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StartX benefits from the best mentors in Silicon Valley ranging from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to industry experts and professors. We benefit from having access to faculty and lecturers from the Stanford community including the Engineering, Business, Medical, and Design Schools. We have a large roster of experts in a wide range of industries and functions who help the founders with everything from pricing models and marketing to FDA consulting and sales. The mentors will provide your teams with guidance and advice based on your specific needs through calls, lectures, and informal meetings. By forming personal relationships with the best and the brightest entrepreneurial minds, you will not only gain access to their unique networks, but also be provided the guidance you need to start your company off on the right track.

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Experts speculate on possible business models for MOOC providers Massively open online courses, or MOOCs, do not currently lead to any widely recognized credential. Still, with more than 1.5 million people having registered for MOOCs through Coursera, Udacity and edX, the demand for the novel online offerings is undeniable. But while demand appears to be high, none of these three organizations -- two of which are for-profit companies that will be expected to generate money for investors and the other of which is a nonprofit that will be expected to stand on its own feet eventually -- currently has a business plan. They can afford it, for now. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University together have committed $60 million to edX, Coursera has raised $16 million in venture funding, and Udacity is sitting on an undisclosed infusion from Charles River Ventures. They have cash to burn, and each has focused on establishing partnerships with reputable institutions and professors and harnessing available technologies in its platform.

19 Entrepreneur Blogs That Will Change Your Life Posted by John Paul Aguiar in Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur Blogs To Succeed With As a blogger today you have to build your blog like a business if you want to have real long term success. So that will make you an entrepreneur, a blogging entrepreneur It doesn’t matter what type of entrepreneur you are, we all need places we can go to get great info, resources and support on our entrepreneurial journey.

Lessons learned from MITx’s prototype course A series of screenshots from 6.002x, the first course offered through MITx (credit: MIT) Last December, MIT announced the creation of MITx, an ambitious project to recreate the MIT classroom experience online. In March, the MITx prototype course — “Circuits and Electronics,” (6.002x) — debuted. In May, MIT and Harvard University jointly announced the creation of edX, an organization that will further develop the MITx platform and enable other universities to use it as well. As MIT and Harvard gear up to offer new edX courses in the fall, the edX team is taking stock of its experience with 6.002x and beginning to incorporate what it learned into the system’s design. 155,000 students registered; 7,157 passed

Assess — Opportunity Analysis Canvas For aspiring entrepreneurs, new approaches and tools are necessary to develop the ideas that can lead to successful companies and organizations of all types. The emergence of business model courses, tools, and competitions are a step in the right direction. The focus of these new activities is engaging aspiring entrepreneurs in customer discovery and developing and testing a business model canvas. While this is a viable approach and valuable lesson in entrepreneurship education, business models only begin to take shape when a new venture idea is formulated. Sick of paying for textbooks? Get them now, free and online In the same way that free open online courseware is threatening to disrupt traditional universities, open textbook initiatives such as OpenStax College from Rice University threaten to do the same to the traditional textbook market. OpenStax College has taken five of the most popular topics taught in American universities and produced high quality peer-reviewed textbooks that are available for anyone to download for free. OpenStax College aims to try and save students at least $90 million over five years by capturing 10% of the US textbook market.

Blog 46 Flares101233--×46 Flares Click here to listen to the audio version of this post, Episode 37 of Kate’s Take. A few months ago I was sitting at my desk, clacking away on my Mac. Blog » From 100 Students to 100,000 Typically I teach around 100 students per year in my introductory database course. This past fall my enrollment was a whopping 60,000. Admittedly, only 25,000 of them chose to submit assignments, and a mere 6500 achieved a strong final score. But even with 6500 students, I more than quadrupled the total number of students I’ve taught in my entire 18-year academic career. The story begins a couple of years earlier, when Stanford computer science faculty started thinking about shaking up the way we teach. We were tired of delivering the same lectures year after year, often to a half-empty classroom because our classes were being videotaped.

The ‘Happiness’ StartUp Part Deux. Rules to Live By. Last November, I wrote one of my favorite blog posts, the original “Happiness StartUp: Rules To Live By.” It’s still something I read at least twice a month to remind myself of why we do the things we do, why it’s important to struggle, and why to never make your memories, greater than your dreams. You’re going to go through tough times, that’s life. But, nothing happens to you, it happens for you. See the positive in negative events.

400 Free Online Courses from Top Universities Get 1200 free online courses from the world's leading universities -- Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouTube, or university web sites) straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 30,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now. Humanities & Social Sciences Art & Art History Courses Classics Courses

12 Organizations Entrepreneurs Need to Join Entrepreneur and CultureIQ are searching for the top high-performing cultures to be featured on our annual list. Think your company has what it takes? Click here to get started. Ever since becoming an official entreprenuer, I have been attending entrepreneurial events. I have attended and joined 1000's of different organizations.

Stanford's open courses raise questions about true value of elite education In November, Wolfram Burgard, a professor of computer science at the University of Freiburg, in Germany, administered an online midterm exam for a course in artificial intelligence to 54 students. The test-takers sat in the lecture hall, spaced at least a meter apart, with proctors roaming the aisles to make sure nobody was looking up clues or chatting online with co-conspirators. The students were from all over. Some were enrolled at Freiburg, some at the Technical University of Munich, some at the University of Hamburg, and several from outside Germany. Most were hoping to get credit for the course at their home universities, which meant they would have to return to Freiburg in mid-December to take a proctored final exam; no small chore for a pair visiting from Paris, and the one who had flown in from Finland, a distance of 1,500 miles.

10 Best Startups That Made An Impact In 2014 Startups pop up quicker than mushrooms but we’ve whittled this year’s huge crop down to our 10 favourite companies that launched in 2014. Our picks range from hardware bringing internet connectivity to anywhere and changing the way we charge our devices to the site that’s itself revealed some of the most interesting startup stories of the year and the one messaging app that could rule them all… The startup that surfaces brilliant startups Product Hunt Can't Pay? Don't Pay! Or, Become An Edu-Punk: Some Solutions To The Problem Of Student Debt A college education has become the key to entering the middle-class, but do student loans negate that possibility? Chances are, if you have a college or postgraduate degree, you also have student loans to pay back. Nationwide, Americans have around $1 trillion in education debt; each year, the cost of tuition at universities is rising (it rose 5.9 percent in 2008 at private universities and 6.4 percent at public ones).

Ramit's Best of 2014 I always love hearing how people spend their holidays — mostly because some people have truly insane families. I looked at what my friends are doing, and it’s either… Filled in a loving environment eating decadent holiday food, relaxing, and watching children play with their new giftsHating life, listening to a racist uncle at dinner, hiding in a bedroom, reading reddit from the bathroom, counting the minutes until they can go home That’s why my new holiday pastime is listening to crazy stories of crazy families. I LOVE IT. Indian people usually don’t have these stories, so if you have a crazy story from this Christmas, send it to me.