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New 2017 Muddy Box Blind. Muddy Outdoors, known for exceptionally high-end and feature driven product lines, has now expanded and revolutionized their line to contain even more options!

New 2017 Muddy Box Blind

New for 2017, Muddy introduces the Gunner box blind. The Gunner box blind is the younger brother of the Muddy Bull box blind. From the same genetic pool, the Gunner features all of the bells and whistles of its older brother, the Muddy Bull, just in a smaller package. This offers hunters the same superior quality they have come to expect from the Muddy Bull Blind, now in a smaller and more budget friendly blind! The Muddy Gunner features: Floor: Joist and SheetingWalls: Therma-Tek PanelsRoof: Sheeting and Plastic, Heavy-Duty Molded RoofWindows: Residential Quality Glass and All Steel HardwareBlind Dimensions: 4’ Square x 7’ TallDoor: 30”W x 70”TWindows: 33” Wide x 13” Tall To find out more on the Muddy Gunner box blind go to! How Filling the Freezer Can Cause Problems. It’s the last week of deer season and you have just had one of the proudest, yet scariest moments of your life.

How Filling the Freezer Can Cause Problems

Your significant other recently looked at you and pleaded “when are you going to kill a deer”? A tear shed from your eye…a slight sob came from deep within. Thoughts rushed through your mind…”Is he/she really, no it can’t be, no way, should I even dare ask, do they want me to go hunting?” After mustering up enough courage you let a very meek “do you want me to go hunting this afternoon”? Not a second passes by when your mind suddenly forms a terrifying question…”Are we out of meat?” While many hunters might revel in the fact that their significant other has just told them to go hunting, the scary position and possibility of being out of venison isn’t pleasing, in fact, it’s darn right petrifying!

Trophy Pursuit: Doe Management from Muddy’s Trophy Pursuit on Vimeo Late Season Doe Management: Problems Think about what a regular late season hunt consists of. Possible. Essential Preparation for Next Season - Muddy. Hunting stand and blind maintenance is an afterthought for most hunters after the completion of a long deer season.

Essential Preparation for Next Season - Muddy

Hunters are often preparing for spring gobbler or dusting off their trout rods for opening day in anticipation of warming spring weather. Spring, however, is an ideal time of year for revisiting your hunting spot and either removing or inspecting your tree stands. Take this break between outdoor activities to return to your tree stand locations, pull and/or inspect stands or prepare your pop-up ground blinds for turkey season or storage until next deer season. Pulling Portable Tree Stands The first thought before engaging in any activity involving hunting stands should be safety.

Portable stands, like hang-on tree stands and ladder tree stands, are best maintained by removing them after each hunting season. Maintenance Activities Parts that need replaced should be done with replacement parts from the manufacturer to preserve operating capability. Ground Blind Preparation. 3 Things You Should Do Right Now for Spring Turkey Hunting - Muddy. Its early morning, you’re in a bale blind, overlooking a grown up field.

3 Things You Should Do Right Now for Spring Turkey Hunting - Muddy

The sun is on the way up, and you have just received enough light to make out the silhouette of the tom on his roost. You have lucked into the perfect spot. Your hearts pumping, the tom is hammering, and you couldn’t be surer that this will happen, you think everything is in place for a successful, perfect turkey hunt. However, once the sun peaks its head over the trees the tom flies down in a different direction, hits the ground, and bolts to the next county…the hunt is over, and you are left dumbfounded with several questions. Was it my calling?

Get The Most From Your Trail Cameras This Spring - Muddy. March is a hard and puzzling month, old man winter is confused, plants are confused, deer and turkey are confused, and you are completely lost.

Get The Most From Your Trail Cameras This Spring - Muddy

Plants, wildlife, and you, yourself do not even know whether or not to pull the trigger on spring activity or still lie dormant. Warm, sunny, 70 degree days one week, bitterly cold, snow storms the next is common, leaving you literally never knowing what March will throw at you. Most hunters, including yourself, are probably just breaking out of winter hibernation, and let’s face it, you were not productive were you? The most you might have achieved is getting your tree stands, ground blinds, or box blinds out of the elements over the winter, some shed hunting, but other than that you were unquestionably a dormant bear on that couch! You’re not the only one in the situation, besides other hunters both deer and turkey are in a tough transition this time of the year.

Blowing the dust off, or opening the new box? What cameras do you have?