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StartX – Stanford Student Startup Accelerator – Apply Today!

StartX – Stanford Student Startup Accelerator – Apply Today!
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Experts speculate on possible business models for MOOC providers Massively open online courses, or MOOCs, do not currently lead to any widely recognized credential. Still, with more than 1.5 million people having registered for MOOCs through Coursera, Udacity and edX, the demand for the novel online offerings is undeniable. But while demand appears to be high, none of these three organizations -- two of which are for-profit companies that will be expected to generate money for investors and the other of which is a nonprofit that will be expected to stand on its own feet eventually -- currently has a business plan. They can afford it, for now. The MOOC providers are nonetheless in strange territory. So far the only revenue stream that the major new MOOC providers have said they will pursue is charging a fee for a certificate. But the extent to which revenue from certificate fees can support a MOOC business remains unclear. One of the more provocative potential business models for MOOCs is to bypass credentialing altogether.

Venture Hacks - Good advice for startups - Changing the Mindset of Future Entrepreneurs Seedcamp Aston Entrepreneurs Lessons learned from MITx’s prototype course A series of screenshots from 6.002x, the first course offered through MITx (credit: MIT) Last December, MIT announced the creation of MITx, an ambitious project to recreate the MIT classroom experience online. In March, the MITx prototype course — “Circuits and Electronics,” (6.002x) — debuted. In May, MIT and Harvard University jointly announced the creation of edX, an organization that will further develop the MITx platform and enable other universities to use it as well. As MIT and Harvard gear up to offer new edX courses in the fall, the edX team is taking stock of its experience with 6.002x and beginning to incorporate what it learned into the system’s design. 155,000 students registered; 7,157 passed In the end, almost 155,000 people registered for 6.002x. Agarwal also believes that the rate of completion will increase as more courses are added to the edX catalog. Students create their own followup online course Ultimately, students from more than 160 countries registered for 6.002x.

Startup Marketing Blog - By Sean Ellis Free Online Course Materials | About OCW Espace de travail pour créateurs d’entreprises | L'offre Neuilly Nouveaux Medias L’offre Neuilly Nouveaux Medias, indépendante de celle de NeuillyLab, permet aux entrepreneurs innovants du domaine des nouveaux médias : - d’être hébergés temporairement dans des grandes entreprises de Neuilly - de bénéficier d’un suivi personnalisé. Imaginée par Jean-Christophe FROMANTIN, Maire de Neuilly-sur-Seine et Député des Hauts-de-Seine, et Christophe AULNETTE, 1er adjoint au Maire délégué aux Finances, au développement économique et à l’emploi, cette initiative présente trois avantages : - mobiliser les grandes entreprises qui accueillent directement les créateurs - optimiser les ressources de la ville grâce à des locaux mis gracieusement à disposition par les partenaires - soutenir l’innovation dans des domaines d’activité porteurs de compétitivité et de différenciation Qu’est-ce que Neuilly Nouveaux Médias ? Les projets sélectionnés seront personnellement accompagnés et suivis par CMS Bureau Françis Lefebvre, Deloitte, Fidal et Kurt Salmon. Inscription Evaluation

Biotechnology Yes - Training for UK postgraduates on the commercialisation of bioscience ideas Sick of paying for textbooks? Get them now, free and online In the same way that free open online courseware is threatening to disrupt traditional universities, open textbook initiatives such as OpenStax College from Rice University threaten to do the same to the traditional textbook market. OpenStax College has taken five of the most popular topics taught in American universities and produced high quality peer-reviewed textbooks that are available for anyone to download for free. OpenStax College aims to try and save students at least $90 million over five years by capturing 10% of the US textbook market. Authors of textbooks in Flat World Knowledge receive a royalty on sales of printed versions of their textbooks, whereas authors contributing towards Rice University’s venture are volunteering their efforts. Bookboon funds open access through the inclusion of advertising in the books. The move to electronic textbooks is something that students have adopted with gusto. Spending time searching for a free textbook is probably not a priority.

Advice and Insights for Entrepreneurs | OnStartups YouNoodle | Satisfy your entrepreneurial appetite. Accelerator The 500 Startups Accelerator experiments with early-stage startup formulas for explosive growth with a mixture of up to $250K in funding, superhuman mentors & designers in residence, platform-specific strategies for customer acquisition, a creative workspace and lots more awesomeness… Applications for our next Mountain View batch are NOW CLOSED! Thanks for applying. Successful startups don’t just need great coders and designers, they require scalable and cost-effective customer acquisition.