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Blowing up Startups Since 2010

Blowing up Startups Since 2010
Since 2010, we've been building a select group of more than 1000 founders, 200 mentors, and 500 companies in 40 countries around the world. We're constantly making kickass things happen through: Our private social network connects mentors and founders at scale. From online discussions to private meet ups, Dashboard turns the 500 family into a collective brain and support system. Our calendar of sold-out, epic events includes Smash Summit for customer acquisition, Warm Gun for UX design, UnSexy for monetization, and Geeks on a Plane for global market immersion. We have fun, practice openness and encourage sharing in ways that create the ultimate environment for learning, success, and awesomeness.

노상범 - Google+ - 어제 후배들과 저녁 먹으면서 10분 만에 마구잡이로 정리해 본 현재 한국 웹에이전시 Top 10 (완전… Accelerators and Seed Funds Sprouting Up in Mexico By Celeste North of for Opinno. focuses on entrepreneurial innovation in Mexico. In the past two years, many seed funds and start-up accelerators in Mexico have sprung up , creating new opportunities for small companies that otherwise would have a though road in developing viable products. In building a sustainable start-up ecosystem , several key ingredients are needed.

SoftTechVC: Building great companies... My Blog 随着常数 m 和 n 的变化,参数方程 x = sin(m · t), y = sin(n · t) 将会画出一系列漂亮的曲线。法国物理学家 Jules Antoine Lissajous 曾在 1857 年研究过这类曲线,因此人们把它叫做 Lissajous 曲线。我在 reddit 上看到了一个 Lissajous 曲线的动画演示,觉得看起来确实非常爽;但那个动画里没有解释曲线的生成方法,很多细节也有让人不太满意的地方,于是决定自己制作一个。这个动画展示的是 m = 13, n = 18 时的 Lissajous 曲线。 2016 年 7 月 30 日至 8 月 7 日,第 39 届欧洲杂耍大会(European Juggling Convention)在荷兰的阿尔梅勒举行, 8 月 3 日凌晨的搏击之夜(Fight Night)自然再度成为了众人关注的焦点——它是杂耍斗(combat juggling)这项运动最大的赛事。在杂耍斗的圈子里,有两个响当当的大名你必须要知道:德国选手 Jochen Pfeiffer 目前世界排名第二,之前拿过 6 次搏击之夜的冠军;英国选手 Luke Burrage 目前世界排名第一,之前拿过 8 次搏击之夜的冠军。 About : Grow VC About What is Grow VC? Grow Venture Community (Grow VC) by Grow VC Group, is the first global, transparent, community-based platform dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors. Grow VC enables great ideas and great teams to get visibility with the right investing audience, funding and support earlier. Grow VC is more than crowd funding, it’s a nurturing ecosystem where entrepreneurs can connect with experts, funders, team members, new customers and partners to realize their ideas. Grow VC can help startups companies to build their teams and secure initial funding of up to 1M USD.

Floodgate Fund: Opening the Gates to Success Dave McClure HumanIPO - Entrepreneurship Accelerated Y Combinator Revolucionando o mercado gráfico brasileiro QUORUMM DIGITAL VENTURE PARTNERS - In searching for Innovative Digital Marketing and Social Media Companies worldwide, to ignite and accelerate them into the global marketplace The Resource for Entrepreneurs.

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