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Blowing Up Startups Since 2010

Blowing Up Startups Since 2010
Since 2010, we've been building a select group of more than 1000 founders, 200 mentors, and 500 companies in 40 countries around the world. We're constantly making kickass things happen through: Our private social network connects mentors and founders at scale. From online discussions to private meet ups, Dashboard turns the 500 family into a collective brain and support system. Our calendar of sold-out, epic events includes Smash Summit for customer acquisition, Warm Gun for UX design, UnSexy for monetization, and Geeks on a Plane for global market immersion. We have fun, practice openness and encourage sharing in ways that create the ultimate environment for learning, success, and awesomeness.

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Code With Chris – iPhone and iPad Development Tutorials Testimonials from current members 100% of members polled would recommend this course to someone else. The course is rated 9 out of 10 by members. Marshall Auerback and Rob Parenteau: The Myth of Greek Profligacy & the Faith Based Economics of the ‘Troika’ By Marshall Auerback, a portfolio strategist and hedge fund manager, and Rob Parenteau, CFA, sole proprietor of MacroStrategy Edge and a research associate of The Levy Economics Institute Historically, Greeks have been very good at constructing myths. The rest of the world? novoed Those trying to create social change often revisit a familiar question: how do we know what works? This simple question can be alarmingly tough to answer; especially when the change we are targeting is complex and multi causal. If we’re to have any hope of answering such questions it is critical that we collect data about our social impact.

6 Startup Lessons From Designers At Pinterest, Fuseproject, And Behance In 2011, over 60 designers started the Designer Fund, to give angel funding, mentorship, and connections to designers creating businesses with positive social impact. We believe that designers should be part of the DNA of companies from the beginning and partner with business and technology cofounders to build great products, user experiences, and a culture of innovation for the long run. That core principle has informed our Designer Founders book series, which includes interviews with designers about the path they took to create tech startups. Our goal with this project is for designers around the world to find inspiration in role models who have successfully taken the journey from designer to founder. The first edition features conversations with Evan Sharp of Pinterest, Rashmi Sinha of SlideShare, Yves Béhar of fuseproject, Christina Brodbeck of theicebreak, and Scott Belsky and Matias Corea of Behance. 1.

Investment Team - Verdex Capital Associate, Agriculture Technologies As a Associate at Verdex Capital, Ingrid is responsible for deal sourcing and due diligence pertaining to Canadian Ag Tech opportunities. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Ingrid acts as the Verdex Capital point of contact in Eastern Canada. In addition Ingrid actively monitors trends and drivers in the Ag Tech sector to enable the Verdex team to identify investment opportunities with potentially disruptive technologies. Ingrid has over 5 years of academic research experience in diverse areas such as developmental biology, molecular biology, chemical biology, and plant-pest interactions. Open Salaries at Buffer: Our Transparent Formula and All Our Salaries UPDATE November 25, 2015: We have a brand-new salary formula and an updated, searchable list of all our salaries. Find it all here! When we first established the Buffer values that we wanted to have as the center of our company culture, we knew that sticking to these ideas would be an incredible challenge. Especially since we’ve seen before that these values can easily end up being little more than a set of words written on a piece of paper. In our culture deck, the second value on our list at Buffer is “Default to Transparency.”

The Great Startup Game: How to Close Angel Investors How to Kill the Angel Investor "Deal-Killers" Have you experienced the frustration of dealing with a self-proclaimed "interested" angel investor who you just cannot close, no matter how hard you try or how many months go by? If you have, read on. After writing last month about angel investment "Deal-Killers," I received a slew of emails and calls from frustrated and angry entrepreneurs unable to close deals with angel investors. Social investment helps thousands see things clearly Willemijn Geldorp channels her entrepreneurial spirit as an angel investor, business mentor and active member of social impact ventures. Her varied international career has involved diverse roles in wholesale operations in Europe and emerging markets. She has worked in large corporates as well as managing a small manufacturing venture in Ecuador and has an MBA from IMD Business School in Switzerland. Based in the UK, Willemijn was part of the management team of an extensive optical retail operation in the UK & Ireland, before she began to focus her efforts and capital solely into supporting positively impactful ventures. She has a particularly keen passion to help ventures strengthen their go-to-market strategy, to scale their growth and social impact.

Divide And Conquer: A Tale Of Two Startup Founders, Two Cities, And One Great Idea I’m fortunate to meet and work with a wide range of industrious and passionate founders of early-stage businesses, and I'm always fascinated to hear about new and unique challenges they face when starting a new business. I met the founders of Sneakz Organic about six months ago while working with one of our other early-stage ventures. I was inspired by their vision and the challenge of starting a business with the two founders based in different locations. Sneakz’ goal is to help kids (and adults) who aren’t getting enough veggies in their daily diet by sneaking vegetable nutrition into multiple products in different aisles of the grocery store. Their first product is a chocolate milkshake that sneaks in a full serving of vegetables, via sweet potatoes, carrots, and broccoli. It's a healthier alternative to standard chocolate milks, with more fiber and less sugar, and all the nutrition coming from whole foods.

Meet the Woman Who’s Created the 21st Century Finance Model for Emerging Technologies — The Internet of Women Meet the Woman Who’s Created the 21st Century Finance Model for Emerging Technologies This piece is an excerpt from the forthcoming book The Internet of Women: Accelerating Culture Change to be published on June 30th: Riva-Melissa Tez is the CEO and co-founder of Permutation in San Francisco. A London native, she runs an artificial intelligence platform and incubator. In her spare time, she works on The Longevity Cookbook, alongside Maria Konovalenko and Steve Aoki, which is a book that distills academic research into practical measures for slowing the aging process.

25 Tools for Making Your Company Appear Bigger Than it is Being a small company has its upsides. You're fast and nimble, and you don't have any bureaucracy mucking up your ability to get things done. However, being big has one advantage: increased credibility in the eyes of many consumers. So how can a small company appear bigger than it is? Cutting Up the Founder’s Pie The Founders’ Pie Calculator By Frank Demmler Several weeks ago, we took a look at the founders’ pie.

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