launch Meetingbird Meet, the easiest way to schedule meetings with anyone. We've all experienced the pain of scheduling meetings. Emailing back and forth to find a time that works is frustrating and time-consuming, but newer meeting scheduling tools don't make it much easier either. Picking time slots every time you need to schedule a meeting quickly gets messy and inefficient, and virtual assistants are slow and expensive. Meet is a totally new approach that makes scheduling a meeting with anyone as easy as sending them a link. Here's how it works: Web Scraping with Google Sheets: The Definitive Guide In this tutorial, we learn how to scrape data from web pages and display the results in Google Sheets. We start with the standard built-in Sheets functions and move on to more advanced methods using custom JavaScript functions. What is web scraping, you say? Web scraping is a technique of automatically extracting unstructured data from web pages using a computer rather than manually copying and pasting data. It is necessary when the data to extract is not available in a well-defined format such as JSON or XML.

How We Use Data to Inspire Design – Design x Data – Medium By Arianna McClain & Rohini Vibha When most people imagine good design, numbers probably don’t come to mind. In fact, anything quantitative might feel completely at odds with the concept of beautiful design. But at IDEO, in addition to connecting with people and learning their stories, designers use quantitative data as a tool to gain empathy and inspiration. We learn from numbers the same way we learn from people, because we see numbers as a representation of people. In our traditional human-centered design process, we empathize by going where people live and work.

Data Visualization 101: Pie Charts In our Data Visualization 101 series, we cover each chart type to help you sharpen your data visualization skills. Pie charts are one of the oldest and most popular ways to visualize data. This classic chart is the perfect example of the power of data visualization: a simple, easy-to-understand presentation that helps readers instantly identify the parts of a whole. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the pie chart. What It Is Graphs – beauty and truth A good graph is elegant I really like graphs. I like the way graphs turn numbers into pictures. A good graph is elegant. It uses a few well-placed lines to communicate what would take a paragraph of text.

12 Royalty free image search engines This is something that comes up quite a lot, as people are always looking for images that they can use without fear of payment or copyright restrictions. There's a nice new collection of such engines over at the Hootsuite blog, and I've picked a few of my favourites. Picjumbo It's a nice resource but only has a small number of images (600 or so), but they are of excellent quality. The New York Times has a course to teach its reporters data skills, and now they’ve open-sourced it “Should journalists learn to code?” is an old question that has always had only unsatisfying answers. (That was true even back before it became a useful heuristic for identifying Twitter jackasses.) Some should! Some shouldn’t! Helpful, right?