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40 Must Learn Text Effect Tutorials in Illustrator

40 Must Learn Text Effect Tutorials in Illustrator
Tutorials January 31, 2011 The love of creating text effects has become a common ground for many designers and enthusiasts. Indeed, it has even become an art form in itself. It would be best to learn from other artists every now and then. Check out these 40 Must Learn Text Effect Tutorials in Illustrator and be inspired to create your own masterpieces; you could even share your work with the rest of the world right in the comments below! Create a Green Viscous Text Effect In this tutorial you will use illustrator’s 3D tools to add dimension on the text, and then add a green viscous text effect.. Learn to Create a Variety of Script Lettering This tutorial will showcase three different approaches, which result in three different script lettering styles. starting with a nice simple basic script, touch on a more athletic inspired lettering style and work along the way to a classic, fancy script. How to create a glassy text effect in Illustrator How to Create an Entangled Lettering Illustration

40 Really Useful Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials No matter you want to design a banner or logo, text effect is very important. Why? It is because a beautiful text effect on the banner or logo will attracts the visitor and also delivers a better message. There are tons of Photoshop text tutorials around us, but today we are going to pick the most 40 beautiful Photoshop text effect tutorials for our readers. You may or may not seen them before, but believe me, they are really useful, cool, beautiful and easy to follow tutorials. How To Design An Abstract Wallpaper In Photoshop (and Illustrator) Combining Illustrator and Photoshop can produce some dramatic and intense effects. Illustrator has the powers (and tools) to easily create abstract shapes, whereas in Photoshop, although possible, this can take up a lot more of your time. In this tutorial we will be creating abstract shapes using the Pen Tool and Shape Tools in Illustrator and then using those shapes to produce an abstract wallpaper in Photoshop using various color blending techniques, textures and transformation tools.

Introduction to the Web Design Course Hello, and a very warm welcome to the Home and Learn computer course for Web Design. The software you need is set out below. We assume that you have absolutely no knowledge of designing web pages. Throughout the course of this book you will learn the fundamentals of Web Design.

Free Vector Art - Page 4 Ai, EPS file (965.9 KB) Some free vector graphics themed around recording: Cassette Tape, Microphone, Speaker, Reel-to-reel #1, Reel-to-reel #2, EPS file (4.2 MB) 4 great grunge banners in the EPS file. EPS, SVG+PNG file (2.2 MB) 50 Excellent Digital Photography Photoshop Tutorials Advertisement Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for digital-image editing and graphics creation. Photoshop’s versatility makes it a popular choice among Web designers, graphic designers, digital media artists, print designers, photographers and other professionals in design and image-editing. Whether you’re designing a business card or website or digitally enhancing an image, you can rest assured that Photoshop will give you the necessary tools to get the job done. In this article, we focus on tutorials on digital photography. You’ll find an assortment of top-notch tutorials that deal with applying post-production techniques and effects, color correction, enhancement and photo retouching.

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RubyMonk: Learn Ruby Programming Through Interactive Exercises ‘Ruby’ is a programming language that is vastly used these days. While there are numerous online sources for learning the language, one of the best ways to learn Ruby is through the highly helpful “RubyMonk” website. RubyMonk is a wonderful website that helps its visitors learn the Ruby programming language. Instead of relying solely on tutorials, the site incorporates interactive exercises into its design. With each topic you read about, you perform a coding exercise in Ruby right within your web browser tab.

VectorJungle - Free Vector Art, Vector Graphics and Backgrounds Guys, this originally was going to be an under water illustration but after some thought we decided to give to you in pisces. Hahahahahaha, get it?!Download EPS and PDF Now. (53999) Free Vector Fish Florals Vines Rating: 4.1/5 (62 votes cast) 50 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2010 Photoshop is probably one of the most indispensable pieces of software in a designer’s toolbox. It can be used for everything from retouching photos to creating entire web layouts or original artwork. And specific design tutorials are a great way to familiarize yourself with what Photoshop can do and how to do it. Below are 50 of the best Photoshop tutorials from 2010. They cover everything from manipulating photos to creating icons to digital painting and text effects.

50 Awesome Website Design Galleries For the longest time, one of my best sources of inspiration has been web design galleries. My favourite being The FWA: Favourite Website Awards which was founded in 2000. The FWA showcases the most cutting edge website designs. Zombie Dice Game Design by Steve Jackson Illustrated by Alex Fernandez Suggested Retail Price $13.13 Stock number 131313 UPC 837654320419Available Now – click here to order! 24 Captivating Digital Painting Tutorials All designers know the power of photoshop and the fantastic stuff they can create using it. There is always more to learn in photoshop, if you want your sketches to get painted photoshop is best tool. Digital painting is a beautiful art that requires too much experience and talent. I came across many great online digital painting tutorials out of which i collected the best ones and compiled a list for you. If you are interested in learning digital painting these 24 captivating digital painting tutorial will definitely help you but if you have no interest in it i assure you some of them can build your interest in digital painting too. 1.

Trends / Websites Log In Sign Up COLOURlovers Top 5 Graphic Design Forums Resources August 11, 2008 Graphic Design Forums are a great way to really immerse yourself into the graphic design community. You can meet other designers, ask questions, talk about the latest design news, ask for critiques of your work and much more. Being active in a design community is also another great way to promote your own work and get your name out there.