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Category: Design This category features articles on general design principles, Web design, typography, user interface design and related topics. It also presents design showcases and practical pieces on the business side of design. Curated by Alma Hoffmann. Popular tags in this category: Web Design Typography Inspiration Downloads Freebies An In-Depth Overview Of Living Style Guide Tools Following the market's demand for minimalistic and consistent UIs, and the growth in modular web development, we tend to pay more and more attention to documentation and the efficiency of designer–engineer workflow with each project we undertake. Living style guides help front-end developers transform front-end codebases into well-described pattern libraries with the minimum of effort. Read more... How Being In A Band Taught Me To Be A Better Web Designer “By playing in a band,” was my answer. Read more... Part Five Design Principles: Dominance, Focal Points And Hierarchy Read more... Design Last Read more...

Cats who Code So, you’ve spent some time building your e-commerce brand. You’re making a handful of sales each month, but it’s not taking off the way you hoped it would. You do a little digging into your analytics and you learn people who spend 20 minutes on your site almost always buy something. Total Beauty Mobile 11 of 11 Best No. 1: Dior Addict Lip Maximizer, $31 Average Member Rating: 9.1* Why it's great: Above all, readers love that this product is refreshing and doesn't irritate the skin like other plumping formulas. The best part, readers say, is that it stays on smoothly throughout the day.

1stWebDesigner - Tutorials WebGL(Web Graphics Library) was released on the Web early last year. Its ability to use HTML5 Canvas elements to generate graphics dynamically made it easy for web designers and developers to create smooth 2D and 3D effects. Here are some WebGL examples and demos you should look at. WebGL is a branch of OpenGL based on OpenGL Embedded Systems (ES). It is a JavaScript API for drawing 2D and 3D graphics in a compatible web browser of an HTML5 canvas without the use of plugins. This Javascript API is managed by the consortium of non-profit technology Khronos Group and work together with Mozilla Foundation. 20 Websites That Made Me A Better Web Developer As a web developer, if you’re to be successful, you have to have a constant yearning for learning new things. In an industry that evolves rapidly, you’ve got to keep up or you risk being obsolete and outdated. Keeping up with trends, weeding out the fads, and adopting new techniques to your web-building arsenal is an essential part of being a web developer. I spend (literally) most of the day in front of the computer and even in my spare time, I choose to read, learn, and keep up with web technology news.

Total Beauty Mobile 9 of 11 Best No. 3: Smashbox O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper, $25 Average Member Rating: 8.9* Why it's great: Reviewers say this product makes their lips look noticeably fuller and super soft, not sticky. Tutorial Lounge A Student's Guide to Web Design Total Beauty Mobile 8 of 11 Best No. 4: Laura Mercier Lip Plumper, $30 Average Member Rating: 8.6* Why it's great: Readers of all ages agree this product warrants compliments at every turn. They say it doesn't burn, but instead creates a tingling sensation that soothes while it plumps. One reader says:

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