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A dozen of the best start-up pitches on the Web

A dozen of the best start-up pitches on the Web
One of the best ways to prepare yourself to pitch your company is to watch other people pitch theirs. Here are a dozen of the best “start-up” pitches I could find (watching people pitch established companies is, in general, not as much fun ). Watch and learn! (PS Post any other good ones I may have missed in the comments and I will add them to the post.) #1 – Sam Altman pitches Loopt at the WWDC 2008. #2 – Omar Hamoui pitches AdMob. $0 to $750 million in three years. #3 – Evan Williams talks about Twitter at TED. #4 – Yext presenting at this year’s TechCrunch50. #5 – Cafe Press‘s “Lesson Learned” pitch. “Lessons Learned” – A New Type of Venture Capital Pitch #6 – Drew Houston launches Dropbox at TechCrunch50 (2008). #7 – Hey, just because it’s not a business doesn’t mean it’s not a start-up! And another (Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” speech). #8 – Aaron Patzer launches Mint at TechCrunch40 (they won top prize). #9 – Kevin Rose demos Digg…in 2004. BONUS #3 – Not sick of pitches yet? 13.

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Lessons From A Study of Perfect Pitch Decks: VCs Spend An Average of 3 Minutes, 44 Seconds On Them DocSend, a startup that provides people with a secure and private way of sharing files like offer letters or legal agreements, studied more than 200 pitchdecks to figure out the right way to graduate from bootstrapped to seed-funded, or from angels to a Series A. They partnered with Harvard Business School professor Tom Eisenmann to look at companies that had raised $360 million in total. What did they find? You can see the whole study here. Web Strategy: What the Web Strategist should know about Twitter You: A Web Strategist If you’re responsible for the direction of your online strategies for your company or organization, you’ve probably been hearing buzz about Twitter, a next-generation instant messaging tool. Even if you’re new to Twitter, this will serve as a guide to educate you, help you make a decision, link to resources, and provide a starting point for your strategy. [Twitter, a scalable instant messaging service, is being used by early adopters in the tech industry, what is it? and how can it improve my communications?] Web Strategy Theory to know before you go forward If you’ve not already figured it out, the corporate website is becoming less relevant, and web marketing (and support) has spread off your domain and google results. You also know that prospects trust the opinions of existing customers (who are ‘like them’) far more than marketers, and Facebook let’s these communities of practice assemble, your brand is decentralized –embrace!

Using Google to Tell Real Science from Fads Most hot ideas and discoveries fade with time. But some scientific papers are genuine breakthroughs, whose importance only increases as the decades pass. This one, published in Science last week, which describes a database of words from millions of books digitized by Google—4 percent of all books ever printed—could be one of the big ones.

Good Question! The Eight Best Questions We Got While Raising Venture Capital Editor’s note: Guest writer Glenn Kelman is the CEO of Redfin, an online real estate broker that seeks to give consumers the information and tools once limited to real estate agents. Previously, he was a co-founder of Plumtree Software, which had a public offering in 2002 but is now part of Oracle. Below he shares the best questions from investors during a recent fund raising. The Tube The Tube is IDEO’s intranet, a suite of online tools that enables hundreds of employees located around the world to collaborate and inspire one another as an integral part of their work process. The Tube combines social-networking tools such as blogs, wikis, and real-time screen sharing with legacy business systems like HR databases, asset management systems, and e-mail. The intranet has created ways for individuals to share their passions and expertise, for teams to learn from each other, for offices to feel better connected, and for the company to build on common themes and directions.

How to Be ‘Pitch Perfect': 5 Essential Elements for Your Pitch Deck What’s the average amount of time an investor spends looking at a pitch deck? 3 minutes and 44 seconds. You read that right. This short attention span is clear proof that presenters need to hone the art of the (short) pitch. If you are looking for a starting point, here are 5 essential elements: 1. YAML Builder – Kickass CSS Site Building Tool I love CSS and I love creating new designs but I don’t love the starting process. Really, those first few steps of creating the structure of the CSS template just annoys me – and for lots and lots of people, it’s just plain hard to do. That’s why developers have been working on creating tools to generate CSS layout frameworks for the past few years, and some have been more successful than others.

How the Top VCs Want to Be Pitched When you’re preparing to pitch to a venture capitalist, you'll likely look for resources that tell you what constitutes a great pitch. And, sure, you'll find many expert tips on the best and most effective pitches. But have you stopped to think what the VCs themselves think? Related: How To Show Investors Your Startup Is Worth Sinking Money Into Aren't the best people to tell you what a really good pitch comprises the VCs themselves?

Are these the 10 best corporate blogs in the world? My reaction to most company blogs: “Blah, blah and double blah!” I recently taught a class on corporate blogging at the social media marketing graduate program at Rutgers University. In my research for the class, I pored through hundreds of websites looking for examples of the best company blogs in the world. 12 of the hardest questions venture capitalists will ask you What is the most difficult question that VCs ask and what is the best way to tackle it ahead of time? What is your hole? "The classic VC role is that of an interrogator, trying to break you for a key secret. But it doesn't have to be that way.