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Lighting In an effort to rid your home of candles that look and smell like they belong in a shore home filled with wicker, we present these Black Skull Candles. Made of 100% paraffin wax, each will add a touch of stylish horror to your pad. Available in Single Large or Small 3-Pack. ... check it out We'll admit that there are some recycling days when the pile on our curb is reminiscent of a frat house's. It's been dubbed the "world’s most comfortable" underwear, and priced at nearly half of its competitors ($16). Have you ever wanted to recreate the last scene in Fight Club? Unless you want to smear your walls with KFC grease, this candle is the best way to bring the scent of fried chicken home with you (assuming that is something you want). Luke, from Luke Lamp Co., has been making some rustically awesome lamps for some time. We've got to hand it to Rodger Thomas and the folks over at BenclifDesigns, they're giving new life to a whole scrapyard's worth of stuff. Holy hipster lighting, Batman!

OBJETB ART Index - TUNTO Tunto develops and produces innovative new lighting concepts that combine the latest technology with wooden materials. All our products are handmade with love at our own workshop in Järvenpää, Finland. The new Swan series will include elegant new lamps for table, wall and floor, with the addition of a pendant model. New LED8 video TUNTO - movie Les Meubles Mailleux untitled Foscarini Bauhaus Design and Designers - authentic by Technolumen Bauhaus design was the main focus of TECNOLUMEN® from the very beginning. The first item produced by TECNOLUMEN ® was the Wilhelm Wagenfeld table lamp, also known as "the Bauhaus lamp". Other design objects from the Bauhaus metal workshop (Metall-Werkstatt ) were added. The Bauhaus designers derived form from intended use, material characteristics, and method of production. TECNOLUMEN ® Bauhaus products include some of the most remarkable designs by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Marianne Brandt, Hans Przyrembel, Mart Stam, Gyula Pap and some anonymous designers. Bauhaus design metal workshop: Marianne Brandt, Christian Dell, László Moholy-Nagy, Hans Przyrembel, Wilhelm Wagenfeld and others. TECNOLUMEN ® has also integrated design objects of Bauhaus related conceptions - even if they were not designed at the Bauhaus: e.g. designs by Eduard-Wilfried Buquet. 1919The „Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar" is created from the grand-ducal Hochschule für Bildende Kunst and the Kunstgewerbeschule.

Home MOLTO LUCE DOWNLOADS we’ve got another round of desktops for you! this week hillary butler made these darling wallpapers that are perfect for spring! download the desktops below for your phone or computer. (more…) we’re back with another round of desktop wallpapers for you. juliet meeks made these pretty watercolor desktops! we’re loving her color scheme and simple patterns. which one is you favorite? (more…) we have a few watercolor desktop downloads for you from varsha salvi. i’m into these funky patterns. click through below to download the desktops and have a wonderful weekend! (more…) we’ve got a new round of bright and happy desktop wallpapers for you this week! (more…) manuja waldia made these cool and quirky desktop downloads for you this week! i love this little desert party on the pink blanket. which one do you like the most? (more…)

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