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The Visual Novel Database

The Visual Novel Database

Tutor Version: devOSD Hello, we meet again retainers... your king here is tired of waiting... waiting for this post to be announced (except that I'm the only one who posting here... posting interesting things) Well2... if you see this post and you are wondering "where's the tutor and links?" it is... the tutor... devOSD... again credit to : Diozzzergh... well..if you asking me why there's Kirino here....This is the tutorial version... or some people rather called it How To use ...let's make this short... coz I don't have too many free time... CLICK the IMAGES to view the larger version... First of all, DL this:HERE!

Anime Lyrics VN4ALL - Visual Novel Portable ENgine VN4ALL is a Visual Novel Interpreter/Engine created by lolgc (worker @Tsuuun iOS Translation Blog). VN4ALL enables you to play your Visual Novels anywhere and anytime you want by supporting all mayor devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS....and even the Smart TV series by Samsung. Being based on the VNDS syntax, VN4ALL is already compatible with famous novels, like Fate/Stay Night & Clannad. Converting a novel is a very slow process. To keep the process as fast and easy for beginners as possible, VN4ALL comes with an WYSIWYG Editor (available on Windows, Mac OSX & Linux) VNDS is well known for its easy syntax - but also it's high restrictions (no video support, multilayer, etc.)Therefore the Editor & the Application itself comes with a build-in "plug-in system", allowing you to expand the engine in its function with a JavaScript-like scripting language to support your novel.

ITH (Interactive Text Hooker) Interactive Text Hooker (ITH) is a tool to help you extract text from Japanese games. It works very like AGTH...if you are familiar with AGTH you will find it easy to work with ITH. Right now ITH is not quite stable and under developing....any Ideas on ITH can be submitted through hongFire thread here NOTE: Any Question can be submitted at the comments or at our fanpage (at the Wall or wherever, just don't write it off on my profile wall) well, as long as it's within my reach, I'll try to help ^^ hell... no other pic, so I'm using this one...why? coz the tutor below using Damegane as an example ^^

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