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Find Jobs and Hire skilled Freelancers, at a click

Find Jobs and Hire skilled Freelancers, at a click

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List of languages by time of extinction This is a list of extinct languages sorted by their time of extinction. When the exact time of death of the last remaining speaker is not known, either an approximate time or the date when the language was last being recorded is given. However, the list is not complete. List[edit] 21st century[edit] 13 Weird Mystery Shopper Jobs: Get Paid to Test-Drive Cars and More When you think of mystery shopping, you probably imagine going to a restaurant and quietly checking out the environment, service and food. You’ll get a free meal, maybe a few bucks and that’s it. But you might be surprised by many of the other niches in mystery shopping, and some of them are more interesting and more profitable. For example, I recently reported on being a “mystery worshipper” for $45 per church service. You secretly rate the church, and it uses the information to improve its services and attract new members. Sometimes a mystery shopping company specializes in one niche, while other times they have several departments.

QuickTate : Transcribers Thank you for your interest in typing and analyzing files for Quicktate and iDictate! Who we are Quicktate transcribes voicemail messages, memos, letters, legal files, medical files, recordings of phone calls, conference calls and other audio files. Quicktate also audits, summarizes, evaluates and analyzes audio recordings and phone conversations. People don't leave companies - they leave leaders! I have employed thousands of people over the years. And every time one resigned, a little part of me died. (OK, I lie. I have actually danced a celebratory jig around my desk on the odd occasion, but that’s another blog!) Mostly, my natural reaction has always been a human one I suppose. Chippmunk Eligibility: Chippmunk’s Contest (the "Contest") is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia over the age of 18 with access to the Internet and a valid email account. All employees of Chippmunk ("Sponsor"), all associated agencies and their respective affiliates, licensees or agents (collectively, "Contest Entities"), and their immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling and their respective spouses) and those living in the same household of each (whether related or not), are ineligible to participate in the Contest. All applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Entry in the Contest constitutes your full and unconditional acceptance of these Official Rules.

Anki Manual As mentioned in the basics section, Anki creates cards automatically, based on the notes you add. (Please read the basics section if you have not done so already, as the rest of this section assumes that you have read it.) You can configure the cards Anki should create and what should be shown on them when adding or editing material by clicking on the “Cards…” button. At the top of the window you’ll see a set of tabs, one for each card type. You can click the plus on the right if you’d like to add another card type to the current note type. Similarly, if you’d like to delete one, you can do so by clicking the X on the tab.

How to Make $1,000 a Month Using Fulfillment by Amazon lisaclarke under Creative Commons Do you love to shop and take advantage of great deals? Are you considering starting a side business to bring in extra money? If so, this opportunity to earn money by shopping for items to resell might be right up your alley: Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program (FBA). Basically, you find the products you’d like to sell, and Amazon handles the storage, sales, shipping and customer support. Ready to learn more?

Freelance Transcription Introduction Brief Home-based job, work at your convenience $10/audio hour pay rate, USD Short files, 6 minutes or less 2 hours TAT for each file Promotion to Reviewer if performance is good Monthly Bonus of $10 for every 3 hours completed No obligations, no monthly commitments or withdrawal limits We don't assign; instead you pick and choose the files to work on Overview offers a great opportunity to augment your income with a home-based online transcription job. You can enroll with us as a freelance transcriber and earn hourly for the work done.

Three Non-Obvious Issues in Multicultural Meetings When you are planning a meeting with people from different cultures maybe you have already prepared by learning about the way people greet each other and other surface cultural differences. But chances are that your meeting might be derailed by some non-obvious cultural misunderstandings. Here are the top three problems I have seen in workshops and coaching people about intercultural business. 20 Simple Ways To Save Money On Groceries Photo credit: Harrison Eastwood via Getty Images Grocery stores are expensive. It's all too easy to go in for a couple of items, only to leave with an empty wallet. Since we all have to eat, there's really no way around this -- despite the high costs, buying groceries and making homemade meals is still the cheapest way to get fed. We have good news, sort of: Chances are, we're throwing down way more money than we should. In other words, there's a way to spend less on groceries.

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