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Enter your zip code to find your Patch: Patch reports on everything you need to know about your town, from local government to school news to what to do with your family this weekend. And your local Patch makes it easy for you and your neighbors to connect and post your news and events too. All of this, plus comprehensive listings of local restaurants and shops, home improvement services and businesses, events, and more – all in one place – in over 1,000 communities and counting.

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Doctors Changing the Landscape of Social Media Patients changed the landscape of social media long ago. They’ve been tweeting about outdated magazines in waiting rooms long before marketers even knew how to leverage social media. Patients are tech-savvy, vocal and embracing social media. But what about doctors? What kind of impact do they have on social media in healthcare? KiddyUp: The Crowdsourcing App That Makes Parenting Easier, And Cheaper It takes a village to raise a child — an Internet village, that is, according to Zoe Bermant, co-creator of a new Israeli-made app called KiddyUp. “There’s lots of information on the Internet there that moms can’t get to because they are strapped for time. They can’t spend hours doing research. And there are lots of things they would like to do or buy for their kids but can’t because they’re strapped for cash, and need help finding bargains,” said Bermant.

10 Local Search Tools I Simply Can’t Live Without If you were to ask me what the biggest let down in the local search industry was a year ago, I would have answered without hesitation… There are PPC tools, SEO tools, Social Media tools, and even construction tools… but local search seems to have been the fat kid picked last in gym class. That being said, Local search got a bit more popular & over the last year there was some pretty cool tools that made their way into the local search space. On top of that, since the Oct 27th Algoween Update, there seems to be a lot more coming. Here is a current list of local search tools that I simply can’t live without.

Drudge Report: News Site That Sends Readers Away With Links Has Highest Engagement There are two main reasons why news sites are reluctant to send readers away by linking to third-party content. First, you shouldn’t send people away or else they won’t come back to your site. Second, a page with links that sends people away has low engagement, which doesn’t serve advertisers well. But if you actually look at the data, both of these assumptions are completely wrong. Here’s a list of the top 30 news sites for May 2008, ranked by sessions per person (source: Nielsen Online):

Charts And Graphs: Modern Solutions - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Charts are supposed to visualize data in order to give a more profound understanding of the nature of a given problem or recent developments. Whatever type of data presentation you prefer (pie charts, bubble charts, bar graphs, network diagrams etc.), you can create charts in graphic editors manually or use special desktop-software instead. In both cases you have a major problem: once you’d like to update an old chart, or create a new one, you have to run the application and create new images over and over again. That’s not flexible. That’s also not usable — e.g. if you’d like to update your chart live.

stclairshores.patch Get to know Patch's Audrey Perakis, the ad manager working with businesses in your community. One of Patch's goals is to make life ridiculously easy for residents of our communities, and that includes business owners. To that end, we’d like to introduce Audrey Perakis, Patch's ad manager for St. Street View As you gear up for the holidays, you can easily plan your vacation with the new Google Maps for desktop. With the latest updates, Earth Tours will take you on a virtual trip through cities and natural wonders in full 3D, while Street View imagery and real time traffic incidents will help to ensure smooth travels. Explore the world with Pegman Street View’s comprehensive imagery has always been a great way to preview your destination before arriving, but it's equally helpful when deciding where you want to go. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made it easier to find where Street View is available, so you can explore locations in over 50 countries around the globe. To discover a world of imagery at your fingertips, look no further than Pegman – your guide through Street View – who you can find in the lower right corner of the screen.

Dashboard (interface) A dashboard is a control panel located in front of the driver of a vehicle. Dashboard may also refer to: Computers and software

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