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Your source for gaming maps and mapping objects

Your source for gaming maps and mapping objects
The good folks at have offered to fully sponsor RPGMapShare for 6 months. An extremely generous offer! I have accepted, and the sponsorship will officially begin Jan 1, 2014. You'll notice a sponsor logo at the top left of every page. Please be sure to check them out and thank them for helping to keep the site open and free. Remember, though, donations are still an important part ofthis community, and are always appreciated.

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Home May 11 2013 Pharaoh's Descent WorldWorksGames delves into the world of crumbling tombs and occult mystery with Pharaoh's Descent! 10 free RPGs you must play Free RPGs are all over the major PDF download sites like DrivethruRPG and RPGNow, but the real task is to sift through the mud and find the best free roleplaying games. Now, I'm not talking about introductory games here, I'm talking about full blown core RPGs for free. You can't go wrong there. So let's take a look at what RPGs the web has to offer our cheap and greasy hands. Battlegrounds Links Here we present links to other useful tools and resources to use with . While we think you might find the information useful, the fact that a product or site is listed here does not necessarily mean that we endorse them or their products. If you would like to be listed here, or wish to suggest that we list a particular site or product, please visit our Forums and post your suggestion there. Produces beautiful maps. Highly recommended. Note: This software cannot currently be purchased, due to the DJ Store being offline.

Fantasy Name Generator By Samuel Stoddard - Version 1.5 One of the perks of creating fantasy stories -- whether by writing a story or game or by role-playing -- is you get to make up the names. Some people relish the task while others are frustrated by it. Some like it but can't seem to create names that are diverse enough. Fantasy Name Generator is a tool that can help you. It can generate an endless number of random names (of people, places, or anything) that would be suitable for use in a fantasy setting. 5 Tabletop RPGs You Can Download For Free [MUO Gaming] Playing games on a computer or console is great fun, but these systems set the rules in code and often are designed to be played with just one person in a room. This makes the social aspect of gaming less important and leaves players at the mercy of the game’s rules. Tabletop role-playing games get around these problems by putting players around the same table.

basic dungeon Please note that this site and its contents are Copyright © Kristian Richards 2002 - 2011 Bederken dungeon - free printable tiles Here is a quick present to all you old school fans. A free printable dungeon floor plan tile set! Unlike most sets which are based around 1 inch scale, this set uses a more sensible 30mm scale squares- which means dynamically posed miniatures have more room to breathe and you can use modern 30mm lipped based miniatures on it. So less mini contact. Images are printable at A4 size. You should be able to get a 6x6 square and a 6 x 2 tunnel out of each page. D&D Party of One: Solo Adventuring (Part 1) When was the last time you played D&D and it was just one PC and one DM? I’d be amazed if anyone can say that they’ve done this since the release of 4e D&D. The changes that accompanied 4e make solo gaming almost too difficult to be practical.

Dungeon Tile Mapper You've probably seen our Dungeon Tiles previews in our monthly "Previews" article series and may even have scored a copy of these cool tiles. By now you probably have hundreds of cool dungeon designs running around your head. But how can you create these dungeons and share them with your friends? Well a good friend of the D&D website, Randal "Jailoco" Meyer, has created a really cool drag-and-drop dungeon tile tool. And, he's given us a personalized copy for the D&D website as well as a nifty guide on its use. This tool includes all tiles from Dungeon Tiles I, Dungeon Tiles II: Arcane Corridors, Dungeon Tiles III: Hidden Crypts, Dungeon Tiles IV: Ruins of the Wild and will be updated with future sets.

Barrel, Crate, and Sack Generator (v1.0.1) If we've learned one thing from video games, arguable it's this: smash open every container you come across and see what's hidden inside. And when it comes to role-playing games, PCs invariably come across a numberless amount of such containers, stored within tavern basements, temple backrooms, and the dusty corners of ancient dungeons. So when your PCs smash open these containers, what do they contain? How to Play Dungeons and Dragons By Yourself - The Indie Dragon While Dungeons and Dragons is a social game, it is possible to play Dungeons and Dragons by yourself. There may be reasons why you want to play alone. Your friends might not share your enthusiasm for D&D (I’ve been there!), you live in a country/area where D&D isn’t popular or you simply don’t like your D&D group and want to leave. Here are some things to bear in mind when playing by yourself (this article assumes you know how to play D&D):

Design Cartography - Home There's a new look and format for the Creative Commons maps. Please adjust your links accordingly. Click on map thumbnail to enter the gallery. Click on the thumbnail image to enter the appropriate gallery. Random Dungeon Generator A Brief History I began working on my dungeon generator sometime around 1999. It was originally hosted on the demonweb (my personal home page), moved to the Dire Press website in May 2006, and then to the donjon website in Sept 2009.

Risus: The Anything RPG Risus News & Community Centers If you enjoy Risus, you're not alone (and you're about to become even less so). Risus includes one of the best features any roleplaying game can have: an active global community. The following are some of its grooviest expressions; join in! The Official Mailing List: The official Risus Mailing List is a 24/7 source of news from the world of Risus! Subscribers are the first to know about new Risus material from Cumberland Games, as well as new fan-sites spotted on the web, an archive of yet more freebies (including the occasional Mailing List Exclusive), and other warm-and-perky goodness.