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Tutorials Quick and easy-to-follow practical guides to get you up and running with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, following best-practices every step of the way. Techniques A handful of how-to techniques builds on the Tutorials and outlines ways in which common web design features can be achieved. Examples Bare-bone examples complement the Tutorials and Techniques and should help you to grasp how bits of code work a bit better by seeing them in action.

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100 Intro Open Courses on Everything You've Ever Wanted to Learn by Staff Writers While the classes you take through an online college are a great resource, you can augment your learning by taking some time to see what entirely free courses are out there offered by universities. Taking these courses can be a great way to get a foundation of knowledge or expand on what you already know. Here are 100 open courses that are designed for beginners, so you can start your educational journey on the right foot. 11 Incredibly Inspiring Service & App Websites A lot of times, services and app websites are a little bit neglected by designers, and this is why finding a well designed service/app site can be a challenge. But if you really dig around, you can find something inspiring, like the ones we will show here today. From good use of images and type, to videos and navigation, these websites are good examples that you need to deliver a good webpage to present your service or application to attract users. Remember that the user needs to understand what you are offering. So make sure people understand your product/idea and have all the info they need, otherwise you may loose users.

v2.1.9 JavaScript Library: All The Mapbox.js documentation is organized by methods. Each method is shown with potential arguments in a table. Objects returned by constructors are documented by just their object type. css Zen Garden Resources Skip to: Navigation | Content | Sidebar | Footer mezzoblue CSS Zen Garden MOOCs from Great Universities (Many With Certificates) Advertisement Discover Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from great universities. Most offer “certificates” or “statements of completion,” though typically not university credit. A “$” indicates that the course is free, but the credential costs money. (See the key below to understand the credentials offered by each course, and see our MOOC FAQ if you have general questions.)

Build a HTML and CSS Website From Scratch This class is perfect for anyone with a great website idea or just an interest in learning how to code. This is a beginner-level class so if you have basic computer literacy and an internet connection, you're all set. Learn at your own pace. You'll leave this class with the skills to create your very own stylish, professional, and responsive website. What You Will Learn CodeIgniter Library: 77 Free Scripts, Addons, Tutorials and Videos - Razorlight Media CodeIgniter is the brainchild of Ellis Labs and one of the more popular PHP frameworks available. It's gained a reputation as a lean, mean, easy-to-learn framework that anyone comfortable with PHP can get up and running with in a few days. CodeIgniter is fixin' to blow up even more with the release of ExpressionEngine 2.0, currently in Beta, which is built on top of the CodeIgniter framework. Sounds great and all, but ExpressionEngine ain't cheap…$299 for the commercial version…so while you sit around wondering if ExpressionEngine is a CMS you want to get in to, why not get familiar with it's CodeIgniter foundation using these 802 77 totally free scripts, addons and tutorials? Free/Open Source CodeIgniter Scripts

Advanced HTML A more in-depth look at HTML and your site, continuing on from Beginning HTML. If you have some basic familiarity and understanding of HTML, you can use your Text editor to add some HTML that overrides the Visual editor’s default formatting. Here are some suggestions. Note: This resource is for using HTML to make simple changes to the formatting of individual posts and pages. If you would like to make blanket changes to your theme, such as changing the font style or color, you will need the Custom Design feature, included with the Premium and Business plans.

25 Useful WYSIWYG Editors Reviewed - Smashing Magazine When it comes to coding editors, it’s damn hard to a get a clear overview of all the benefits and functionalities different editors have to offer. However, in the end everybody needs one, so it’s important to know which editor is best tailored to your personal needs. WYSIWYG-editors are often criticized by real coding ninjas for bloated, dirty and not standards-complaint source code they’ve been producing over the last years. - Help Pronunciations appear in parentheses after boldface entry words. If an entry word has a variant and they have the same pronunciation, the pronunciation follows the variant. If the variant does not have the same pronunciation, pronunciations follow the forms to which they apply. If a word has more than one pronunciation, the first pronunciation is usually more common than the other, but often they are equally common.

WordPress Basics: Create a Website in 15 Minutes Hello! I'm your Skillshare teacher, Aaron Plaat. Nice to meet you! In this class, I’ll teach you how to create a responsive, customized website in 15 minutes or less. Watch as I build the first website and then teach you, step-by-step, to create your own. Whether you're somebody looking to learn the basics of web design (it's a great side income stream) or you are building a website for your business, organization, or venture, this is the class for you!

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