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Nomadic Matt's Travel Site : Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer. Curious Expeditions. How Can I Quickly Find the Best Neighborhood(s) in Any City—and the Best Hangouts Therein? Lonely Planet’s Year of Adventures coming to Travel Channel – Lonely Planet blog. Live map of London Underground trains.

Loading... Powered by Leaflet — Map tiles © Thunderforest, data © OpenStreetMap contributors. Live London Underground map By Matthew Somerville. Data collected: Mon, 05 Sep 2016 08:33:02 +0100 <div style="border: solid 2px #cc0000; padding: 5px; width: 70%; margin: 1em auto;"> I'm afraid that this page requires JavaScript to draw the maps and plot move the trains, which isn't possible with just HTML. However, all the data used to generate the map is accessible and available from <a href=" for London's website</a>.

More information Hide What is this? This map shows all trains (yellow dots) on the London Underground network in approximately real time. I have similar things for the London buses and National Rail, and an awesome bookmarkable train times journey planner. . — Matthew How does it work? Live departure data is fetched from the TfL API, and then it does a bit of maths and magic.

Who did this? Originally built at Science Hackday, June 2010. Carrera Foldable Helmet. The Arkiv R2 Field Pack / Completely Weatherproof Modular Backpack Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty. The R2 Field Packs allow for the secure and simple attachment of weatherproof accessories to the exterior of the bag. The patented Arkiv® modular system gives the bag freedom to evolve and adapt as needed. The R2 series is equipped with two Arkiv rails for a multitude of carry options in a minimalist design. Accessories range from simple cell phone pouches and tool pockets to larger organizers and laptop sleeves. The pack can be used in either "roll-top" mode, or in a traditional "flap-down" configuration, has one external zippered pocket for items like a phone or passport, and one interior zippered pocket that is ideal for documents and fits up to a 15'' laptop. All Arkiv bags and accessories are completely weatherproof, made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.

See All Arkiv Bags. Gerber Go Bag. I got mine for Christmas last year. Wow! What a great ensemble that Gerber and Maxpedition has assembled. Well worth it. I keep mine loaded and in my truck. Outstanding quality. I would expect nothing less from either manufacturers. I use this bag for everyday use this bag rocks its worth every penny im goinig to use this bag till i drop lol Got it for Christmas.

In 1968, my father went to Southeast Asia as part of the 609th Special Operations Squadron, which was responsible for nighttime interdiction missions against the Ho Chi Minh Trail. My dad is gone now, but I still have that knife and sheath. Thanks for helping to keep my dad alive. Mike Michelsen Just ordered my new Gerber Go Bag! Yupp i have alot of gerber stuff and this bag will add to my collection...once i save money up again but i know its worth the money because of my previous purchases Hello.

I love Gerber products...have several knives and multitools. Maxpedition is awesome. Just received this in the mail yesterday. World Climate: Weather rainfall and temperature data. Traveling. Around the World Travel Community for Indie Travel - BootsnAll. Travel then and now: oh how you’ve changed. In the wake of September 11, America created the Transport Security Administration, a serious ramping-up of security procedures for airline travellers. Fingerprint and retina scanning, embarrassing x-rays - it's been quite the evolution.

An evolution that seems to have lead to a loss of innocence. Remember back in the day when, if you were a cute enough kid, you could actually visit the cockpit without suspicion of being a cunningly disguised batch of anthrax? Back when you could practically lug a gallon drum of face spritzer on a plane instead of decanting it into containers as annoying as they are minuscule? But what we've lost in innocence, we've gained in convenience and information - whip-quick booking confirmations and vivid online reviews warning against bedbugs and lumpy pillows.

So before you start Googling that fantastic pensione someone tweeted about, cast your mind back *cue wobbling, fuzzy screen*... Deciding where to go How you got there Choosing and booking a hotel.