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Aqua Creations
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Home | BELUX Social Facebook YouTube iTunes RSS Contact Belux AG Neufeldweg 6 CH-5103 Möriken +41 (0)61 316 74 01 Imprint Copyright © 2017 BELUX All rights reserved Imprint KOI neo UFR STAPS ORSAY - Université Paris-Sud 11 Secrets of 'Game of Thrones' Cool Opening Title Credits (Video) Angus Wall of the company Elastic got Emmy noms for Big Love's and Rome's title design and a win for Carnivale, plus a Social Network editing Oscar. But what's hotter now is his genius opening title sequence for HBO's critical smash Game of Thrones. HBO wanted something like the map that begins books like The Lord of the Rings. STORY: 'Game of Thrones' Renewed for Second Season The sphere idea came from a '60s sci-fi space station with terrain inside -- yet it had to look nonfuturistic, to evoke the Middle Earth-ish setting of George R.R. The computer-illusion "camera" swoops from kingdom to kingdom, focusing on the family crest that sits atop each place -- the "sigil." And is this cog-filled da Vinci war engine a metaphor for the many hidden, interlocking machinations of the show's families fighting for the throne -- the Houses of Lannister, Baratheon, and Stark? If you watch the title sequence attentively, you'll see the the feuding families' backstory told in pictures. Got that?

Home MOLTO LUCE L'UFR STAPS Christine Le Scanff Directrice de l'UFR STAPS Les STAPS Les Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives (STAPS) font partie des disciplines les plus attractives du Paysage Universitaire Français. Une recherche de haut niveau, tous les niveaux de formations – Licence, Master, Doctorat – adaptés aux réalités du marché du travail dans des domaines d’activités variés et attractifs : Métiers de l’enseignement et de la recherche (professorat EPS, professorat des écoles, maître de conférences…) ;Métiers liés à la santé et au bien-être (remise en forme, vieillissement, obésité, handicap…) ;Métiers de l’entraînement sportif et de la préparation physique (clubs, collectivités territoriales, fédérations…) ;Métiers du management du sport, de la communication et du marketing sportif (organisation d’évènements sportifs nationaux ou internationaux, chargé des politiques sportives auprès de collectivités territoriales, d’entreprises, de fédérations…). Les STAPS à Paris-Sud La recherche

Kohler Numi, The High-Tech Luxury Toilet That Does Everything But Take The Crap For You. ShareThis Kohler introduces Numi, Kohler’s most advanced toilet. The Numi toilet is a state of the art, modern, automatic and motion-sensor, self-cleaning toilet combination bidet that also warms your feet, your tush, can play music with its built-in speakers, audio input jack and docking station and keeps itself odor-free. above: the Numi remote in its magnetic docking station That's not all, it has ambient lighting that gives it an inviting glow in the dark, the lid is hands-free and motion activated, the seat has adjustable heating options and it has a built in automatic charcoal filter deodorizer. By the looks of the promotional lifestyle product shots, Kohler is marketing the Numi like a piece of modern luxury furniture. The Numi combines modern design, technology and engineering to bring you the finest in personal comfort and cleansing. Features: Side view of the hands-free, motion-sensor lid and seat activation: Front view of the hands-free, motion-sensor lid and seat activation:

Bauhaus Design and Designers - authentic by Technolumen Bauhaus design was the main focus of TECNOLUMEN® from the very beginning. The first item produced by TECNOLUMEN ® was the Wilhelm Wagenfeld table lamp, also known as "the Bauhaus lamp". Other design objects from the Bauhaus metal workshop (Metall-Werkstatt ) were added. The Bauhaus designers derived form from intended use, material characteristics, and method of production. According to this design concept the Bauhaus metal workshop was oriented towards practice and manual work. TECNOLUMEN ® Bauhaus products include some of the most remarkable designs by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Marianne Brandt, Hans Przyrembel, Mart Stam, Gyula Pap and some anonymous designers. Bauhaus design metal workshop: Marianne Brandt, Christian Dell, László Moholy-Nagy, Hans Przyrembel, Wilhelm Wagenfeld and others. TECNOLUMEN ® has also integrated design objects of Bauhaus related conceptions - even if they were not designed at the Bauhaus: e.g. designs by Eduard-Wilfried Buquet. 1923Johannes Itten leaves the Bauhaus.

Systematics, Inc Systematics Incorporated was a data processing company acquired in 1968 by Arkansas superinvestor Jackson T. Stephens. In 1990 it was sold to Alltel Corporation, and today is a part of Fidelity Information Systems. Fidelity Information Systems still use the name 'Systematics' as the name of a retail banking software product suite. Systematics employees have held two reunions, most recently the 40th Anniversary Reunion in 2008. Beginnings[edit] Systematics was founded in 1968 by University of Arkansas graduate Walter Smiley, who learned of the high software costs and other difficulties faced by small banks in trying to using data processing software from his experiences working with IBM and in the banking industry. Systematics distinguished itself early on from other players in the industry. Walter quietly expanded his business over the next 12 years, eventually finding a way to license its software to banks, and ultimately going public. Affiliations[edit] References[edit]