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Logo Design Company in India offer exclusive logo design services at cost effective rates. We specializes in designing logos, brochures, flyers, business cards and more.

How to Make an Impactful Brochure. The charm of a printed brochure is evergreen and its impact is long lasting.

How to Make an Impactful Brochure

It is one of the most effective marketing tools. Even in the internet age, printed brochures make a significant impact on businesses. Brochures make a complete marketing arsenal. Here are the most critical things to keep in mind when designing a brochure. Consulting the marketing team Expert brochure design team have a brainstorming session with the marketing team, the clients, the business partners and the sales personnel who interact with the customers. Prioritize your target audience When you are brainstorming keep your target audience at the center of your attention. Know your competition Efficient brochure designing service providers carry out competitor research to collect information about the copy, graphics, images, illustrations, research data or statistical data used by them in their brochures. Budget. Adaptation of Logos: Past, Present and Future. Logo is the most visible part of the brand’s identity and excellent logos make great first impression.

Adaptation of Logos: Past, Present and Future

Logos determine how the business is perceived in terms of its values and quality standards. As businesses have evolved so have the logos. Certain logo designs that were in vogue in the past seem outdated now. The power and appeal of some logo design never diminishes with time. Timeless logo design trends represents consistency without being boring. Best Design Hacks for Infographics. Responsive Website Design Boosts SEO.

Responsive website design is the ultimate way to design a website that your target audience will love; especially those audience who visit your website on mobile devices.

Responsive Website Design Boosts SEO

It is increasingly important to create a website that performs exceptionally well across multiple platforms on different devices. Superior Quality User Experience Responsive website design is primarily about excellent user experience. Google highly recommends using responsive website design to target mobile users. When ranking websites in the search result on mobile devices, Google prioritizes responsive websites. One URL performs better Having a separate mobile site has its challenges. Brochure Design Gone Wrong. Here's How to Avoid it. Brochures are the best tool in your marketing campaign.

Brochure Design Gone Wrong. Here's How to Avoid it

They are great for brand visualization. They are amusing, pretty and informative. But very often brochures suffer from some design mistakes that are easily avoidable. Furthermore, brochures with design errors are very damaging to your brand. Slip-ups in logo design trends to avoid. Nothing is more tragic than a logo design that has gone messy.

Slip-ups in logo design trends to avoid

Business and logo design services should ideally collaborate on every step of the logo design to get the best quality results. Generously talk about your business Provide an accurate information about your business. The Power of an Effective Website Design. An effective website design can make a powerful impact on your target audience.

The Power of an Effective Website Design

Usability, form and engaging content of your website will undoubtedly affect the attention span of your prospects. They will quickly make a decision whether to stay on your website or leave it. Make Your Business Flyer Look Professional. Here's How. Grow your business and reach out to a wider audience with an eye-catching and stylish business flyer.

Make Your Business Flyer Look Professional. Here's How.

Here we offer the ultimate guide to the most creative professional looking business flyer. Ideally, a business flyer should be able to grab attention and generate high sales. What makes a Successful Corporate Identity Design. Design is beyond graphic design, which is narrow in scope and definition.

What makes a Successful Corporate Identity Design

It includes the design strategy as well. Design should not be confined into meaning artistic representation, rather it should also incorporate the steps laid out or strategy used to achieve the specified goals. Corporate identity design is an amalgamation of logo, fonts, colors, brand strategy, quality, community and culture. 1. IPL Team Logos Capture The Spirit of the Game 2017. The madness of the IPL is breathtaking.

IPL Team Logos Capture The Spirit of the Game 2017

It is the gathering of people for the love of cricket. Fans immerse themselves in the elegant bating strokes, aggressive fielding, catches and sixes, lights, sounds, and brilliant commentry. It is the greatest entertainment and biggest event of the season. The IPL is a fun cricket tournament that is perfect for spending an evening with friends and family. The trendiest Android app UI design for 2017. Customers expect that your business will have a mobile app presence.

The trendiest Android app UI design for 2017

As a result, businesses are investing in mobile apps. Mobile apps are created to deliver excellent user experience. They are critical for creating major brands to market your product and the services that you offer. Here are the latest trends of the mobile app design. Emerging dominance of Touch ID technology : Touch ID technology in mobile apps is quickly dominating. Does Your Company Really Need a Website? A website for your business can help you gain credibility, save you time, keep your customers informed, showcase your work, help you target a wider market, and help you improve customer service.

Introduce your business Websites are a great way to introduce your business. It is effective in letting your potential customers and clients know what problems your business solves. On your website your business store front is open 24×7, so your customers can have access to your products and services anytime. Leverage the Power of your Logo to Augment Brand Visibility - Augment your brand visibility through custom logo design and its creative use through different marketing channels such as your business website, your social media platforms, product design and packaging, business stationary and advertisement campaign. Creatively fix your business Logos on Business Stationery Creatively use your logo on different business stationery such as letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and much more.

The logos are synonyms with brand identity design. Product Design and Packaging Creates an Impression Recruit professional designers to design the unique packaging of your products. Strongly imprint your business logos on your products. This is especially important to build the trust in your company. Advertising Campaign Requirements Advertising campaigns put a lion’s share of interest on your product’s features and specifications, and benefits of using the products. Top trends in brochure design for 2017. A brochure design helps to get more leads. With a good b design communicate the products and services that you are offering to your potential customers or clients. Increase customer engagement with your business and brand. Great ROI and creates a strong impact on customers, increase convrsion rate and speeds business growth.

It will drive business velocity and revenue growth. Have A Sneak Peek into The Future of Mobile App Development. With the variety of businesses developing rapidly, it has become mandatory for organizations to include a mobile website support and having a great mobile app UI design. Only a compelling app can help a company render the best-in-class mobile support with a great app development services. With a well-structured mobile app, you can scale your business for both the bigger and smaller screens alike.

There’s no denying it, mobile apps are the future. There are a few things which developers need to know about future of mobile app development to be up-to-date on the latest trends – IoT Applications: Technology has made all of us extremely lazy but the best is still to come. Cross-platform and cross-device development: Check Out The Differences Between Flyers and Brochures. Flyers and brochures are drawing a huge deal of appreciation, as they can help you promote your business, products, and services. The Importance of A Compelling Website For Your Small Business.

Check Out the Glimpse of Some Stunning Logos Made By Us. Logo, Corporate identity & Branding are not same - know why? Building your brand from the scratch can be a cumbersome process. Samples for Graphic Design Portfolio. Corporate Identity Design Portfolio from Logo Design India. How Significant is a Brochure in Beefing up Your Brand. A compelling brochure is an effective marketing technique in the digital environment to promote an organization, its services and products.

It aims at leveraging the potential of digital media to increase revenues, generate more leads and expand your customer reach. Hence, for your business to step up, your priority list should be topped by a well-designed brochure. Whether you are starting a small business or looking to tweak an already existing one, it is imperative that you rely on a brochure to grow, expand and stay ahead of the curve.

Important Takeaways from Android Vs iOS Mobile App UI Design. Mobile applications are taking the market by storm. With a surge in the number of mobile devices, users are becoming more and more inclined towards mobile web browsing. Website Design Portfolio – Showcase of Our Unique Website Design. Portfolio of App UI Design – Mobile App Design Company. Website Design Trends to Hold the Ground in 2017. “The only thing constant in life is change”– the highly anticipated quote has a great deal of relevance in every facet of life today and the business world is no exception.

With print media swiftly losing its popularity, it is time for the internet to rule the roost. Tapping the pulse of this latest fad, every business owner should now shift focus to improving his/her company website, thus staying ahead of the curve. Besides stepping up a business, a well-structured website enables your company to afloat in the competition in the long run.

Why Should Indian Mega Cities be Represented Through Distinctive Logos. Let’s delve a little into an informal thought experiment – do the megacities of India need to be represented through compelling emblems? Can it be a wise move to bottle up the metropolitan ethos in a few specific logo designs? The answer to these queries could be fairly straightforward, when you consider the megacities of India should be seen as “brands” and that their emblems can drive a huge success. The Myth of Coherence in Multiple Brand Logos. Large companies create or acquire multiple brands to expand their businesses, and when the product range grows, create multiple brand logos to establish separate brand identities for each. Most branding experts are of the opinion that the logo of the umbrella company and all its sub-brands must maintain coherence in design to reflect the same core values. However, if you check the sub-brands of some large corporate houses, the story of branding may seem completely different.

For instance, companies like General Motors and Procter & Gamble have dozens of sub-brands but their logo designs don’t match the theme of the mother company’s insignia. On the contrary, it seems that GM and Procter & Gamble want to maintain a distance from their house of brands to give them enough space to grow and influence consumers’ psyche.

Advantages of Having a Mobile Apps along with Your eCommerce Business. In the rapid growth of technology, mobile phone has become one of the most crucial and essential needs for each individual. And, mobile apps are probably the highest running features applied in the mobile setup. Hence, owning one has become mandatory these days as most of the people rely on it to step up their businesses. Christmas & New Year Offer. Logo Design Trends to Rule the Roost in 2017. Discover the Connotation of Different Road Sign Images. Celebrate The Festive Season with Amazing Offers from Logo Design India. Abide by These Money-Saving Steps for Your Next Brochure. A List of Custom Logo Designs to Amp up Your Brand. Discover the Uncountable Benefits of Custom Logo Design.

App UI Design for Andoid & iOS. Professional Web Design Services. Take a Look at the Pros and Cons of 3D Logo Design. Build Stunning Mobile Apps Following These Strategies. 5 Website Design Principles to Increase Conversion Rate. Why Copyright or Trademark Your Business Logo. Get Unique & Appealing Brochure Design with LDI. Professional Corporate Identity Designs from Logo Design India. Corporate Identity Design. Brochure designed by Logo Design India. Logo design India Giving Birth to a New Brand. Awesome Easter Deals at Logo Design India! Enjoy Up To 20% Discount This Easter with LDI.

Let Your Business Perk Up with Our Easter Offer. A Glimpse of Our Recent Marketing Material Design Projects. Samples for Graphic Design Portfolio. Logo Design that will create brand idenity. ‪Brochure Design‬ Brochure‬ Designed by Logo Design India. Infographic Design Services for businesses. Logo Design Company in India for logo designing and more.. Our Creative Brochure Design Portfolio. Logo Design India - Logo Maker and Corporate Identity Design Company. Logo Design that will create brand idenity.