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Startups, Entrepreneurs, Business Ideas, Small Business India

Startups, Entrepreneurs, Business Ideas, Small Business India

The Bevo Media Exchange - The Performance Marketing Exchange For Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneurship Ideas The Strongest Careers Are Non-Linear Display Advertising Guidelines: The New 2012 Portfolio These updated Display Creative Guidelines are the work-product of an exhaustive 9-month cross-industry working group effort to bring the industry inline with the creative demands of brand advertisers. The IAB had two overriding goals for this update: Issue guidelines that empower creative shops to exercise the limits of their imagination, only tempering creativity as it relates to positive consumer experience; and Further simplify the digital supply chain by making these new guidelines easily accessible, adoptable and understandable. While the accommodation of every individual concern is beyond reach, near universal approval of these specifications and guidelines was achieved by the Working Group participants. Despite a few inevitable compromises, these updated guidelines represent a quantum leap forward— they embrace and foster creativity in ways never before possible. Availability and Adoption Please be advised that these IAB guidelines represent an industry recommendation.

Nurture Talent Academy How Online Comments Are Becoming A Big Business They almost seem like an afterthought, the comments attached to Internet content. These scribblings may seem like the anonymous musings of the masses, but many corporations are viewing them as a high-powered vehicle to drive lead generation and community building, and funding trends for commenting vendors suggests that this is not afterthought: Comments are a very valuable Web business. Chances are you've used Livefyre and not known it. After all, their clients include some of the biggest media out there. So when Livefyre announced a $15 million funding round last month to ramp up their mobile and moderating features, people took note. If Livefyre is the new kid on the block flexing its muscles, then the tried and true veteran is Disqus, which has raised more than $10.5 million in VC investment. That's a lot of choices for publishers, because there's value in giving customers varied options as to how they interact online. Let Them Comment Real Value? Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

The Ultimate Designer Toolkit over 60,000 Designer Items This deal was immensely popular in the past and we were inundated with requests to bring it back, so we have brought it back so that everyone can have a chance to get it. This bundle is even bigger and better than before, while still being at the same low price. For the past 2,000 years, a group of talented designers have been creating the ultimate toolkit for designers. Well, it was more like 14 months, but hey even then, the results are super impressive. This is exactly what we're offering with this amazing deal. So what's inside this awesome and humongous package? 340 Seamless Vectors Seamless vector patterns are great for adding textures to your design work. 27,000 Photoshop Gradients Adding a touch of color gradients to your backgrounds, prints, banners, websites, buttons, and artwork is both simple and effective. 18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles Layer styles are special effects that can be applied to an entire layer to create amazing designs. You'll also get 25 PSD Layouts + Tutorials

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