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Light and shadows

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Explore! Preschool STEAM: Me and My Shadow. Well, this post is finally coming out of “draft” stage!

Explore! Preschool STEAM: Me and My Shadow

This program happened in October! For this session we sang our block song, I read A Trick or a Treat? By Keith Faulkner, but not the whole thing. I skipped everything about Halloween, actually and just called them kids. Not a single person mentioned that they were trick-or-treaters. This was the first session where I put a lot more emphasis on PLAY. Most the ideas for this session came from the LibraryMakers blog. Waves: Light and Sound (Part 2) - Next Generation Science Standards. Waves: Light and Sound - Next Generation Science Standards. Alice Delserieys 10Jan2014. SRCD%202009 Massey%20&%20Roth. Search Results - Bear Shadow. Classroom Ideas. Here are some ideas for those of you who use Frank Asch books in the classroom or homeschool environment.

Classroom Ideas

Many thanks to those who have shared your wonderful ideas! If you have anything you would like to see added to this list of activities, please send your submissions via email and be sure to write the word “teachers” in the subject box. A Week of Frank Asch Centers for Kindergarten After introducing Frank to the class using his autobiography and some pics of mine, we walk the class around to the centers that they will be doing that week. Drama Center – Using “I Can Roar Like A Lion” and “I Can Blink Like An Owl”, the children read the books and act them out for each other. Art Center – After reading “Moongame” , the children take a yellow ‘moon’ and hide it in a creative drawing of their own. Listening Center- This center went on for 3 weeks using “Barnyard Lullaby”, “Baby Duck’s New Friend”, and ” Baby Bird’s First Nest”.

The Moon Game (Author Unknown) I don’t always look the same. Erin Scott- Professional Portfolio / Bear Shadow Lesson Plans. Bear Shadow by Frank Asch Literature_Circle_Lesson_Plan[1] 7-120-06.doc Literature_Circle_Lesson_Plan[1] 7-17-06.doc.

Erin Scott- Professional Portfolio / Bear Shadow Lesson Plans

Preschool Shadow Science. Shadows.

Preschool Shadow Science

We see them every day, inside and outside, but unless we’ve been reading Peter Pan, we probably don’t give them much thought. That makes shadows a perfect subject for a preschool science STEM storytime. We take something that children encounter every day, learn about it, and then experiment with it to create deeper understanding. Here’s what we did with shadows. Photo by Amy Koester. First, we shared some books that include shadows. Light and Shadow: Preschool Science and Math. Groundhog's Day has come and gone, but the shadow of its promise of longer, warmer days lingers!

Light and Shadow: Preschool Science and Math

For preschool science in February, we explored the world of light, reflection, and shadow. These activities are meant to promote lively discussions between children and their adult partners, which builds vocabulary and knowledge of the world. Shadow Mural Children stood in front of light from an overhead projector and observed their shadows. Activity Plan 3-4 Outdoor Art: To Catch a Shadow. BSLH shadow final.

BearShadow. Moonbears Shadow Sequence. Hide and Seek Sunlight Shadows. Magnify.pdf. Moonbear's Shadow: Frank Asch: 9780689835193: Books. The Miss Rumphius Effect: Poetry in the Classroom - Lighting it Up. While I can always find many poems for teaching life science and earth science topics, physical science is another story entirely.

The Miss Rumphius Effect: Poetry in the Classroom - Lighting it Up

Poems about energy, sound and matter are much harder to come by. I do, however, have two collections of poems that are wonderful resources for teaching about light in all its forms. Flicker Flash, written by Joan Bransfield Graham and illustrated by Nancy Davis, is a collection of 23 concrete poems about light in various forms or things that give off light. Here you will find poems on the sun, a candle, match, lightning, firefly, porch light, light bulb, lighthouse, and much more. Since these are concrete poems they are impossible to reproduce here, but you can preview some of the pages at Google Book Search. Oh,Captainof themidnightsky, youstretchyour armsand flashyour eye This is a cleverly conceived book that provides many opportunities for exploring light in a myriad of forms with young readers.

Guess Whose Shadow? (9781590780176): Stephen R. Swinburne: Books. The Biggest Shadow in the Zoo: Jack Kent: 9780819310477: Books. Curious Little Apps. Overview Bobo Explores Light is an outstanding interactive book thats interactive elements and high quality graphics show us how technology can enhance learning.

Curious Little Apps

In this app children don’t simply watch science occur, instead Bobo The Robot takes children on a journey through gorgeous interactive pages that teach them about how our world works. They are encouraged to become curious and acquire in depth knowledge and understanding about 21 different topics concerning light, which include the sun, lightning, glowing in the dark and colours. Children explore these concepts through interactive elements, watching movies and animations, answering questions, reading articles and experimenting.

This app is well worth the money as it has a lot to offer. Learning outcome. Mirror, Mirror. A Kindergarten Blog: Light. This week we are doing a unit on light.

A Kindergarten Blog: Light

The centers have been so much fun. All printables are listed on the bottom of this post. We started off with a large piece of chart paper and the kids told me everything they knew about light. Shadow Puppets Part Deux: Theatre Time » Bunch. By Meghan Housley 3 Flares Twitter 1 Facebook 2 Google+ 0 3 Flares × Krista Rao blogs about crafty adventures with her kids.

Shadow Puppets Part Deux: Theatre Time » Bunch

Flashlight Games and Activities the Whole Family Will Love. Pink Stripey Socks: DIY Sun Prints with Construction Paper. Make Your Own Construction Paper Sun Prints (This post contains affiliate links.

Pink Stripey Socks: DIY Sun Prints with Construction Paper

Thank you for your support!) Did you ever make sunprints with SunPrint Paper as a kid? I remember eagerly placing objects on that special paper, waiting patiently, and then oohing and ahhing when lovely, vibrant blue and white images appeared. It was really, really magical. Ok, back to today's post. Materials to Make Your Own Construction Paper Sun Prints Construction PaperContact Paper (Must be a colored, non-clear kind!)