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What does an innovation strategist do? The opportunity to become an “Innovation Strategist” catches people’s attention. Since our initial posting for the role in Toronto, we’ve received over 120 resumes from dynamic, brilliant young individuals all interested in joining the Idea Couture team. From the outside looking in, innovation strategy sounds incredibly sexy (and it certainly looks good on a business card). But if you ask a typical applicant what exactly they think an innovation strategist does, what usually follows is blank stares, buzz words, or my favorite, “They strategize innovation”. None of those are good answers. There’s nothing worse than expecting one thing and getting another. So here are a few of the tasks, activities, and responsibilities of your typical innovation strategist. Project DesignInnovation strategist as the planner Business Strategy Innovation strategist as the box builder Design Research Innovation strategist as design researcher Workshop Innovation strategist as a facilitator Design Development

Lean Startup and Design Thinking: 5 Things I've learned From Eric Ries | Cosmin Gheorghe Photo Copyright Cosmin Gheorghe A startup is a human institution designed to create something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty. [...] Entrepreneurship is the management discipline that deals [in a scientific way] with those situations of high uncertainty. ERIC RIES As a (former) Design Thinking student and lifetime Systems Theory evangelist I was delighted to watch this week's Google Hangout with Eric Ries (The Lean Startup), Jake Knapp (Design Partner, Google Ventures) and Tim Brown (CEO, IDEO). 1. There is a reason for which entrepreneurs call their companies "startups" and not "endups". Everybody thinks that getting ideas is the hard thing. 2. This particular statement resonates with me, as it points toward a fundamental psychological, sociological and existential issue: the unknown. It is fascinating to see how much energy we spend planning every second of our lives, and how angry we get when our plans are deviated by a minute or an inch. 3. 4. 5.

Our Choice — Home Our Choice A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis Order It Today! Amazon Barnes & Noble Borders Indie Bound Rodale From former Vice President Al Gore, author of New York Times Bestsellers An Inconvenient Truth, Earth In The Balance, and Assault On Reason — and corecipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Inside The Book Copyright © 2009 Al Gore Contact

MISC Magazine | The Future of Design Education Design schools have built up an expectation that they can equip students to tackle complex problems through the power of creativity alone. They can’t. They don’t. And they continue to fool themselves with four big myths about creativity. Myth 1: Creativity and design are inseparable. Myth 2: Analytical people are generally not creative people. Myth 3: is that, when it comes to design, creativity must be unbound from the laws, structures and processes of the day-to-day world. Myth 4: is that which surrounds the recent and very popular theme of ‘design for social change’. This article appears in MISC Winter 2014, The Balance Issue Agence design lyon | Conseil en design lyon| conseil stratégie design lyon| conseil design service lyon - VEEB VEEB est une agence de design à Lyon. Nous travaillons avec les porteurs de projets et entrepreneurs dans toutes les étapes de leurs projets de création d'identité, de produits et de services. Pour ce faire, nous intervenons sur les activités suivantes: Conception d'identités de marqueAmélioration et conception de produits et servicesDesign d'espaceRecherche design et design thinkingStratégie de design

37signals: Web-based collaboration apps for small business Remote collaborative sketching, brainstorming and design studio techniques I’ve been facilitating design studios with collocated teams for years. Many, including me, have covered the benefits of collaboratively sketching new ideas and concepts with a cross-functional team. Recently though, I was tasked with bringing this exercise to a distributed team. With the product and user experience team in New York and the development team in Vancouver, it proved to be an interesting challenge. What follows is a play-by-play of how we set up the exercise and executed as well as an analysis of the successes and failures of this first attempt. It’s worth noting that this was the team’s first design studio ever – which added another layer of complexity to the event. We gave the teams a brief heads up of what was going to happen and asked everyone to come to their individual conference rooms with their own laptops. Priming the pump with affinity mapping Since this was their first collaborative sketching session, we didn’t want to jump right into drawing. 6-up template [Jeff]

Qu'est ce que le Design Thinking ? « Penser comme un designer peut transformer la façon dont vous développer des produits, des services et processus … et même des stratégies » Pour bien commencer cette nouvelle année, cet article, plus qu’inspiré par l’article de Tim Brown dans la Harvard Business Review, veut présenter ce qu’est le Design Thinking. Thomas Edison a bien sur créé l’ampoule électrique mais il avait surtout compris que cette ampoule n’ai rien sans le système de génération et de transmission de l’électricité. Le génie d’Edison a surtout été de développer un marché complet et pas uniquement un produit. Le processus de design peut être comparé à un système d’espaces plus qu’à une série définie et ordonnée d’étapes. Inspiration : que est le problème du business ? il faut faire en sorte que le Design Thinking fasse parti du travail d’innovation : Le terrain de l’innovation s’étend et l’innovation est devenue la source principale de différentiation et d’avantage compétitif.

Zazzle | Custom T-Shirts, Personalized Gifts, Posters, Art, and more design studies forum › Rethinking Design Thinking: Part I This article originally appeared in Design and Culture, Volume 3, Number 3, November 2011 Abstract The term design thinking has gained considerable attention over the past decade in a wide range of organizations and contexts beyond the traditional preoccupations of designers. Introduction Professional design is now operating within an expanded and increasingly complex field. For design firms working for global clients in relentless pursuit of new markets, new offerings and new kinds of value creation, design itself is being remade (Tonkinwise 2010). While much of this critical discussion is beginning to take shape outside design circles, this article will examine design thinking from within. If we explore design thinking by using theories of practice, we may better understand designers’ work within the social worlds in which it takes place. Asking What If: The Designer as Cultural Interpreter In just the last five years, the term is more and more ubiquitous. Understanding Design Thinking

Interview Fabrice Mauléon, MOOC "Pensée Design" Le « design thinking » vous connaissez ? Après un démarrage en douceur, le concept part désormais à la conquête de l’Hexagone. Fabrice Mauléon, principal intervenant du MOOC « Pensée Design » conçu par France Business School, nous apporte son éclairage sur les principes de cette méthode Mon parcours est probablement aussi transverse que peut l’être une bonne approche transdisciplinaire de Design Thinking. J’ai ensuite eu la chance d’exercer différentes fonctions, en parallèle de l’enseignement et la recherche, au sein de mon école : direction d’un laboratoire de recherche, pilote de chaires sur la microfinance et d’autres sujets… mais j’ai surtout animé avec bonheur la spécialisation en gestion et développement durable de l’actuelle FBS. C’est cette dernière activité qui m’a fait le plus m’interroger sur mon métier de professeur. - Le design thinking ou la pensée design est encore peu connu en France. Il n’existe pas de définition arrêtée de ce qu’est le design. Oui, très certainement.

The Grove | The Leaders of Visual Planning, Team Performance, and Graphic Facilitation for over 30 Years. Strategic Design MBA Course Descriptions Download the course schedule forJanuary 2013 - June 2015Cohort 1, Cohort 2, and Cohort 3 Course 1: Innovative Leadership Compare to traditional MBA courses: Leadership, Organizational Behavior This course addresses the skills, concepts, and mind-set that support leadership in complex, innovative organizations. Course 2: Design Research for Business Compare to traditional MBA courses: Market Research, Statistics This course provides students with the qualitative and quantitative tools they need to find and frame opportunities, construct successful project briefs, and apply the design research method to products, services and experiences by exploring and documenting new research techniques. Course 3: Business Model Development PROJECT COURSE Compare to traditional MBA courses: Strategy, Organizational Structure, Business Planning, Marketing, IT Management In this course students explore a customer-centric approach to business models. Course 4: Metrics I: Financial Reporting and Analysis

A (Nearly) Complete Online Toolkit For Startups When you’re launching a startup, what’s the one thing you need? Initial funds? Organization? A plan? Well, yes—but also tools. Fortunately for entrepreneurs, there are tons of web apps out there—many of them free—to help handle the business side while you catapult your product into the market. 1. Great for: Back office number crunching How it works: Keep all your accounting and HR reports in the cloud to keep everything straight—and saved. 2. Great for: Onboarding new employees. How it works: Onboarding takes a lot of time—and a lot of paperwork. 3. Great for: Finding new employees via social networks. How it works: Zao is basically a referral program based on social media. 4. Great for: Sales CRM. How it works: Make customer relationship management your #1 priority by using Pipedrive on mobile or desktop. 5. Great for: Managing employee perks. How it works: Use this customizable platform to request new perks in your area, and AnyPerk will see what they can do. 6. 7. 8. Great for: Bookkeeping