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Drudge Report: News Site That Sends Readers Away With Links Has Highest Engagement There are two main reasons why news sites are reluctant to send readers away by linking to third-party content. First, you shouldn’t send people away or else they won’t come back to your site. Second, a page with links that sends people away has low engagement, which doesn’t serve advertisers well. But if you actually look at the data, both of these assumptions are completely wrong. Here’s a list of the top 30 news sites for May 2008, ranked by sessions per person (source: Nielsen Online):

wayne.patch When people rent a self storage unit for the first time, it is rare that they think about the aspect of purchasing insurance for their possessions within the unit. When people rent a self storage unit for the first time it is rare that they think about the aspect of purchasing insurance for their possessions within the unit. Realistically, it is a great idea to purchase insurance for your items within your self storage unit simply because if it is worth storing it is worth protecting. Insurance for your self storage unit is really affordable and it is almost a no brainer to purchase insurance for just a few dollars a month for the protection of your items. Self Storage Facility Wouldn't Worsen Flooding, Engineer Says - Government - Fair Lawn-Saddle Brook, NJ Patch A developer has applied to build a new Lackland Self Storage on the border of Saddle Brook and Fair Lawn, near flood-prone homes. The developer of a proposed 121,275-square-foot Midland Avenue self storage facility in Saddle Brook next to Fair Lawn will give easements to the county for drainage systems, but that won't necessarily fix nearby residents' flooding problem. Mark Madaio, the attorney representing Storage Assets, LLC 's application to build the Lackland Self Storage and truck rental facility, said during a special Saddle Brook Zoning Board meeting Tuesday that they would agree to give the easement to Bergen County as a condition of the plan's approval. The easement would cross both pieces of the proposed-to-be subdivided property and another neighboring property with the same owner. For flood-prone residents, that means relief from rising waters may not be coming anytime soon, even if the self storage plan is approved.

What a Week Wasn’t it just last week that we were digging out from a heavy wet snow that had electricity off to millions of our neighbors in the Tri State area? I was very lucky although we lost power at my house at least a half a dozen times, we did not lose it for very long. I have friends and co workers that were not that lucky. On Sunday I went to the facility in Wayne to check on things and was happy to see that although Wayne did lose power on Sunday, we did not have any damage to the property. It wasn’t long after the last snow flake fell that the property was clear of snow. While I was checking on things in Wayne my daughter was kind enough to use the snow blower and clean my driveway.

South Toms River New Jersey 101 South Toms River or “The Little Town with a Big Heart” is a Borough in Ocean County, NJ. Borough is a form of municipal government most popular in New Jersey. According to Borough Act of 1878, to form an independent borough the land area must be 4 square miles or less, population, residing in area, must be 5,000 or less, and petitions and referendums must be processed on a self-executing basis. In Borough system the government consists of a Mayor (appointed to an office directly through the majority vote, by voters, who will serve four year term), and six Borough Council members (placed through elected at large and serves three-year terms on a staggered basis with two seats coming up for election each year ). The borough is relative small with total area of 1.2 square miles, about 2.2% of size of Township of Toms River, of which 3.0 square kilometer is land and 0.1 square miles is water.

The Flexible Option The good thing about being in the Self Storage business is that we offer solutions for many storage needs. Our Facility is often the flexible option, for our diverse clientele. We offer both long and short term solutions for all your storage problems. I noticed on the news this morning that the Mississippi River is at flood stage at Memphis, Tennessee. It seems like it is a sign of the times, with many experts telling us that this is the result of global warming.

Americans are choking in clutter and defined by storage units They have become a defining characteristic of the roadside, wedged in among the malls and fast-food franchises, barracks-like rows of buildings with small garage doors, surrounded by a fence. A gated enclave for excess stuff. There are 2.3 billion square feet of self-storage space in America, or more than 7 square feet for every, man, woman and child in the country. Renting a Storage Station is no longer a luxury Years ago having more than 1 car in a family was a luxury. You were classified as very rich to be blessed with this advantage. Today almost every driver in a household has a car. This is largely due to our lifestyles today and the importance of being independent to come and go as needed and not have to rely on anyone person to take us here and there. Well, the same goes with storage. We have run out of storage spaces in our homes, due to the fact that most of us keep anything and everything.