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Les 10 commandements du logotype et de l'identité visuelle Voici un beau cadeau que nous fait l’agence Saguez & Partners et plus particulièrement Bertrand Raison directeur stratégique : les commandements qui fondent la réflexion de l’agence face à une nouvelle identité de marque à créer ! Et quand on connaît les performances de cette équipe dans l’univers du design en ce moment (+ 50% de progression sur année ...), on ne peut que tirer profit d’une lecture réfléchie de ces règles. # 01 Tu préciseras toujours quelles sont les ambitions d’un programme d’identité visuelle.* Opère t-on dans la continuité ?* Souhaite-t-on la rupture ? # 02 Tu n’oublieras jamais que le nom peut aussi exprimer le programme de la marque.Le « S » de Salomon glisse déjà …La prononciation de Swatch évoque déjà la modernité compacte de la technique. # 04 Tu observeras avec attention les différentes formes possibles que peut revêtir un identifiant. # 07 Tu ne considéreras jamais comme achevé un identifiant qui existe, sans un ujnivers visuel d’accompagnement.

15 Excellent Logo Design Tutorials Using Illustrator By Jacob Gube When creating a logo design, it’s good practice to use a vector-based application to construct it so that you’ll have a flexible logo design that can be used in numerous print and web-based mediums. Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard when it comes to creating vector-based logo designs. In this collection, you will find 15 hand-picked tutorials from a variety of talented graphic designers and illustrators that discuss the logo creation process using Illustrator. 1. In this tutorial, UK-based graphic and web designer Chris Spooner walks learners through the process of creating a logo design for a company called myNiteLife. 2. In this two-part series, Sean Hodge takes us through the construction of a logo design for Webfly, a company that develops .NET applications for businesses. 3. This tutorial goes through the methods behind producing a logo for a steak house restaurant. 4. 3D logo Tutorial 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 3D Logo 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Related content

Free Illustrator - Part 4 Royalty Free 3D Skull render Picture. Download/Read more… » Download Gift Ribbon PSD For various Design Usage. Download/Read more… » Free colorful Balloons PSD for Photoshop Users. Download/Read more… » A free PSD of Lady Belly. Le logotype (III) : Du bricolage au détournement Le logo dans tous ses états n° 1. En 1933 déjà, Chrysler a recyclé son logo pour mettre le produit sur un piédestal... D’aucuns pensent que le logo est voué à un rôle de signature, de préférence dans le coin inférieur droit de la publicité. L’utilisation originale d’un logo, souvent le fruit d’une relation fonctionnelle entre ce dernier et une autre unité de la publicité, se manifeste de différentes manières et révèle diverses stratégies. n° 2. a. Le logo est penché sur la droite et le trait rouge incarne une flèche pointant vers l’avant. Le choix de l’art contemporain, relativement rare en publicité, inscrit cette publicité dans la modernité. Le slogan d’accroche, en accord avec le slogan de marque " le nouvel aérodyne ", joue sur le mot " renaissance ", désignant à la fois une période artistique (en contraste avec le recours à l’art contemporain) et l’idée de " renouveau ". Mais ce réinvestissement du logo peut se faire plus discret. n° 3. n° 5. b. n° 7. n° 10. c. d. n° 11. n° 13. n° 15.

20 Famous Logo Designs If there is one thing that we can learn from famous logos like Nike’s “Swoosh” or FedEx logo, it is that the logo does not have to be complicated to be effective. Hopefully, our collection of famous logo designs will help prove that simplicity is the key to a memorable logo. 01 - Coca-Cola Logo The famous Coca-Cola logo was created by John Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson, in 1885. 02 - Audi Logo The Audi emblem is four overlapping rings that represent the four marques of Auto Union. 03 - Apple Logo The Apple logo was created in 1976 by Rob Janoff. 04 - USA Network Logo USA Network logo from 2005 to present. 05 - Pepsi-Cola Logo Pepsi-Cola logo has changed many times over the years. 06 - Walt Disney Logo 07 - IBM Logo This IBM logo was designed by graphic designer Paul Rand in 1972. 08 - Nike “Swoosh” Logo The Nike “Swoosh” is a design created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at Portland State University. 09 - Nintendo Logo 10 - Puma Logo 11 - AT&T Logo 12 - Atari Logo

3 Tips To Help You Create Photo Collages The Easy Way There are many solutions that will save you the headache, and will instead, produce aesthetically pleasing results with just a few clicks. Read on to see more about these very-easy-to-use tools! Creating Collages Online ShapeCollage ShapeCollage is a great cross-platform application that helps you create beautiful collages in the shapes that you choose with only a few clicks. Fotonea Fotonea is a relatively simple-looking web app that creates eye-catching collages. The cool thing about Fotonea is that you can manually rearrange the size and layout of each photo, and you can also add extra items on your collage, such as text, sticky notes, speech bubbles, etc. Hockneyizer Big Huge Labs’ Hockneyizer is another interesting collage maker of sorts that creates a cool polaroid effect out of a single image that you upload, or get from your Facebook or Flickr account. Creating Collages With Desktop Software Creating Collages With Software You Already Have Let’s hear from you now.

60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs Depending on the flavor of your business, your logo may appear big and flashy, bold and colorful or just plain simple and clever. In this roundup, I’ve turned the spotlight towards the more simple and clever logo styles that leave a strong impression. As simplistic as they may appear, there is genius behind these 60 highly clever minimal logo designs. OneFund Filmaps Folder back Bipolar Backspace Stairs Fence v.2 Walk Unarmed Frankenstein Films Thinktank Pelican eveva Love Clip SewPerfect Wave Pendulum Sex Lovers City Direct FishLine Up Straight UP elefont Rocket Golf Illusion Circus of Magazines CodeFish Zip Mummy Foot Missing Helium Killed Productions Bird Giraffe minimum Catch 5 ascus HandsUp Pencil James Forbes Plumbing Wine Searcher Ed’s Electric LocKey Handmade Pictures upside down productions More Wine Kingdom brand Twins Horror Films Ross Poultry Half Crown Jump Atack Tulipart Have a Favorite? When putting a showcase of inspiration together, I often find myself picking a couple of favorites out of the bunch. Written by Shawn Ramsey

30 Brilliant Vector Logo Designs, Deconstructed A kick-butt logo design is of great importance to any business. Often seen as the first impression of a company, its logo must be tailored to communicate specific values and ideals in an instant. However, logos not only have the look good, they should also be thoughtfully designed and capable of taking on a variety of uses. This could include being scaled to a range of sizes, being reproduced in flat color and being printable on paper stock. In this post we look at 30 contemporary examples of great vector logo design and find out what makes them work. 1. The Castle Print logo by Sean O’Grady creates a strong and immediate connection to the nature of the business it is designed for. 2. Bryan Kahrs use of negative space on the Ryan-Biggs logo gives a fantastic illusion of the letters B and R, initials of the targeted company while the slight angle adds depth and dimension to the design. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Every part of the Ta Jevi logo oozes fun! 16. 17. 69 Monos

30 Effective Business Cards that Grab Attention Business cards are probably the smallest, most handy, cheapest, yet most effective contact-building tool. Sadly, not all business cards are the same. There are those that stand out and there are those that do not even stand a chance. Coming up with effective business cards will give you a better chance at securing any job or getting more clients to use your products or services. How do you make business cards effective? Honestly, there is no exact science on how to do so, but here are a few samples that could help you out. After designing your business cards, let the experts at take care of you. Leah Oripaypay - Who's written 6 posts on the Blog. Contact Leah