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Wolda - the worldwide logo design annual

Wolda - the worldwide logo design annual

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Focus Hub Photography Courses Blog For his latest multimedia project, Natural Beauty, James Houston was inspired by nature, with the goal to raise awareness and funds for the environment and sustainable living. Created in partnership with MILK and environmental non-profit Global Green USA, Houston shot a series of striking portraits featuring some of the world’s leading celebrities and models including Adrian Grenier, Emma Watson, Christy Turlington, Karlie Kloss, Arizona Muse and Anja Rubik. These captivating photographs bring together two of Houston’s great passions – the human form and the natural world. Below are the lovely beauty photographs of Emma Watson and a behind-the-scenes video of the whole project.

16 tips to improve as a graphic designer Graphic design is a field that is quickly changing, both creatively and technically, and while it is easy to get caught up in learning new technical skills, it is just as important to focus improving and pushing the limits of our creativity. While in design school, it was easy to surround myself with inspiration and engage in activities that helped my understanding of effective design. Once I graduated I feared losing it, since I was no longer surrounded by a learning environment. I made it a point to continue educating myself as much as possible and become more active in the field of design. I was determined not to let my designs grow stagnant, but rather transgress and improve with time.

The Best Of Logos: 100 Creative Designs Today we'd love to publish something amazing and creative to boost up your cleverness and for an inspiration. A logo is the brand identity of a company or organization, which forms the foundation of its trademark. Not all the logos attract people only the best designs can do it. What makes a good logo? 日本語資源 - Japanese scripts Japanese has, like most languages, a few different writing styles. Quite obviously you know a few different ones for english/american, because your handwriting isn't going to look like the "microsoft sans serif" font this is typed in, and neither will something written in cursive italics look much like either this sans serif font or your handwriting.

Creative Review - With the Tour de France starting in July, Yellow Jersey Press has reissued five classic cycling books with covers referencing some of the most famous colours in the sport... Our Ad of the Week is the Oreo Snack Hacks campaign, which sees the cookie brand invite three LA chefs to use the biscuits to make new, unexpected snacks – some that look pretty disgusting, others surprisingly tasty... Damien Florébert Cuypers has animated a series of shorts for furniture brand Herman Miller, in which 80-year-old Hilda Longinotti reflects on her 21-year tenure at design director George Nelson's New York studio.

Poster Child Prints Blog Here’s number Twelve, the final print in PCP’s 12×12 Tim Timebomb Series by Tim Armstrong. “Not To Regret” is based on original artwork Tim created for his project, Tim Timebomb & Friends. These hand-pulled silkscreen prints are crafted in Los Angeles using the finest paper and archival inks. Prints are limited and once they sell out they will not be reproduced! 12 x 12 inches

commercial use ok! Archives - Free Japanese Font - Free Japanese Font Harenosora Mincho Harenosora Mincho (はれのそら明朝) perfectly combines the elegant hiragana and katakana characters with the traditional mincho characters, that resulted in this refreshing, readable free font. This font was created based on… JK Gothic L JK Gothic L (JKゴシックL) is a free Japanese gothic font that comes with cute hiragana and katakana characters that have Japanese high school girl feel in it. JK is actually… Light Novel POP Free Font Light Novel POP is a pop style free Japanese font that is perfect for anime designs. The hiragana and katakana characters are originally designed by Kato Masashi from Fontna, while… Makinas (マキナス) Makinas is a edgy free Japanese font that has no curve but hard and sharp corners. This free font was made free and it has about 3800 total glyphs (and… Nukamiso Yamiyo Nukamiso Yamiyo is the reversed version of the original Nukamiso font.

Latest Project: Miami MLS Team It’s been seven months since David Beckham announced his intention to bring an MLS team to Miami, and even though I’ve never trusted Miami politicians, I was excited because I love the game and would love to get my kids involved in it as I was since a very early age. So, I ignored the “Don’t trust Gimenez” banners – which proved to be accurate – and watched the press conference, joined my local official supporters group and shared the news with friends. Fast forward a few months and we are still in limbo. We have no stadium location (mostly because Beckham is funding this project privately, which means no commissions for local politicians and contractors), we don’t have a team name or even an identity. Needless to say, every other MLS team and city in the US is laughing at us.

50 Cool Moleskine Art Samples That'll Fuel Your Creativity Inspiration July 27, 2011 Why doodles look better on moleskines, we might never really know. What we do know is that this particular notebook has fueled, if not revived, many artists’ love for traditional sketching. Even artists who have long practiced digital arts seem to be enamored. Looking into some of the most creative sketches online, we’ve discovered how great they truly are! Imagine such works on your website, on posters, on business cards, on basically anything.

Four seasons font Four Seasons Font (春夏秋冬) is a tidy, good looking handwriting style font written with pen. You can use this for any projects including commercial ones. Usage Permission Free for personal,… Nemuke font Nemuke font is a sort-of distorted stroke Japanese font that you can download. 45 Rules for Creating a Great Logo Design Originally written September 30, 2008 for This list is an exploration of design principles used in some of the world’s most famous logos. At the same time, the list was created as a way for designers to question themselves and the creative techniques they use when creating a logo design. Forcing the reader to reflect not only on the actual list, but also on their reaction to each listed insight, the last rule is the most important. Buffon's Beasts The plates below are from a 1753 work called 'Collection des Animaux Quadrupèdes' which forms part of an enormous 36-volume series ('Histoire Naturelle') issued over a forty year period by Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon. [Click through for larger versions of these moderate-to-heavily stylised hand-coloured quadruped engravings. The illustrations are slightly cropped from the full-page layout and some of the background spotting has been reduced. Mouse over for best guessed animal title.

Life Below 600px Some people would have you believe that you aren't reading this. Why? Because it's not 'above the fold'. Above the fold - a graphic design concept that refers to the location of an important news story or a visually appealing photograph on the upper half of the front page of a newspaper. But you are reading it, aren't you? Gakuran calligraphy font (学乱フォント) - Free Japanese Font - Free Japanese Font Gakuran font (学乱フォント) is another calligraphy font where it brings out the ninja-ish and mysterious side of Japan. It’s pretty hard to read when the font size is small, and it’s more suitable for big font size designs. Usage Permission Free for personal, non-commercial and commercial use